“Words can say only a little, but they can reveal a great deal by what they conceal.”

While reading through my Shakespeare homework handout, I came across this sentence (describing events in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and his other comedies), and it really stuck out to me for some reason. A reader, who goes by the screen name “Moogie,” made a valid comment on my last post: “I think your chronic blame [of] liberals [for] all of society’s ills is totally juvenile.”

Of course, I invite you to go see the full comment for context at the source, but this one bothered me and I think ties into with the other quote. Conservatives do blame a lot of liberals for societal woes, and I do believe that the methods being used by the liberal side do more harm than good, it isn’t entirely fair to blame solely them for where we are today. Folks like you and me are just as much to blame because of our silence. Where my “Words” quote comes into play is what are we hearing, and what are we in turn being told? This is by no means meant to be a “Pro-Progressive” post, but if there’s one thing I learned from Michael Douglas’s “The American President,” the best offense is knowing your material and letting your opponent talk himself into a corner. When guys like Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck go after liberal policies, moves, or actions, what are they hiding to protect themselves? Don’t get me wrong, I admire those two men greatly, and they inspire me quite often, but EVERYONE has an agenda. Even me. If we hear “{insert bill/policy here} was passed today through {insert channel here}” and how outraged the Republicans are, how many of them are supporting that bill behind closed doors? How many RINOs do we have selling our country’s souls to the highest bidder?

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On the flip side, you’ve got the ignorant pricks like Piers Morgan, who worship the very ground his highness-ness Obama walks on and doesn’t even check his own facts, just throws out stuff that sounds good like “The Voice of London” from V for Vendetta. They KNOW people are too lazy, incompetent, and ignorant to do their own fact checking! Obama says gun control policies are going to follow Chicago, which has THE highest gun-related crime rate in the country! Is that really what we want? What does that tell us they are concealing? I’m not even talking about conspiracies, black-list projects, CIA mumbo-jumbo…I’m talking complete, full on deception and denial through omission. We’re seeing this play out as Obamacare becomes more developed and people are seeing it for the demon that it is, and was always meant to be. Taxes are being raised (as the “crazies” Rush and Glen predicted) on the middle class, and yet they (the socialists, that is) just see it as a “social cost” to living in a “free” society. That tells me that the delusion has reached such a point that as long as the government can make you think they are doing you a favor, they can keep taking more and more…and with Obama reaching “Lame Duck” status, we can expect to see things get very very bad, very very quickly. Yes, I’m implying (or concealing, if you will) the fact that things are already bad, but they will look good in comparison.

Watch, listen, and ask yourself “why?”. When you come up with an answer, take it one step further. After that step, keep diving in. Tear whatever subject or issue you are looking at apart, piece by piece. Bounce ideas off of people you trust and interact with, regardless of political standings or religious beliefs. Use their experiences to fuel your own thoughts and creativity. Deduction can work wonders when it comes to finding hidden motives and agendas. We will need to be smart, we will need to be cunning, and we will need to be ruthless in our pursuit of hidden agendas and the ultimate truth. To say that politicians (not just Democrats or liberals, ALL politicians) don’t have a hidden agenda or plan is to be ignorant of human nature. Economics states that everyone has something someone else wants. We get that which we want by trading something we have for it, and it has universal application.

It’s getting close to the time to bury the extremist hatchet, and reach out through reason and logic to those we may normally be dismissed by. Sometimes even the smallest seed can grow into a grand, full oak.

On a much lighter note, I would encourage everyone to pick up some of Shakespeare’s works and read through them, if you can. There are many, many lessons to be learned that are just as applicable today, and studies are showing it even enhances brain activity. Plus the man was a darn good writer, which is a plus in and of itself…

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