539431_10152081982790288_2020199027_nLets face reality people. Lets face the ‘real‘ state of our Union! It’s staring us all straight in the face & has been for a long long time. I know too that millions of Americans out there understand the same truth! We see it every day. We live it every day. We NEED leadership restored to our nation!

555869_503599476349835_1669698360_n   We NEED the rule of law restored to our nation! But until we have the first, we will never truly have the second.  We’ll have neither of those things & that is not only unacceptable, it is intolerable!534685_440602959304391_1984977366_nimages (10)

I’m not going to regale you tho’ with ominous tales of political intrigue about Agenda 21 & concentration camps being constructed at the directives of sinister shadowy figures of a clandestinely rogue Government. I’ve listened & have heard those same tales myself ad nauseam literally for years now, & while I don’t doubt Agenda 21 exists, these “FEMA” camps (as they’re referred to) wont happen without a ‘lot’ of blood shed. Not if actual push came to actual shove. That’s just a fact of the one reality Obama can’t twist & warp to his own ends! Instead I’m going to focus my attention more on those things I actually see happening on a daily basis & being done to us through “subversion” in broad daylight.

We’ve seen this subversion of our nation going on for decades now, yet who before us or since has engaged in any effective mea579373_10151070424895773_1587655985_nns to stop it? It’s worse now than at any other time previously (this escalation oddly enough coinciding with the arrival of this Faux President). As long as we continue to allow these multitudinous insurrectionists along with their varied affiliated groups & organizations in our country to exploit our Constitution & use it against us through these positioned activist Judges, & as long as these activist Judges are allowed to continue adjudicating from the Bench & transgressing beyond the boundaries of the Constitution to advance a treasonous agenda, where does it end? It’s my belief that we’ve already gotten a hint of that potential ‘end’ courtesy of the Supreme Court in their upholding the bogus Constitutionality of Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Still, one day all I’m hearing is that we’re headed down the road to Socialism, the next it’s Communism, then the day after that it’s Marxism. Some days it’s even a triple whammy of all 3 ideologies combined. Which is it?! Does anyone even really know? I wish someone would pick one of these ‘ism’s’ & just stick with it already! Yet regardless of whichever one we were to pick, they’re all of them an antithesis to the founding principles of our Constitution based Republic!

68035_240996192695278_863667421_nAs far as I’m concerned, Obama represents the ‘intended consequence’ & the culmination Progressives envisioned as their goal from the beginning in their introduction of political correctness into our culture. A politicizing ‘Trojan Horse’ that is decimating our national landscape. Revising our history & heritage, eviscerating reason & common sense in the process of its prolonged & perpetual assaults! Yet for whatever bizarre reasons, we just continuously keep granting ridiculous credibility to these recognized traitors who keep pushing their seditious doctrines which ultimately threatens our very freedoms & civil liberties. How does that even happen in a Republic?! A corrupt Government with a complicit 2 Party political establishment not withstanding, here’s another part of our problems…

…Most of us have seen in recent headlines the days long manhunt of murderer, ex-cop Christopher Dorner come to a flaming conclusion after a deadly stand off at a mountain cabin in Black Bear, California where authorities had managed at last to corner Dorner, finally bringing his killing spree to an end, but tragically not before he managed to add a 4th victim to his rampage after he had shot & killed a local Deputy during this final shoot out. In those days leading up to this confrontation, we became privy to thousands of sick individuals who had taken to the internet to express their warped praise & support of this murderer. This after many of those same warped people I have no doubt went online to express sick satisfaction over the tragic & senseless death of former U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle – known as the deadliest & most proliferate sniper in U.S. Military history. That’s to be expected from this particular breed of North American cellar dweller tho’. We’ve seen this from them enough times to recognize the predictable – & not unanticipated – patterns of behavior. We know better than to expect animals to behave like human beings. That’s simply a given.

But those idiots not withstanding, we have in the wake now of Dorner’s being put down, members of the liberal media actually coming out to express their genuine sympathy for this killer! Who cares I guess at his having used firearms to viciously murder people & how that inconsistency flies in the face of their having helped so far to drive Obama’s public appeal to advance further gun control. I mean it’s uncanny how their news coverage lately has become a deluge of reported gun related crimes. Ironic too how this overwhelming flood of coverage seemed to also conveniently coincide with this gun control narrative Obama has been shoving down our throats.


These fascists don’t bother to even try & make the attempt anymore to mask their hypocrisy. They’ve become so emboldened & empowered by this seemingly untouchable enemy insurgent we have occupying our White House for so long now – inspired by Obama’s own arbitrary & lawless governance – what accountability do they have to fear? They just continue despite their own self-projected absurdities. It’s unbelievable.




