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I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy the amc show, The Walking Dead. I mean it’s filled to the brim with the sort of allegorical symbolism that can be used to parallel a lot of what’s going on in our country today. Admittedly it is a pretty gruesome program that’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. Myself, I didn’t really start watching it until towards the end of its 2nd season. Simply because of the similarities it had to those things I was seeing happen in the real world around me that were depressing enough without adding to it by watching a show that seemed only to mirror such a bleak outlook. Then I happened to watch the episode where they made it to The Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia & I was bit. From that point on I was infected. Granted we’re not plagued with reanimated flesh-eating corpses, but in our own fashion, what we have eating our nation alive from the inside out these days is – by contrast – even more horrifying if you genuinely think about it.

Do you notice the difference between this…


…And this?

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Yeah. Me neither.

When you read about people who actually take time out of their lives to express a disturbed pleasure over the recent death of American hero & U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle – & you can even sense in the words they write such deranged satisfaction that it’s almost palpable – then you begin to understand we have a lot of these types shuffling around aimlessly in our society today: animated on the outside, but dead inside. Almost identical in their own fashion to those reanimated flesh-eating corpses who are driven purely by the instinctual imperative to gratify base appetites without any intelligent thought or concern given to their actions, oblivious to their own deteriorating state of putrescent decay & rot.

The world as it’s envisioned in The Walking Dead can be used as a perfect allegory as well to illustrate the disastrous consequences of what this breed we have passing itself off as the Democrat Party today – if allowed to release & inflict their ideological plague upon us all –  would eventually reduce our own society as a whole into. We have only to look to those cities where Democrats have managed through their duplicitous methods to keep their grasp on their power to see the gangrenous effects they’ve had on those communities there in their steady slide towards self-inflicted purgatory.


But unlike those fictional characters on The Walking Dead who are left as the sole living survivors to the ‘unintended consequences’ of the self-inflicted plague brought about in their world by the malevolent designs & ambitions of mysterious malefactors, the solution to our own ‘Walker’ problems here in the real world are somewhat less direct & effective as the solution our fictional televised heroes have found themselves – out of sheer necessity – having to resort to…

I can just imagine the backlash I’m going to receive from this Blog, but c’mon tho’. Can anyone who’s of a conservative persuasion (be you a Republican, Independent, or what not) & a fan of this show honestly say you haven’t drawn a similar comparison of your own here yourselves? Like those liberals (or whatever you want to call those things) who can exercise their Right to free speech to say how glad they are about the death of a better man who served his country to protect their Right to be such vicious & malicious idiots, I’m simply exercising my freedom of speech to say out loud what most of us have thought to ourselves anyway in this comparative analysis of art imitating life.

‘Patients outside of a D.C. Clinic waiting to reap the benefits of Obamacare’images (11)  

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D.C. resident to Reporters; “I got hungry waiting in line.”images (6)

What resistance do we as average Americans have tho’ against the threat of this plague Obama & his ‘Walking Dead’ groupies pose to our freedoms & civil liberties? The GOP?? Yeah, because they’ve done such an astoundingly wonderful job so far opposing these tools. I think the following pretty much summarizes that ‘between a rock & a hard place’ feeling millions of average Americans have when it comes to their regard of our political establishment as it exists today in its current state…

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Obama dronesrove-declares-war-on-tea-party-conservatism-4.2.2013images (16)niagra-falls-boehner-cry-tears-political-poster-1292969658    554278_495593733817076_2131744744_nimages (13)john-mccain-pirate

Then you have those average Americans at the right end of the political spectrum just trying to survive this ideological warfare of…

us’ against…

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‘those’on the left.

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And when you’re dealing with such morally bankrupt people whose souls are so seared that on the one hand they’ll write their pleasure to the world of a soldier’s death while on the other, they’ll cheer a cold-blooded murderer as they have with ex-Los Angeles Police Officer Christopher Dorner throughout his killing spree, do you really believe such creatures like that are simply going to shuffle off quietly into that good night? No. They’ll do what they’ve always excelled at & have done best. They’ll incite total chaos first.

But this is not the country our Founders intended for us to have…

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Obama must be messianic, cuz so many dead people keep coming back again to vote for more of that hope & change’!”

‘THIS’ is the Country our Founders intended for us to have…

By the way, the following advisory I’m including here accompanied the previous video & was posted by YouTube before giving me the option to either continue to view it or else choose to cancel my choice instead:

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