Okay, so they finally got Christopher Dorner holed up in a cabin.  I personally expected him to be somewhere else.

For all you Black Knight adulators, I am sorry, but Chris is no hero.  Sure, everyone knows that the LAPD is a brutal, racist, crooked, big city police department.  We all watch TV and read the news.  Everyone knows that.

Sure, it looks like Chris was screwed over by his superiors.  After reading his manifesto, I would venture a guess that he is the type of guy who thinks that he is always morally superior, when compared to his peers.  He seems like the type who would not tire of reminding you of that.  He seems like the type who had a chip on his shoulder, and rubbed people the wrong way.  He talks like a Liberal, really.  His world-view is shaped by Liberal ideology.

He also seemed like the type who actually was fun to be with, if you took the time to get to know him a little better.

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It is always hard to be the outsider.  Especially the one who is the whistle-blower.  They will screw you over every time for that, just in another way.  You will never see it coming.

It is my opinion that Chris lost his job for reporting legitimate brutality perpetrated by his superior.  All the evidence is there.

The LAPD chose to ignore that, just so they could screw Chris.  That is how it looked.  They could only ignore that by claiming that it never happened.  They had a bellhop to back them up.  One of the most reliable witnesses in the history of jurisprudence.

The homeless guy probably had to be subdued.  But why lie on your report?

The homeless guy’s dad made a statement that his son had been roughed up.  But homeless people and their parents are not good witnesses in our Courts.

I have no doubt that Chris was fired by the LAPD because he did not fit in with their little fascist club.

But that does not excuse what Chris has done.  Why not mail all this to a newspaper outside of LA, without all the threats?

Why shoot the daughter and future son-in-law of your representative at the hearings, just because he was incompetent?  Because that is what it looks like.  Chris’s backup at his hearing was fired by the college a few months after being hired.  This was right after his retirement from the LAPD.  The college thought that they were getting more than they got.  Period.  That is my opinion.  Remember, I myself am a bureaucrat, and I know how that works.

So, Chris murdered two innocent people in cold blood.  Unforgivable.  I will not shed a tear for him.  And the other cop, and the Deputy, that was a direct result of his shooting the first two.

I pray for the ones he has killed and wounded.  You should too.

Chris, you hate guns?  So to prove that, and that you should not have the guns  you own, you are going to shoot people?  It is inconceivable, to me.  It sounds like something straight out of the Communist Manifesto.  Tear down society by any means available.  Insure unrest where there was none.  Sacrifice others and yourself to achieve the Liberal agenda.

Chris, I fear for your soul.  Yes, I believe you have one.

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So what was the result of all of this?

Police were kicking in doors at the cabins by the ski resort, looking for Chris.  I hope they had warrants, and announced who they were.  If some unidentified person kicks my door in unannounced, I am shooting first, and asking questions later.  You can buy all the police gear you want from tons of catalogs, so your wearing that gear proves nothing to me.  They were kicking these doors in, without provocation, and rushing in with guns drawn, just because they were close to where Chris Dorner was last seen.  That is a capital offense in Police State California.

I hope no one was home at the cabins they broke into.  That would be a capital offense in Police State California.

The police shot the crap out of a 71 year old woman and her daughter as they were delivering newspapers.  They forgot to turn their lights on.  Their vehicle looked sort of similar to what Chris was initially reported as driving.  These are capital offenses in Police State California.

An hour later, in the same area, they shot the crap out of another such vehicle.  Twice in an hour.  Unbelievable.  Driving a vehicle that looks similar to one having been reported as being driven by Chris Dorner is a capital offense in Police State California.

Did they ever hear of knocking?  Or of pulling the vehicles over?  Are they that afraid?  Then why did they take the job in the first place?

Or, do they have orders to kill on sight?  No matter who gets killed in the mean time?

The media tells us that the police do not expect to take Chris alive.  No shit.

Even if he attempted to surrender, the shooting up of the two vehicles without provocation tells me that they are not planning on letting him do that.  I would be surprised to see him live through this.

