First off, I want to thank everyone who commented on my other post, “The Real War On Women.” I’m not quite used to having supporters, and I look forward to seeing more from you guys and gals.

 I stumbled across an interesting article while reading through D.W. Ulsterman’s blog, and I can’t say I was surprised. Yes, I have another 3 hour gap between classes today (I really need to plan my schedule better).

The article, which I will list below for your reference, brings up a tidbit of news along the lines of the Justice Department suing Standard & Poor (a major credit rating agency, for those who are unfamiliar), for “giving all those nice ratings to banks’ subprime mortgage-backed securities even while the market began to fall apart.” In plain terms: Telling people to “buy buy buy” when the market was circling the drain, shouting “sell sell sell!” Sounds good, right? I mean, how dare those loan sharks make billions while people are losing homes to foreclosures and having their personal credit go down the crapper! With the relationship between the raters and the banks they were rating, I can’t find a problem with S&P getting their pants sued off. One of my favorite shows, “Suits,” has this theme quite often and I love seeing corrupt companies getting screwed over at their own game.

The problem is not in this agency getting sued by the government. It is that they are the ONLY ones getting sued.

Moody’s and Fitch, once under investigation for the same accusations, was dropped from the federal list because they did not downgrade the U.S. credit rating. Anybody else hear a march-step tune? Maybe a little German in the background? Sorry…

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The only explanation I can come up with, and hold on to your seats cause it’s a shocker, is that Our Man Obama is after some payback. $5 billion is quite a sorrowful tune, even in the days of money generation at a button-press. Moody’s and Fitch was just as bad at forecasting the mortgage crisis, yet they did not downgrade the government credit rating. Neither did a third agency, not even mentioned in the article. The queen witch herself (who has a guest appearance in the latest movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, I hear), Valerie Jarrett, is credited with proclaiming that “payback is coming…there will be hell to pay” before the 2012 decision (I would say election but I have a hard time with that word anymore, in any context).

Why would the Administration be going after S&P, an obvious dissenter regardless of corruption, if they didn’t feel some threat? The country’s credit rating is what guarantees a steady flow of cash from countries like China, Russia, and possibly even the Middle East. What happens when Obama makes all kinds of promises and then has the credit card shut off? I think his czars have their hands full enough with us gun-toting, Constitution-following, women-loving, baby-raising, liberal-hating Patriots! Having 15 million armed men march on the White House isn’t as threatening to them, because they know we have standards, expectations, morals. When it comes to welfare recipients 40 million strong, who burn cars, burgle shops, and cause mayhem…well, that’s where even I would be worried, at least once I ran out of ammo (yes, there is such a thing. Surprising, I know…). It would be unpredictable. For any fantasy/table top gamers out there, imagine trying to control Raw Chaos. Powerful? Absolutely. Dangerous? You have no idea. Raw Chaos, in the fantasy realm, is said to melt any physical object. Conventional methods or magics have no effect on it. It cannot be controlled.

For S&P, though, the point is that they told the truth. A concept that has slipped the minds of Obama-nites completely, it seems. Emperor Palpatine ruled by fear, which is how Obama and his backers control people, control the media, and control other nations. Fear of reprisals, fear of retaliation, fear of change, fear of work…you name it, there are dozens more. Recently we’ve seen a few more “honest” reports coming from mainstream media, such as NBC and their article on legal drone strikes on American citizens. Whether it was intended that way, I don’t know, but it could be the start of a trend. Maybe it was a calculated “slip,” in order to see just how saturated the American sheeple are to the “good intentions” of the man who calls himself Obama. Dusting off the 2nd Amendment for shredding seems to have inspired both conservatives and some liberals alike, and maybe once we have nothing to lose we can really roll up our sleeves and get to fisticuffs…

I could easily see Obama’s community organizing skills backfiring on him, where once he had a loyal group of followers, he would then have an organized lynch mob, ready for an old-fashioned hanging! Which, in that way, I would find disappointing to be sure. Let me finish before you get all riled up though. Obama does not deserve a hanging by his former constituents. He deserves to be tried by his actions, judged by God and the Constitution, and seeing as God can take care of justice in His own holy way, we arrange the meeting and sentence the man as a traitor to the country. As a Marine friend once told me, “It’s not our job to judge. That right belongs to God. We just arrange the meeting.”

One thing maybe someone can look into that I just thought of…The Left Behind series, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It’s been a long time since I read through the series, but I wonder what kind of parallels can be made between present day and those novels. The series is loosely based on Revelation, which I’ve been meaning to study again but cannot seem to get around to it. If anyone has insight, it would be great! I don’t want to get lost down the path of imagination, but I do think that there are some events that are not just happening at random.

Peace and blessings to all of you!

WHD: “Is S&P Getting the Chicago Treatment?”