Then in other headlines in the last few days, we had survivors of the Ft. Hood massacre come out accusing Obama of having betrayed them as both the White House & Pentagon refuse to acknowledge this flagrant act of terrorism as just that. Choosing instead to classify it as being an act of ‘work place violence’, giving survivors what has been described as ‘diminished access to medical & financial benefits normally available to those whose wounds are designated as “combat related.’  


Imagine that. Strange isn’t it, how the Muslim Brotherhood seems to benefit from their association with Obama? Quite a lucrative association they have too with his giving them over a billion dollars of our money (interesting that considering we’re BROKE), 200 Abram battle tanks, & 20 F-16 fighter jets. Not to mention their being granted admittance into Obama’s Administration, having access & input in the Government into critical areas of our national security & policy making. But when it comes to our own however, Americans gunned down & murdered or injured on our own soil by U.S. Army Major & radical Islamist Nidal Malik Hasan, when he opened fire after witnesses stated he had shouted, “Allahu Akbar!”, ‘an act of work place violence’ is what these Americans get from this President. That & the privilege of being used as political pawns. No Purple Heart for that tho’ while being denied access to necessary medical care & treatment. WHAT THE HELL??!! 

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420047_485030391522307_1183005943_n                   ImageProxy

Who cares I guess that Hasan had bimages (3)een throwing up red flags in his conduct & behavior for at least a year leading up to the shootings which Military Officials – in their sycophantic observance to political correctness – had willfully chosen to ignore! Now with the benefit of 4 years of hindsight -& with his having amassed a significant body count since 1st taking Office in 2009 & a large percentage of those having been former & active U.S. Navy SEAL’s – I think it’s safe to say that we can pretty much deduce for ourselves from the patently obvious what exactly Obama’s regards are when it comes down to matters of ‘us’ or ‘them’. Yet through the Rose colored glasses of political correctness, the obvious is made opaque & vague. That has to be the reason since I can’t fathom any other explanation of how these politicians in Washington can be so blind short of outright cowardice or complicity!

So who do we turn to in this system of Government institutions to defend us? Obama has thoroughly saturated the Government from the top down with his radical acolytes! Reality & the natural order of right & wrong as we’d previously known it have gone completely out the window with this Judas. We’re seeing it turned upside down, inside out, & skinned alive as we go careening from one manufactured crisis & one controversy to the next like Tarzan vine hopping through the jungle! Truth is subjective & revised to present whatever accommodating interpretation these extremists contrive to benefit themselves with! Pushed by Obama’s loyal Uruk-hai in his State-controlled propagandist media. It’s not even about truth anymore with their concept of transparency being little more than a ridiculous joke I can’t believe they claim with a straight face. It’s all about warping the truth to support a liar!

So who is there even for us to turn to? The GOP?? Like I’ve said before – Yeah, because they’ve done such a fabulous job so far over these last 4 years at stopping Obama in his tracks.


Lets face some genuine truth here. The election was rigged. I’m not alluding to it, I’m saying it outright! Obama let that fact slip himself, right into an open mic for all of us to hear months before November’s election! When he sat there telling Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a pat on the arm that he could go tell his master Russian President Vladimir Putin, of Obama’s having ‘more flexibility’ after November to work at further reducing our nuclear defense capabilities to further weaken & cripple our nation!

He knew he was going to win this election! Why else was Romney so quick to concede & quit the stage when the vote count wasn’t even in yet – along with the many reports FOX NEWS had been abuzz with of malfunctioning voter machines giving votes to Obama despite Romney being the candidate chosen, as well as reports of outright FRAUD being committed?! Both those things we’d initially heard so much about that now FOX NEWS has become strangely silent on. Especially since Obama has renewed hostilities between him & the media giant. This entire thing has stank to high Hell & that’s not even mentioning everything else about Obama’s 1st term that has reeked of treason & Impeachable offenses.

The GOP isn’t going to do a damn thing for us. And while I may reserve some ‘benefit of a doubt‘ in grudging respect & admiration for less than a handful of those politicians who are supported by the Tea Party, they’re outnumbered & overshadowed by entrenched establishment elitists who are the face of the GOP! As I’d previously stated, a considerable number of Americans have died under Obama’s intentional (yeah, INTENTIONAL) gross dereliction of duty, his violation of Oath, & his criminal negligence!


What has the GOP done about any of it?! I mean apart from holding meaningless hearings on Capitol Hill that were meant  to give the American people an ‘appearance‘ they were doing something when in fact it doesn’t seem that way to me since no accountability has happened still! They found U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. The man lied & perjured himself several times under Oath for God sake & he’s STILL the U.S. Attorney General!


Then there’s this ongoing travesty surrounding the murders of our people in the radical Islamist terror attack of our U.S. Embassy/Safe House in Benghazi. Here we have more dead Americans due to Obama’s dereliction of duty & gross criminal negligence, but there will be no true accountability for this either.  The American people are going to be lied to some more by this abhorrent traitor & if you don’t believe his Bullshit then you’re just a ‘racist’!



