Couldn’t have guessed that I would love to be POTUS right?

You would not vote me in because I am very rough and abrasive. I suppose I “John Wayne” everything.

Foreign policy would be love my allies, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I would remove and forbid all Americans from the middle east. I would remove and forbid all middle eastern nations from our nation. I would offer an olive branch of peace to our enemies and explain “Take the branch and be gone, or WE GOT THE BOMBS” America, as of 1998 (last leaked count) you have more than 10,000 Nuclear bombs, most of which are strapped to ICBMs paid for and ready to roll.

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My domestic policy would be to imprison or remove from office anyone that stops the dismantling of HLS, Patriot, NDA, and HCA. They over step the bounds of the government under the Constitution. Which is supposed to protect you the people.

My domestic policy would be to force individual responsibility. Welfare Success is measured by those who get off it (like myself), not how much money we spend on it. Drugs like marijuana use would be left to the states to vote on. It seems to be a popular choice these days. So why not reserve that back under the 10th. I would also speak to the State Governors and listen to the people to see how they feel about doing the same for Abortion and many many many other topics.

Illegal Immigration and its enforcement would fall to the military. After all, isn’t it their sworn duty? Several years ago I remember video of Mexican Army “accidentally” crossing into the US. I didn’t take to kindly to that. My illegal immigration focus would be realistic and start with Canada. (Go look at the numbers, more illegals enter through Canada than Mexico). I would allow the states to also participate in the enforcement of their own borders. Its their state isn’t it? They have more responsibility and more at stake in protecting it, than someone who doesn’t live in their state.

My Florida Governor is responsible to me isn’t he? So why is so much left to Washington?

Education Reform would have the next top billing. Strip Federal power and Federal involvement. Force the States to take responsibility and encourage knowledge, not test scores.

My biggest accomplishment is I would want to strip back the power of the Federal Government to no more than it was intended to be. In doing so reducing its size. In doing so putting thousands of Federal employees out of work. I would sell the IRS to a private company. I would sell TSA to a private company, I would sell off as much as possible and out source it to private industry and prevent the use of foreign workers. American taxes, American employees. Etc etc etc. Using all the proceeds toward our debts.

I WOULD RAISE TAXES ON THE UPPER 10% and seek donations. ONLY UNTIL THE BUDGET CAN BE BALANCED IN THE BLACK. I would hurt the economy on purpose to make it better by flooding the market with cheap oil. Making the government break even on oil reserve costs. I would donate my pay checks back and deny myself any and all “perks” wherever possible. I would sell Camp David. I would liquidate. Fire sale!

Want to get things under control? Live within your means. I have to do it. I have been out of work for two months and today am counting change for gas before I go on my second day of work. I am smoking 305’s instead of Camel Wides. Im drinking RC Cola instead of Pepsi. I am using open wifi instead of my own internet access. I live within my means. I am an American Citizen and am struggling. NOT Because of someone else. But because life happens like that. I am responsible for me, no one else. Thank you for the food these past two months America. I made $115.00 last me and my fiance a month for two months in a row.

I know what it is like to struggle and fight for better. So that is why I think I would make a good POTUS for you. Because I can live within my means and do not take shit from anyone.

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