I’m SICK of Barrack Hussein Obama!!

I’m SICK of this deviously treacherous, lying, narcissistic, Constitutionally infringing, dictatorially oppressive, race baiting, divisive, treasonist, late-term child aborting PSYCHOPATH! I AM SICK of this FRAUDULENT MONGREL who emerged from a void of political obscurity, with a veritable rogues gallery of felonious criminal associations trailing him like toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his shoe, and with absolutely no substantive accomplishments applicable to justify his swaggering pretentiousness towards even suggesting his being qualified to run for the Office of the Presidency of our United States!

I’m SICK too of these seditious liberal media propagandists, who blatantly show their propensity to correlate their content matter in their broadcasting to run parallel with whatever subversive narrative Obama is trying to propagate via his latest agenda of the day! Obama wants the 2nd Amendment to be done away with?? Aaaalrighty then! Subsequently, every other story reported by them centers around a gun related crime having been committed! Traitors to our Country every damn one of them! And as I sat yesterday listening to Bill Hemmer (who was filling in for Shepard Smith on The FOX Report) rattle off the interminable excess of populist trending headlines sweeping the nation, I’m SICK too of this deepening encroachment Obama premeditatedly exerts through the political connivance’s of both he and his co-conspiring acolytes strategy towards “overwhelming the system”

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It’s infuriating as so much conspicuous subversion is being wrought against all of us and the foundations to our very way of life right in front of our eyes! Every! single! day! And all we seemingly have in the way of an opposition Party against these treasonous aggressors, are an emasculated pack of Eunuch’s, too versed in the nuanced observance to the doctrines of political correctness to be worth a crap to those constituencies they allege to represent whom Obama assaults! Too craven in their own cowardice (or outright complicity) to even face this spurious vindictive malefactor with the scathing acrimonious and castigating language he deserves! How is it so many of us can discern the portents of these events we see playing out, while those closest to them are blind?? At what point do we finally eschew and reject this perpetual entropy of inaction while our society is being deliberately shoved towards the brink of an abyss by nothing more than expensively tailored fascists and their Orc groupies??



We’re ALL angry!!

We’re angry because we all inherently understand that these next 4 years of this enemy insurgents 2nd term in our White House is going to be nothing but an endless procession of even more manufactured crisis’, flagrantly transparent corruption, and just more of the same division and calamity! Obama has already seen that he can pretty much get away with murder! So I don’t even want to hear anymore of the tap dancing rhetoric twirling around this ominous 800 pound Gorilla in the middle of the stage by these FOX NEWS pundits and GOP Eunuch’s! None of them have the nerve to call a spade a spade and say what MUST plainly be said! NONE!


Obama is aiding and supporting the enemy right in front of our eyes for God sake!!


No one wants to call this out for what it is, but I will! If Janet Napolitano doesn’t like it, she can take her Homeland Security detail (including every one of her citizen harassing TSA Agents at her disposal), shove ’em all up her butch ass, and go X-Ray herself ’til the bacon starts to fry!


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I’ve heard folks say our Founders would’ve started shooting by now. I pose a different hypothesis…

…I contend our Founders (being men of keen intellect and possessing faculties of intrinsic discernment, insight, and wisdom), would have readily recognized and identified this insurgent provocation in its beginning phases (not allowing themselves to become hindered by the self-effacing atrophy of political correctness), and would have (borne by their sense of duty and ingrained patriotism) dispatched and been done with these rapscallions long before tolerating such events to descend to the disgraced point we have today, having their guns already cleaned and hanging back up above their hearths by now!

I’ve seen the derision and ridicule expressed by these leftist Ogres in their views of our Founders and our history! I’ve heard the selective criticism in the pseudo-intelligentsia of these liberal deconstructionists referring to those superior men as being archaic and obsolete in contrast to the demands of these frenetic modernistic times we live in today. Then I descry what they have managed to accomplish in their own presumptuous arrogance, with the vast repositories of resources available to them today (which would have been far beyond the ken of our ancestors ever conceiving of 237 years ago), and all I see in those clustered communities where liberalism thrives, are the attributable decadent causalities for those regions descent into veritable wastelands of self-inflicted social putrescence!



Whereas, look to what those “archaic” and “obsolete” Founders of our Nation succeeded at accomplishing with only the sparse resources of their times available to them from which to forge an adolescent nation!

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There is NO comparison!!

But in Obama’s unrelenting momentum providing impetus to his belligerent campaign of overwhelming the system (barraging us with a tsunami of one contentious controversial issue after another), now we’re being hit with the political debris of immigration reform! Again! Trying to redirect and focus our scrutiny away from his and other subordinate Democrats insolent intransigence in their multiple assaults of American gun owners 2nd Amendment Rights. I’ve noticed too these exploitative goons wasted no time trotting out their token gun-control poster child, former democrat representative Gabby Giffords, to give a wrenching plea at a Senate hearing on gun-control regulations today!

Just more burlesque in this political theater of the patently absurd! Absurd AND shameless! Regardless tho’, they must assume in their hubris, that we’re incapable of concentrating on more than one issue at a time. That’s a mistake!

My opinion on the topic of illegal immigration however is pretty straight forward and direct. On a personal level, I have absolutely nothing against these people. I like Taco Bell as much as the next guy  BUT, if they’re going to come here illegally, apply for and receive assistance through a corrupted and duplicitous Government agency encouraging this lawless behavior, work under the table then send billions of dollars each year back to their families in Mexico, while bleeding local economies dry, protest in our streets while waving their Mexican flags in our faces “DEMANDING” Rights, while I have to press ‘1’ for English (someone explain to me why the Hell that isn’t the other way around), then consequentially they need to be shipped back to where they came from!


We’re all familiar and acquainted with the chronic issues of our unsecured borders. Over 60 thousand (Yeah, OVER 60 THOUSAND!) Mexican drug cartel related murders within the past decade! That’s insane! I’ve seen the local area news reports too of Islamist terrorist activity alleged to be going on just over those same borders!

But hey, Obama and Napalitano have assured us those borders are the most secure they’ve ever been, so we can all breathe easier!

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I’m fed up with this “media-hyped celebrity”  sensationalizing of this useless political establishment we’re burdened with! In relation to illegal immigration, they all continuously pander and give deference to those who (both through criminal activity  and by having no legal standing to be here in our Country) create a detriment to our National Security by our purposefully unsecured borders! For whatever politically motivated reasons, they’re all derelict to their Oaths in that respect alone if no other (but I know they’re guilty too in other respects of an entire host of various transgressions )! Viewed in that light, we essentially have a Government of seditious traitors overseeing our Nation in my opinion! But when the monkeys run the Zoo, whatcha gonna do??

As grim as the events of our times may seem, it’s not without some diffused rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds…




Sources: Israel bombed Iran forces in Syria

Lastly, here’s a “ray of sunlight” to keep you warm on the coldest of winter eves…..



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