1353283817444-1523079418A new book is coming out about the Benghazi terrorist attack on September 11th which left Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty dead that has a few interesting revelations in it. The authors of the book conducted an interview with Sean Hannity and you can listen to the interview here.

 It is now pretty much a given that the gunrunning Obama regime was also running guns captured in Libya to Syria and this book reaffirms it, but now we know that the Obama regime was actually conducting raids in Libya looking for top al Qaeda leaders and this flies in the face of Barack Obama’s promise that we would only provide support for the war effort but would put no boots on the ground.

    The terrorist attack on September 11th was in retaliation for these raids, not because of some video that nobody had seen. And these were raids which Barack Obama didn’t want the American people to find out about less they realized he lied to them, this is at least part of the reason for the cover up.  

 On top of that we learn that Chris Stevens was opposed to this type of action so he wasn’t told about the raids even though he was in danger. Chris Stevens had been pleading for more security for months but he was ignored, because he didn’t know these raids were occurring practically in his neighborhood the situation was even more dangerous than he realized. While he didn’t realize the full extent of how dangerous the situation on the ground was becoming somebody in the  Obama regime had to know and yet he was still denied the extra security.

  So Chris Stevens was denied extra security, but why weren’t there marines at the consulate as is standard operating procedure? We finally have the answer to that question: because there was no consulate in Benghazi, the complex was officially known as a ‘temporary mission facility’ and this distinction meant the facility was afforded a smaller budget and less security than if this were an official consulate. Chris Stevens had been begging the Obama regime to have the facility designated as a consulate but, just like his requests for more security, his request in this case fell on deaf ears.

  We had a president running for reelection who was claiming that his Middle East policy made the world less dangerous, and who was running on the fact that he ended the war in Iraq and was winding down the war in Afghanistan, and he wanted the American people to forget about the actions he was taking in Egypt and Syria, and he certainly did not want the voters to know we had boots on the ground in Libya, because that would run counter to the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s anti-aggression lead from behind public persona.

  In fact the revelation that we have boots on the ground was something Barack Obama needed to keep from the American people to keep up his image as a man ending war and securing peace in our lifetime. Thus while the true motive for the terrorist attack was retaliation for these raids, and Barack Obama must have known this, and coupled with the fact that Barack Obama couldn’t admit this was a terrorist attack because it ran counter to his claim al Qaeda was on the run, the regime concocted the ridiculous video excuse that nobody believed in the first place. 

"What difference does it make?!"
“What difference does it make?!”

All of these issues–the gun running, the al Qaeda raids and keeping Chris Stevens in the dark about them, the raids being the true motivation behind the attack, refusing to call this a terrorist attack for political reasons, the ‘consulate’ not being a ‘consulate’, and Chris Stevens being denied extra security–are contributing factors to what now seems to be a multifaceted cover up.

 What difference does it make? A world of difference in my opinion, Chris Stevens and the others should be alive today. Wouldn’t you love to hear what the survivors of the attack–who are being hidden–have to say about this?

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