The media wants to know why he was fired.  That would be a big part of his trial.  It would all come out there, straight from Chris’s mouth.  And from the homeless guy.  And from his dad.  The LAPD do not want that to happen.  Too many officers would have to bite the bullet, and would be losing their pensions.  At least, that is my opinion.  Sometimes I am wrong.

It is better to make sure that Chris dies for what he did.  No one will feel sorry for him.  And, when all of the media attention dies down, a few years down the road, everyone involved can get other big, cushy promotions.  I have seen that happen before.

The manhunt for Chris, and now the standoff at the cabin, is where the big media frenzy is going on.  But I want to know what happened to the four people in the two trucks that were shot up like Swiss cheese.  Two of them were shot, two miraculously were not hit.

The 71 year old woman was shot in the back, and was in serious condition, the last I heard.  She was undergoing surgery.

Is there no accountability for any of this?  Doesn’t the Liberal media care about any of this?  Is this all okay, as long as you say it was done in the interest of public safety?  Is it okay for the LAPD to shoot whoever they want?  How is this different from anyone else shooting someone for no good reason?  I would like to see the answers to all of those questions.  That is where the real story lies.

Perhaps I will see some answers.  Or perhaps I will not.

Well, Police State California does have the people scared now.  By their shooting down innocent people on the street.  By kicking doors down, and rushing in with guns drawn.  To me, it is a wonder that more cops and civilians were not shot through all of this.  Try doing that in Texas or Wyoming.

The four civilians who were shot at or actually hit certainly are scared of Police State California now.  And it will only cost the taxpayers something like $400,000,000.00 for each of them, once all of the lawsuits are settled.

A pretty good trade for being able to intimidate a few people through your arrogance and stupidity, don’t you think?

I do not want you to mix these big city self-styled bad-asses up with your local donut-eater who is all smiles when doing crossing guard duty at your local school three times a day on his or her shift.  Those cops come from the people, and generally have a good head on their shoulders.  And big hearts.  Most of them are counted among your fellow Patriots.  My problem is with the big city cops who feel that they are not a part of the society that they are supposed to protect, who feel that the Law does not specifically apply to them too.

In our country, there are those who feel that the citizens should have all of the guns taken away from them.  Only the military and police should have any guns.  There is a big problem with elevating one group above another.  The members of all of the groups are all raised in the same society.  So, they are no different from one another.  I am a respecter of neither the person nor the position.  If you are wise, you will do the same.


If you study the above chart (I believe this is FBI data covering the year 2009), you will see that the police are slightly less likely that the general population to commit a violent crime.  The general population includes college students, your Priest, your baker, CEOs, welfare recipients, crack dealers, axe murderers, etc.

The police are slightly more likely than the general population to commit an assault.

The police are almost 2.5 times as likely to have committed a sexual assault than are your Priest, your crack dealer, etc. 

The police are slightly less likely to have been charged with committing a homicide than are the general population.

But the police are almost six times as likely to have actually committed a homicide than are the general population.  This is clarified in the 2010 report at homicides committed during the use of excessive force on the job.


So, you want to take the guns away from the citizens, and give them all to the police?

No thank you!  I opt for taking all of the guns away from the police, and giving them to the citizens.  This will greatly reduce the likelihood of additional homicides, all other factors being equal.

If you trust in the police, who kill us at almost six times the rate of what our Priests, crack dealers, etc. do, you will be punished in the end most severely for your delusional trust.

I believe this explains the current shoot-to-kill paranoia evident in Police State California.  And elsewhere.  The police are far more predisposed to commit homicide than the rest of us are, if you count homicides occurring during the use of excessive force. 

For all of you good officers out there, I suggest you distance yourselves as well as you can from these corrupt big city police forces.  They give all of you a black eye.  Go join a small Town or County force.  We need you out here.  Or, report the corruption and the brutality of citizens that you see occurring in your precincts.  It should not take a misguided Chris Dorner to bring this all up to the surface again.  Do what is right.  For yourself.  For those you serve.  For all of us.



You can check out additional FBI (and others’) crime statistics charts in my public photo album on my Facebook page.  Look for the wall photo of the aluminum hats from the movie Signs.  That’s me, all right.

Gary Harper

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