DHS has seized 548 handguns and 317 rifles from the northeast Albuquerque home of Robert Adams. They also seized 599 handguns from his office. They had four search warrants. They were investigating him for possible gun smuggling, tax evasion and the violation of importation laws.

They cataloged and confiscated the arms, but did not charge him with anything. They said that the investigation was not over yet. They had been investigating him for three years.

Why DHS? Why not BATF?

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1.) The timing was excellent, from a Liberal Agendanista point of view.

2.) People who are kept ignorant about guns are also taught to be afraid of them. The more guns shown, the more afraid of them they are. Two guns are four times as scary as one; three guns are nine times as scary as one, and so on.

3.) If BATF was used, it would have appeared to the public that it was less of a threat to national security than if DHS was used.

4.) His home was conveniently near a school. This is great for fomenting fear.

5.) They want to get the gullible members of the public to think that every gun owner has this many guns.

6.) They want to get the gullible public to think that all gun owners are tax cheats and suppliers of arms to the Mexican Cartels and to street gangs. This was implied in their statements.

7.) They were most likely hoping that they would be fired upon by someone, so they have an excuse to respond. In this author’s opinion, this was calculated to be a Ruby Ridge or a Waco.

8.) Once fired upon, they wanted to be able to say that collectors of guns are terrorists, as gun owners had just proven it by firing upon the DHS. For Liberals, one example colors an entire group. All are exactly the same, almost like the Liberal Borg.

9.) They expected this firefight to reduce some of the opposition to federal gun confiscation manoeuvers that is currently evident in the Armed Forces, State Governments, County Sheriffs, and local police. So far, most of the ones who do the fighting and dying in these groups have not bought in to the Liberal Agenda for gun confiscation.

10.) They wanted you to know that they are coming for your guns. Those with the most guns are the first on the list. Resistance is futile.

11.) The decision to use DHS rather than the less popular BATF was most likely made in the White House. These are the exact same people who gave you Ruby Ridge.

12.) It was hoped that a DHS operative or two would be wounded or killed. This would give the White House their much-needed excuse to declare an emergency in that area.

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13.) The Declaration of Emergency would allow the DHS to do mere extensive manoeuvers in the area, including house-to-house searches in the immediate area. This would be a test of the current mood of the people.

14.) The results of that test would be analyzed to see if the federal governments scare tactics were having an effect on the main enemy of the federal government, that enemy being the people of the United States of America.

15.) If these scare tactics are working well, they will be continued and escalated. If they are not working, or are having the unanticipated and undesirable effect of uniting the United States in its opposition to the usurper federal government, these tactics will need to be modified or suspended.

16.) If a Declaration of Emergency could be declared without major opposition or suspicion of motive arising within the higher levels of the federal government, additional Executive Orders could be signed, and there would be less opposition to this from Congress. Also, this scenario could aid the floundering gun bills currently under consideration in the Congressional committees.

But, their little plan crapped the bed. No one resisted. No one was fired upon.

Rook checks pawn.

So, we citizens of the United States of America want to know, how are you federal Liberal Agendanistas going to up your game now?

I have a proposal. We need to show them directly that we are not intimidated in the least. When they do something like this in your area, all gun owners who support the Constitution who live in that area should be carrying two or three days later, for a period of at least two to three days. Take your gun to the drive-through at Wendy’s, or food shopping, or to get gas. Park your vehicle at the end of the driveway when you are shoveling the snow from that end of it. Make sure your gun is in it, and that it is visible.

Or, drive around the area where the planned and staged intimidation event happened for an hour or so with your guns in the rear window rack. Make sure of the carry laws in your locality before you do this. Take your gun transportation rights to the max. If they need to be cased, case them. If the ammo has to be in the trunk, do that. Wear your hunting license if that is required. The point is, if your city is being buzzed by black helicopters, or a neighbor’s collection has been confiscated by DHS, or there are a dozen UN vehicles recently staged on your block, you just need to just exercise your rights and carry for a few days where all the people can see it. That is all. Armed and visible.

If you are in the store for groceries, make sure that someone else is in your car. It needs to be someone who knows how to use that gun. It is also not advisable to spend five hours in a seedy bar with guns in the window rack. Do you really expect them to be there when you get out? If you have to stash them in the trunk while you are in the store, do it in a place close to the store, but where no one can see what you did.

We need to show these power-mad bastards that there are a whole lot of us, and we are not afraid to exercise our God-given, Common-law, and Constitutionally-codified rights.

If you hear of a DHS operation in your area doing their dog-and-pony show, everyone should make sure that every other citizen in that area has seen at least one citizen legally transporting their arms before that week is out. Do not directly engage them. Just show them that you are ready, by carrying your arms after their intimidation event.

For the time being, these will all be relatively isolated instances, as they are just starting to test the new waters. The Courts will get involved, and it will take years to see where the Maginot Line is now. Let us just show them enough choppy waves that they are afraid to attempt to launch their boat.

There is a pro-gun rally planned for DC on 7-25-13. Hopefully, it is not being held too late. Try to be there if you can. If you cannot, I have a second plan.

There will also be Guns Across America rallies on 2-8-13 at a lot of State Capitols. I provided a NJ information link below. Governor Christie is slated to speak there. You should be able to find a link for your State’s rally through a proper search online.

Many of us who would like to go cannot, for whatever reason. But, we can show our support on 2-8-13 and 7-25-13. Let us make them National Gun Owners’ Carry Days. The same thing. Take your gun out where everyone can see it, even if you are only sawing firewood, cutting the grass, or going out for an ice cream. That way, you can feel like you are doing something to help your fellow Patriots who could make the rallies.

Anyone can repost this article to any blog. You have my permission to do so, do not bother asking for it. If you agree with the National Gun Owners’ Carry Days idea, share this with all of your friends.




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