mexico_vigilantes_12113“As you ride along the dusty road in the rickety old family truck, you feel your dad slow down and soon come to a stop. Craning your neck out the window, you see a trio of men, masks covering most of their face and rifles slung on their shoulders walk towards the truck. You hear Mama quieting your older brother and younger sister, woken up by the lull in motion from the bouncy road. You have heard stories of these men, of how they stop innocent families and travelers and make them disappear.

A bit of chatter, some questions from the man at the window, and you soon hear relief in Papa’s voice. The masked men back away, and the truck continues bouncing down the dusty road towards home. You don’t know who those men are, but you have a feeling of being safe, that they are not evil like the others. A big change, but one you find pleasing, somehow. Slowly, you fall back asleep, knowing that things are changing for good…”

On the front page of the Wall Street Journal, I spotted the headline “Mexico’s Masked Vigilantes Defy Drug Gangs – And the Law.” Now, many would think “Oh how DARE they stand up against the government,” but those individuals probably don’t realize that Mexico’s government and legal system is one of the most corrupt in the world. Politicians are bought by the drug cartels, the people are abused by the politicians, and men like Eric Holder and Barack Obama feed weaponry to empower both the private military and the drug runners. Weaponry that is used to attack our border, oppresses citizens of a sovereign nation, and indirectly finances a criminal underground that is eating our culture from the inside. I have found, through research and personal observations of behavioral patterns, that drugs are a primary cause for poverty. The impoverished then give ammunition to Big Government advocates, blaming this plight on the “evil corrupt Capitalist dogs” and others who have made themselves into financial successes not by exploiting others, but through Free Enterprise. Big Government then takes away the freedoms of those who live by sweat, tears, and sleepless nights, all in the name of the impoverished. It’s a pretty neat chain, when one thinks about it. Then again, I’m a big gamer and strategy is part of that lifestyle…which seeing it play out so well against so many innocents makes me sick. The best strategy of all is to use your opponent’s strengths against him…

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Sorry, rant over…the main point of this is to show that Mexico has begun to take a stand. The government cannot protect its people from organized crime, a problem that has gone on for so long that The People are beginning to take their own stand. In a land of virtual lawlessness, they have become The Law. The WSJ states that a dozen villages have begun armed revolts, not only actively defending themselves from drug traffickers but attacking as well. There is an established curfew by the militia, armed with machetes, family hunting rifles, and the occasional AR-15, but it is one that the people gladly follow, for now. No strangers are allowed in, and over 50 prisoners accused of being in gangs are held in makeshift jails, awaiting public trial by the villagers.

For the moment, crime is reported as being at record lows. Kidnappings ceased when the militias took charge, as well as the extortions that devastated both farmers and businessmen. One leader, codename G-1, sees it this way: “We brought order back to a place where there had been chaos. We were able to do in 15 days what the government was not able to do in years.”
Granted, it’s not quite a perfect system. A few people from the area’s primary town of Ayutla have stories of being arrested, held for more than a week, and then released after being determined as innocent. One man was shot dead trying to escape the masked vigilantes at a checkpoint.

Because of an apparent lack of development to what Americans are familiar with, village justice has been a longtime part of rural Mexican life. Now, it’s beginning to have a much larger role in the drug war in the country.

If a group of Mexican townspeople, armed only with vigilance, determined will, and a family heirloom rifle can take back their land from government-funded drug cartels, some of whom carry top-of-the-line hardware, how can American Patriots not see a pathway to taking back our country? We have an advantage; unlike Mexico, the United States of America still has standards to uphold to its people. The “sheeple” who are expecting free stuff need to see that free stuff, lest they turn like hungry dogs on their masters. No matter what the illusions might imply, I do not believe this government can afford to fight ONE war on the home front, much less two. In Star Wars “A New Hope,” Grand Moff Tarkin utilized the Death Star superstation against the innocent, peaceful planet of Alderaan in an effort to scare other worlds who were considering joining the Rebellion. In a similar manner, many are afraid of Obama using his toy Drones to strike blows en masse against those who would rise against his decrees. Instead, I believe it will rally more to the cause, as Alderaan’s destruction brought about the foundations of the Rebel Alliance. IF that tactic is even used to begin with. As I said, for now that is currently not an option because of the illusion that Obama’s administration and czars are required to maintain.

Being afraid of consequences is certainly natural. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it is beneficial, because it keeps those of us who are more extreme from taking rash action without thinking through the end result. I firmly believe that the ends DO NOT justify the means, and that if we were to act without consideration of those affected by us we would be no better than those who we struggle against.

Molon Labe, my friends!

This is a guest post by DCC friend Steven Bergstrom. If you would like to write a post for us, simply contact us on Facebook. I’d like to thank Steven for a very thought provoking contribution. -Dean

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