Tired of those pesky black chopper flying around all the time? Feeling like swatting at one of them?

The Army says that they are real-world training exercises for Special Ops. They need to get out of the familiar base environment into unfamiliar territory. Next stop, the Taliban!

Surprise, Surprise! Your local authorities have been notified that this is going down. They have given the military permission to do this in your city. Your local authorities are supposed to tell you this is going to happen.

I can’t help but wonder if the liberal mayors in some of these cities are deliberately withholding this information, hoping the choppers will be fired upon, so they can respond. Would help the anti-gun agenda, wouldn’t it?

A Patriot’s best action would be to snap to attention and salute when they fly by.

And if you are scared so much you mess your pants? Well, that is the Commander-In Chief’s agenda, not the Generals’.

Check this out. The straight poop from the Army:

Be patient, Patriots!

Gary W. Harper

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