Wait. Haven’t you heard that title before? Open a new tab in your browser and search it.  You will need to know what that is before we can proceed. Otherwise what I am about to talk about will make almost no sense.

Federalism was once upon a time the most influential political party and movement in the United States, rising out of the ashes from the discontent for the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation (The First American Experiment) are precisely what many people want to go back to; however they simply do not have all the facts about it. Every vote requires a unanimous decision. Power is however; very and I mean very limited. The Continental Congress had the power to sign treaties and declare war but was essentially powerless to do so.

So our second experiment was Federalism. Ever heard of Shay’s Rebellion? If you have then you know all to well that the Civil War wasn’t the first time or the last time the people armed themselves against the government. Shay’s was truly a tipping point where everyone had to admit that the Confederation Just would not work. They could not even raise an army. Massachusetts had to do it themselves.

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So in 1787 fifty-five delegates met in Philadelphia (The Capital), and created the “Great Compromise“. Ladies and Gentlemen Federalism is where and why you received your Constitution and your Bill of Rights. The Tenth Amendment set the rules for Federalism in the United States.

Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

Directions: Read the 10th Amendment as many times as need be. If the light bulb isn’t floating over your head, hit yourself with a mallet and read it again. Repeat as needed.

So what the hell happened? When did this experiment begin to tank?
Justice Marshall and Justice Taney. We were screwed by the Supreme Court.
It was not their intention to do so. Let me make that clear. These were legitimate cases of question and needed answers. McCulloch vs. Maryland saw the state of Maryland impede operation of a branch of the Second Bank of The United States by imposing a tax on all notes of banks not chartered in Maryland. The law was applicable to all banks not chartered in Maryland. However, the only bank at that time that wasn’t chartered in Maryland happened to be The Second Bank of The United States lol. Legitimately the state found a way to mooch off the Feds.

edit: Really what happened is the State wanted everyone to only use its chartered banks, The feds were cutting in on the fun to much. Yes, American Greed wasn’t invented on Wall Street. It was inherited from England.

In Gibbons vs. Ogden the decision was made that Congress had the authority to regulate inter-state commerce.

The Feds setup shop in the banking industry, in comes regulation and they played the ball into their court. They did such things as ban the transfer of women across state lines with the Mann Act (yeah terrible I know “lol”), National Banks Act, Land-Grant Acts etc. In other words. These are all great laws with wonderful intentions.

This is going to hurt… So listen well…

I will tell you, even Communism on paper looks incredible. Hell its utopian. Its literally trying to be Eden. The idea of Utopia has been around since before the written glyph. Eden is not what man needs. Man would get bored with Eden and blow it up or section it off, or worse yet have an inquisition and begin to crucify people upside down and impale anyone who stands in their way. We are just that way. We do these things and we have to accept that it is simply our nature to be territorial and destroy things we view as a threat. Man while having superior knowledge is still a slave to our animal nature. We try to be civilized and can be for the most part until something foreign comes our way and we become fearful and must “kill it”. Forget trying to understand it, If we can’t make it like us, eat it, or have sex with it. It must die.

So what the hell does any of that have to do with us and our problems? Both have the same fundamental flaw. The Human Element.

We have the ability to vote for individuals to act on our behalf. Yet we continually vote for individuals we cannot trust and are simply flawed and just bad people. I do not mean they make immoral decisions. I mean they are truly not worth the heart that beats in their chests. I’d rather give their lungs to a life long smoker and their kidneys to a life long drinker. I simply feel they lack any value worthy of the offices they hold. They lack integrity, honesty, loyalty to the people and above all obedience to the people. The worst kind of person is one whose values are based on who is around them. I dare any of you to debate the fact that any candidate does not change or tweak their tune based on their audience. Republican or Democrat or Tea Party they are all snake oil salesmen.

It is a shame and a sad truth of fact that more people vote for the next American Idol winner than the President. I assume that would change if “there was an app for that”. You question and beg and want to know what the problem is? How did it all get so out of hand? Where did we go wrong? Why does the Federal and even some State governments over-step their bounds? Your the reason. It’s not Obama, Its not Romney, Its not Rick Perry or Ron Paul or John Boehner or Nancy Polosi or Hillary and Bill Clinton. Its you.  Its started with The New Deal and here we are today.

