I have been asked by a fellow Patriot to look into the murder of SEAL Chris Kyle and post my thoughts on the matter. I guess my insights and ideas have struck a chord with some folks. I don’t know why, but I aim to please. I won’t be posting any links, because there are so many of them and I want to synthesize my own thoughts, not parrot the ideas and implications of others.

I don’t pay attention to the mainstream media anymore. Nothing worth watching, in my opinion. One of the downsides to that is I’m often the last to know anything when I don’t access any of my favorite sources. I’ve had to do a little digging and play catch-up, but here’s my thoughts (and what I’m assuming you’re still reading for).

Chris Kyle is universally recognized by patriot Americans and pretty much every member of the military I’ve talked to as a hero. Not just a soldier in uniform-hero (not discounting them, either), but a true, Red-White-and-Blue-bleeding hero. The man has saved countless lives of fellow soldiers alone, much less fighting for the freedom you and I enjoy and often take for granted. Kyle was pretty picturesque of the definition of “hero” too: 6′ 2″, 220 lbs of solid Navy SEAL muscle, simultaneously hated and feared by those who sought to do harm to innocents, wore a black cape and mask…ok maybe not the black cape and mask, but I think you get the idea.

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CNN reported that his first kill was a mother, toddler in one hand and a grenade in the other. It was a choice of doing something that would be perceived as “immoral” to save his own guys, or watch as the woman blew herself, her child, and his buddies up. I think he made the right decision, and made choices like it a confirmed 160 times (255 claimed, though in about 2 months that’ll probably be more like 3,649 in the barracks…I’m familiar with fishing, I know how the stories go 😉 ). His deadly intent and effectiveness prompted an $80,000 bounty by Iraqi insurgents (read: Terrorist scum). Point is, he served his time in hell, did things that would make any other man toss and turn with night terrors, and came back to be a father and husband, a business man, and continue helping those who couldn’t help themselves. His reward? Being murdered in cold blood by a man that he was trying to help. A brother-in-arms.

The media and law enforcement claims PTSD was the reason. I call BS. Already we’re seeing a stage being set to protect Routh, the killer, behind a mental instability claim. Routh was released AGAINST THE FAMILY’S WISHES on January 31st, 2013. Two days before the shooting. Routh was diagnosed with PTSD after threatening to kill himself and his family and was sent to a Veteran’s psychiatric hospital in September 2012.

I apologize if the summary was long, but I wanted to cover my bases as to my suspicions. Which are that this was an inside job.

Before you go calling me a wacko or try to have me committed, think about this: Chris Kyle, with a kill record as long as my arm, the best training in the world, and a sense of patriotism I can only hope to imitate, was in a perfect position to recognize government corruption, risks to his family and his children’s future, and start making a difference. He, and other members of SEAL Team 6 who have been killed over the past several months due to incompetency from the White House (big surprise), were honorable men who knew their duty was not to Fuhrer Obama, but to the United States of America. What better way to eliminate someone like that than through the line of duty, or if they were already honorably discharged, through someone who claims to be suffering from PTSD?

I’m gonna take an X-Files stretch and brush over one theory: Brainwashing and conditioning. I know it’s Twilight Zone-crazy, but isn’t that what the military does to new recruits? Condition them with training so that they push themselves farther than a normal man or woman, so that when SHTF their training will kick in and save themselves and their buddies? If that’s so, then would it be so crazy to think that the government, or sections of the government, take people aside, plant some kind of idea with a trigger (proven through hypnosis), and then boom, you have disposable agents with the perfect excuse. Overuse and overdevelop the idea of PTSD in the minds of the people, play it out through Hollywood so that guys like me will be accused of watching too many shows and movies, and you have a perfect weapon. The proverbial (and disproven) “ice bullet.” I don’t think it’s that far of a stretch anymore, seeing as the president (position, not the man) has now authorized and justified killing Americans he thinks are terrorists. Not proven, THINKS. No due process, no trial, just one day you’re getting coffee and flirting with the cute barista and then *BOOM* you’re a smoking crater.