Everything about this vaporous anomaly in our White House is built on a foundation of lies. You only have to listen to his rhetoric & hold it up to the light & you’re struck immediately by the sheer contrast between everything Obama says against everything he has actually done. I didn’t even bother watching the State of the Union address either. I knew beforehand it would only be a laundry list of more lies from this Chicago cut-throat. But it wasn’t Obama’s total cognitive dissonance in his speech which galvanized those in the mainstream media to react. No. It was Marco Rubio pausing to take a drink of water as he gave the GOP rebuttal speech to Obama’s State of the Union address that set the liberal medias tongues flapping like screen doors in a tornado. Seriously.


And they actually refer to themselves as journalists. Four Americans perished in Benghazi due to Obama’s criminal negligence, Obama seeks to undermine Americans 2nd Amendment Rights, & gives a State of the Union address exploiting the deaths of the children murdered at Sandy Hook to advance his subversion while being so detached from the disastrous reality he has created, & all these liberal suckholes can talk about is Rubio taking a sip of water? Makes you wonder exactly what sort of retards get their news & information from these shameless imbeciles & are stupid enough to believe they’re actually getting news & information.

.164444_10152083001720288_1170950665_n539337_580573748638513_1379749209_n                                                        Watching the news on television these days tho’ has become a chore trying to sift relevance from so many competing news stories. That & knowing already before I turn it on it’s only going to be another day of prattling & dueling pundits. Critical events diluted & watered down & poured to fit into a 4 or 5 minute sound bite. More new developments of rehashed stories sensationalized with dramatized lead ups. Everybody bitching & arguing about what’s wrong in the country, but with none having the guts to just come right out & declare Obama for the apostate demagogue he actually is. As the majority of America gets slammed in a succession of one manufactured crisis after another – with the next one generally hitting us before we’re even through with the previous crisis – of this Obama blitzkrieg.

                      560242_10152077866685288_1761320400_nI’ve really enjoyed the repetitive reporting too as FOX has jumped aboard the media bandwagon in this asinine coverage of those cruise ship castaways belly aching after finally making it to port – literally kissing the ground like they’d been stranded on Gilligan’s Island for the past 5 years, Instead of only being stuck afloat on a state of the art cruise ship with food & water for a few days & simply being adrift without the luxury of power…Or functioning toilets too by the sound of it. They were too refined & cultured to hang their asses over the rail I guess when nature called & consequentially had to resort to crapping in trash cans. Oh the horror. Now FOX is devoting farcical ‘special’ coverage to the lawsuits (wow, didn’t see that coming) these castaways are filing against Carnival Cruise Lines as if that’s the worst thing happening in our nation now.


images    images (11)

sns-photos-stranded-carnival-cruise-ship-20130-015Considering it was a fire in the engine room, these whining drama queens should be grateful their ‘ordeal’ wasn’t worse than it was. *sheesh* People these days. Sadly, it’s people like this whom fate would make the first to be cut from the herd in the event of a ‘real’ unforeseen catastrophe.

images (20)3510_10152082993550288_1346393491_n

But irrelevant news crowding out the real issues of our country aside, the real State of our Union is not likely to change anytime soon in this chronic absence of leadership & rule of law. We have a despotic oligarchy of establishment elitists who reign over the people with such exploitative autocratic arrogance while we’re expected to naturally accept & comply with this. We’re expected to engage in a willful suspension of disbelief to continue entertaining this farcical illusion of our having a Government of the people, by the people, & for the people when we do NOT! Many refuse to believe this truth despite all the ways it manifests itself around us in these prevailing circumstances today. There are those brand loyalists as indoctrinated to their respective Parties ideology as it gets. Their Party is the ‘be all & end all’ of their political reality, while so many others just submit & reconcile themselves to this deluding caricature with an “it is what it is” sense of apathetic resignation. What it is is a failed system of our political establishment which even George Washington himself warned the people against:

george-washington-george-washington-president-political-part-politics-1353737612“The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge natural to party dissention, which in different ages & countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders & miseries, which result, gradually incline the minds of men to seek security & repose in the absolute power of an Individual: and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of Public Liberty.” ~George Washington, September 19, 1796~

32614_368428366598093_191856189_nAs I sit here writing this, I take a breath & try not to feel like a broken record with a stuck needle playing the same verse over & over, yet what’s being done to our nation & the American people by this President & political establishment is unconscionable. This can’t be overstated enough, but to understand this is to also understand we’re not the country we once were. We just aren’t. I understand that mine is but a single voice in a spreading choir across our country, but the more voices who chime in, the louder we become! Yes, we’re all bombarded daily in this maelström of calamitous news headlines & deafened at times by the cacophony of one manufactured crisis after another, but before I sign off however, allow me to leave you with this last word & hope it might bring you some peace of mind & assurance in the midst of so much uncertainty…