Its you, the American Citizen. you would rather spend more time on Facebook and Twitter than with your own kids much less actually researching even a local Candidate. Your fat, your lazy, you work from before sunrise and don’t see your driveway until almost dusk. You don’t cook at home because there are at least 4 fast food places on your way home. You have become dull witted by convenience.

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You live in a world where this is an illusion of the Freedom of Choice. What choices do you make? We are told Freedom of Choice, we are made to feel free by the exercise of meaningless choices. You know what your real choices are? Paper or Plastic, Lexus or Hyundai, Smoking or Non-smoking, Isle or Window, Outback or Chilli’s, Ice Cream flavors, Thousands upon thousands of Jelly bean flavors, Coke or Pepsi. All things that do not matter.

Need evidence to the fact? Political Parties? Essentially two. Big Media Companies? Five? Six? Oil companies? Down to three now. Big Banks and Brokerage houses? All things that are important reduced in choice. Newspapers in a city? It used to be three or four? Now its down to one or two and they are owned by the same people who run the local TV and Radio stations.

You want your kids to stop offing themselves because they have been bullied? Teach them to have a spine. Teach them that they are American and have rights. Teach them that when they are 26 they will have a job and they will have to deal with mean people. That life is not candy coated and sugar. Want them to lose weight? Find a local farm and put their asses to work. The benefits are far greater than you could imagine.  Stop allowing bureaucrats to raise your children. If you need parenting help, ask your parents or grand-parents. If they are of no help, then read a book. If all else fails, pick up a belt and blister their asses as a last resort.

You are being walked on and turned into a stooge at every base and point in your lives. We should no longer value the Xbox or I-phone and value American Liberty. You do not need to seek religion, its a good idea, but you can be moral and good and whole without it. Religion IS however a good place to get a good base set of values from.

I am a bit hard core on this. I only have Internet. No TV, No Radio, No Cell Phone. My largest investment in an appliance is my computer and related equipment. It is also my livelihood. Do I need 3 LG1942S Flatron’s and a 36 inch LG LED TV  for my computer using pleasure? Absolutely not. However, my choices in conveniences do not alter my life in such a manner as to bring the my values and integrity to parasitic levels. I walk to my local Publix grocery store, I have a Scooter and a Car that I could easily use to do so but since its only 1 mile or so why not?

So here is my New Deal:

The American People will research each candidate properly. They will email, make phone calls, schedule appointments and visit and meet their candidate and or elected officials before voting for them. They will inspect what they expect from each candidate and elected official and become vigilant citizens to insure not only their children, but all the children of this nation have a better United States than how we received it. Generation X , your turn has arrived. Yes, you can meet your Senator and Representatives in their local offices. It is possible and it can be done. All it takes is a phone call to get it started. Or… you can quit complaining and go buy your Starbucks and that new app that tells you how wonderful you are because your not a mouth breather.

The eldest of us are now of age to meet the age criteria to become President of the United States. Our Great Grand Parents are all dead. Our Grand Parents are soon to follow and our parents after them. The Passage of time will see to that. We do not have the luxury of time. We will lose any and all understanding of the past as our elders age and pass on. Seek them out. Listen to them. Old men and women have lost their ability to sugar coat anything.  So if you want to hear about the right way to do it, then ask them. Their wisdom is precious. Not always right, but precious. When they tell you something, ask them why they came to that conclusion. Understand them.

I believed in my fathers generation to put it right. I thought the Land of Confusion would end. They failed us. I am now thirty-years old. The David Bowie, Pat Benatar and Madonna Generation has flunked Protecting America 101. It has been more than 70 years since WWII. The second most patriotic Americans to ever live and they are just short of The Revolutionary Americans.  Even they flunked when it came to keeping the reigns to their government.

Start changing your tune by understanding your history, read Common Sense by Thomas Paine:


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