This is the one theory that stands out from others to me, for some reason. I’m a praying man, and I believe strongly in divine insight (it’s saved my life SEVERAL times), and this keeps coming back no matter how I dismiss it. Let’s just go over what we know, shall we?

  • We know that the shooter had “drug paraphernalia” in his possession (which no mentally unstable person should have), though it doesn’t say the TYPE of drugs.
  • We know that he was released (mysteriously) against his family’s wishes. I’m not an expert in legal matters concerning mental patients, but I know that medically decisions usually fall to the family whether to keep the individual confined or not, at least until the patient has proven himself through whatever policies the institution has.
  • We know that the government, specifically the liberal powers-that-be, are masters of manipulating social expectations and standards. We’ve seen this in the criminalization of firearms, political dismissal of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and public acceptance of such dismissal, the blind following Obama has garnered yet Conservatives are called blind, the use of “intolerance,” “equality,” and “racism,” the widespread acceptance of abortion, and every other social issue that seems to be a collective fall-back measure for arguments and debates. Is it really much more of a stretch to think that the true symptoms or treatments for PTSD have been swept under the stove because they didn’t serve the purpose or intentions of those responsible?
  • We know that the bigger government gets, the smoother the path they pave for themselves gets. When you think of them playing for “all the chips,” is it really farfetched to think that there could be some shadow element planting psychological “time bombs” in those who could be looked to as leaders, as heroes? We’re fighting a psychological and spiritual war. Break your enemy, and you win. Utilize the powers of darkness, and those who believe in the power of light will be too afraid to fight, even though they would be victorious.
  • We know that the government is looking to control what constitutes mental stability. I’ve noticed an increasing interest in events that the perpetrator could be declared insane or mentally unstable. It started with 9/11/01 and the attacks on the World Trade Center. Psychological profiling of who might be a terrorist, behaviors, word association…please tell me I’m not the only one who’s connecting these dots! Would it be too much imagination to think that the government, either through observation or experimentation, would be using those who truly suffer from conditions to push an agenda that allows said officials to declare anyone of those conditions, then have a fictitious backing of history, history of their own making?

This is all I can come up with for the moment…I’ll keep thinking, keep jotting down ideas, and post them in the future when I have time. I urge all of you to keep in mind this one thought, though: Even though all the above, even the thought that any of this could possibly be true, is almost crazy and delusional, we need to remember we aren’t struggling against flesh and blood. I admit, I think it’s a little crazy myself, like I’ve played one too many video games or seen one too many episodes of The X-Files, to think that a bunch of people like you and me could be organizing something so complex, so drawn out and exacting. Some events I couldn’t make up if I tried, and I have a pretty good imagination! Yet, they happened. I see the communism my grandfather fought against being promoted and supported, I see my rights being threatened and taken away, I see my future becoming the very movies and TV shows I enjoyed as entertainment, because they could never happen. It saddens me, in a way, but then it inspires me. We have been complacent, inactive. I see the intricacies and complex designs as possible because it is coming from a realm beyond us. The master trickster, the Father of Lies. What other explanation is there? Man is not intelligent enough to design a war on freedoms lasting over 100 years on his own. They are only pawns, we are only pawns in something much bigger than us, which should be encouragement. If I’m right, no matter what happens we win.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” as one of my favorite childhood video games began (Wing Commander IV, to be exact). We have not been vigilant. We are now seeing the price of that lack of attention, of that self-indulged comfort. Take heart, though, because I believe the Creator is firmly on our side, and He is orchestrating all of this in a way a master conductor orchestrates his finest performance! Look at the way the liberal Left has completely vilified  the concept of a divine creator! They have everyone believing that is the way to weakness, not power. Every Biblical virtue, every teaching, has been ignored, thrown to the side, and instead the exact opposite approach has been adopted and accepted in a massive fashion.

With that, I end with encouragement. Even through chains, freedom always appears. We are only defeated when we are broken, when our ideals submit to what we are told to believe. When we become one of them. As long as we have a breath in our lungs, a voice in our throats, and a free-thinking mind in our heads we cannot be beat, we cannot be destroyed.

Peace and blessings to you all!

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