The Real War on Women

waronwomenOne issue I have been battling with constantly is the so-called “War on Women” that Democrats campaigned on recently, utilizing pay scales, abortion issues, and other “equality” issues that honestly got lost in the white noise. Or maybe that was just me zoning out to the constant clucking brought on by Democrats. Tends to happen when people try to suck me into their realities, I guess.

Anyways, I have come under fire several times for posting seemingly anti-feminine remarks on my Facebook page, with (liberal) women calling me sexist, racist, homophobic (which I have NO clue why that is even related. Must be the equality thing) and all kinds of other awful fall-back insults in the name of tolerance and opinionated free speech. Today, I thought I’d do a little bit of research after winning a small victory in one of my literature classes (comparing Kafka’s The Metamorphosis to the failings of Socialism), since I was in a thoughtful mood. I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible, as I know many of you readers have important things to get back to and are just procrastinating (yeah, I’m on to you…heh heh…)

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Many of the things I’ll write on are just compiled from other writers, and credit goes foremost to them.

My journey into the absurd began at U.S. News, with five “myths” about the War on Women. I found the biggest irony is that the article is written by a woman, which explains why I found it so insightful. Let’s kick off with a goodie:

If you are pro-life, you are anti-woman

Dare I say how ridiculous this sounds? “Because I value the life of an unborn child, or of a 2-year-old or a 70-year-old, I hate women!” I know, it’s mainly referencing abortion, but what is murder but a late-term abortion? After all, the only difference between a baby in its third-trimester and a 30-year-old college graduate is size and experience, right? Bio signs are near identical (heartbeat, lungs, organ development, emotional needs…well, maybe not the last one so much…)

Mary Kate Cary, the author of this whole gem, points out that according to Gallup, more women are pro-life than they are pro-choice; a fact that backs up my constant theory that the vocal left are a minority. “It makes no sense to claim that women who are Catholics, Christian evangelicals, Hispanic, or African-American – many of whom consider themselves pro-life – are all opposed to women’s rights,” Cary writes. She has a point. Why would women be opposed to their own “defenders”? Could it be that the “Pro-life/Anti-Women” line is just a smokescreen? Even though many liberals would deny it, I think they’re just making stuff up and trying to pass it as fact. Ink isn’t even dry in the text book (for humorous effect, picture Hillary Clinton scribbling frantically during a debate).

Polls are finding abortion as “morally wrong,” according to 51 percent of Americans. 38 percent find it “morally acceptable.” Yeah, looks like the majority thinks abortion is ok to me! Hyuk hyuk hyuk! All jokes aside, how can you expect the next generation, our children, to value life when they are immediately desensitized by their own parents, their teachers, their siblings? Yet they blame video games…I know firsthand that the only feelings of violence I feel is when I get lag from a slow internet connection. We should hold the Internet Service Providers responsible for violence due to video games! Yeah! (sarcasm…total sarcasm).

Republicans believe that men should control women’s bodies

“We shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making healthcare decisions on behalf of women.” – Barack Obama

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare (or a blight on an already-struggling healthcare system, in some circles), has 15 czars determining who gets what kind of funding. No, this is not in relation to the “death panel,” which even though it was not part of the bill that Congress passed, it WAS originally included in the first draft. The individual mandate that Obama and cronies so elegantly exempted themselves from now tells women what coverage they have to have. In contrast, Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan would have given a choice to women, either private insurance or the governmentally funded Medicare. Need I remind you which party Ryan is a part of? Or what party has pretty much been in charge of decisions lately (Buzzword: Executive Orders)?

My biggest concern for women is if power is given to the government to be the sole decider/provider of coverage, what’s to stop them from saying “Hmmm…Miss, this is your *insert number here* abortion/medical need/whatever, you’re costing us too much money. Denied”?  That sounds like putting women first, doesn’t it? I hear pregnancies are quite expensive, even without complications. What happens when a mother-to-be develops a problem, and funding for the solution is denied? Is that serving women, putting their needs first? I don’t want to sound sexist, and I know that each gender has their own specific problems, but I find from my own social groups that the females have significantly more medical expenses than the men in those groups. I’m not trying to make a comparison, just saying…and I am by no means a medical expert either.

Republicans want to take contraception away from women

*Insert misused Old Testament Biblical Scripture here*
Maybe I can only speak for myself, but I’m not sure the issue has been about wanting to take away birth control completely. I certainly don’t have a problem with it at all! However, as with pretty much every other Democrat nonsensical reasoning, this has been blown waaaayyyy out of proportion! MY issue is, and always has been, whether that contraception should be paid for by taxpayers, and mandated for religious employers which violates their beliefs and religious freedoms (another amendment…those things are bothersome, aren’t they?). As with abortion, if they want to pay for it by all means…I won’t like it but I certainly won’t stop them. Just don’t make me pay for something I don’t believe in. Republicans weren’t the ones who ordered the mandate for religious institutions, but the Democrats. Apparently polls show that a majority of Americans seem to think that there should be a religious exemption. Of course Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Googleism, and Jediism (yes, the last two are considered religions) already are exempt. It’s only the Christian-leaning establishments that are required to provide for free contraception. Maybe I’m stuck in a past time, but I was under the impression that Christianity was a religion, too…but what do I know, I’m just a free-thinking conservative.

Republicans do not support “equal pay for equal work”

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Thirty percent of all businesses are owned by women. According to the President, “You didn’t build that.” Studies show that the major difference in salary between women and men are not because of gender, but career choices. Time spent out of the work force, balance between work and motherhood, education, and college majors all control the pay disparity. A gal who graduates with a Fine Arts degree isn’t going to make as much in the business world as a guy who majors in Economics, Business, Management, Finance, or a related degree. Why would an employer pay a woman with little to no business experience or education as much as a man who spent 4+ years studying it? A Wall Street Journal article called attention to a fact that single, childless women earn 8 percent MORE than similarly qualified men. Choice explains the difference in pay between men and women, not widespread discrimination. Which is what women want more freedom to do, right? To choose? They aren’t going to find that from our current government, no matter how many lies they are told.

Republican cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security will hurt women

Seeing as the Obama Administration have basically destroyed and/or replaced these three programs (such as sapping over $700 million from Medicare and Medicaid for Obamacare, spending more and covering less), I see this as the boy, or girl in this case, crying “wolf.” I think women make the best doctors because they are commonly more nurturing, focused on detailed problems involved in medicine, and are typically very committed to what they do. Seeing as the Obama Administration is basically paving the way for a male-dominated medical field and complete society, I can’t say that they are defenders of women’s rights. Everyone, especially women, deserve the right to pursue opportunities and live free of “Big Brother” and someone always looking over their shoulder. Free of someone like Barack Obama and his goons, telling them what they want, why they want it, and when they want it, masking it in political double-speak and doing the exact opposite of what he says. A habit, it seems, for the man.

Here are my thoughts on the entire matter, now that we have a good foundation of what I’m talking about. Bear with me a bit longer (I’m assuming that if you’re still reading, you’re either a fan of what I’m saying, looking to hang me with my own words, or really interested in the topic. My thanks to you in any case!)

I find it highly suspect (and simplistic) that the biggest thing women are really concerned about is not getting pregnant and not having babies…I was taught that the best form of birth control was to not have sex. Keeping your legs closed and bed empty was 100% effective to not getting pregnant. Yeah, taxpayer-provided contraception would be great, but that’s just getting women out from one dependent state and into another. Not only that, but think of what it would do for men, who already objectify women. Free contraception means that a guy can have completely no-strings-attached sex! All women will become are warm bodies, a problem that is already getting quite out of hand today. What about TRUE independence, the freedom to pay for your own shi- er, your own stuff without needing a sugar daddy? My girlfriend works her rear end off, being a mom and trying desperately to be free of dependency on parents and society. I respect her like no other. Stuff happens, sure, but the point is where you strive to be. The government isn’t doing women any favors by giving them what they want. Instead, opportunities should be made for women to make something for themselves, free of all unwanted interference. Liberal politicians see women not as people equal to men, but different because of their “lady parts.” Is that not sexist in itself, coming from the self-proclaimed “Defenders of Women’s Rights”? Income tax increases and health insurance costs are going to hurt every business owner, but it is going to hit female entrepreneurs especially hard.  How is that promoting gender equality?

By this point I think I’m just whipping the proverbial dead horse…but I hope my point stands. We all know the government can only exist as it is through lies and deceit, and I needed to vent this stuff. I pulled info from a couple different places, and in no way claim this whole thing as my own.

U.S. News: “Five Myths About the So Called ‘Republican War on Women’ ”

American Thinker: “Obama’s War on Women Backfires”

For the TL;DR crowd:

War on Women = Democrats, Big Government = Bad, Conservatives = Pro-Women

Thanks for reading folks! Until next time!

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