boHis demonic setup of America is at hand. In general people are stupidly asleep, unaware of the looming denigration and the  fall of America. Does it sound ridiculous? Do the homework. I personally don’t like to write. I am virtually a nobody…just a person that loves America, just a person that can see the writing on the wall.  I have the right to write this.

The situation in this country frightens me so much, that I cannot stand by any longer. My grandchildren, that I love so dearly, will never know America as I have known it. The sleepy-headed, arrogant, self-centered, righteous, selfish, ignorant, unaware, lawless animals, irresponsible so-called humans… these people are the ones destroying our country. Hear me well, you know who you are. You blame everyone but yourself. Do everyone a favor, wake up or discount yourself. You will try to destroy our constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers for Obama, you poor, irresponsible, weak bastards. No ONE has a free pass. No free lunch. Someone pays for your free lunch. Get the hell up and pay for your own.

If you don’t own up to responsibility, you will have consequences, you will be enslaved. You may not believe me, they say, what goes around, comes around, what goes up must come down. Bible says, whatever you sow, you shall reap, what you say, what you do, always and forever will be your reap, your demise, your consequences. Out and about there are people of several colors, their color means more than the truth, they will lie, cheat, destroy, fabricate, no consciousness, not a grain of God or religion, no spiritually, only ugliness of spreading the wealth around, for socialism’s sake, leading up to taking all of our God-given rights, these people of color, you know who you are.

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You have no strength no character, no congruity, no life– just existence. You blame and blame, your color does not mean a thing. Did you hear me? It means nothing. You degrade your self. Does not matter what color you are, if you have no character, nor have the integrity, you have nothing, nothing, you will and forever be needful, unfulfilled, lack of good will for others and our country. What is an outlaw? Ask yourself; is it someone that circumvents the constitution? and bypasses congress? That goes through the back door? To make deals? Someone that can’t answer what happened to Americans in Benghazi? etc.

1.   Taxation (calls it investments) He thinks you’re stupid!

2.   Health Care (He knows you’re not going to read your health care information)… you’re stupid again.

3.   Individual Freedom, including religion, gun rights, freedom of speech, freedom of choice (He knows you don’t care, stupid again.)

4.   Dividing all Races, black versus white, Hispanics versus white, dividing individual rights, setup of people against people. (You are in your little world thinking everything is dandy, stupid again.)

5.   Dividing into classes, poor against well off. You will and forever hug a tree… stupid again.

6.   Military: dangerous cut backs. Dangerous cut back for FBI, teachers, firemen, head-start, border patrol agents, childcare, etc.  This will happen regardless if he gets congress to agree or not. This will happen, it will become like Greece or a third world country. He wants to tell you what you can do and what can’t do. STUPID, Way stupid.

So if you think you know, think again. Someone will always be smarter, wiser, more educated, more humble, kinder, more brilliant, more loving than you. So you think you know, think again. What are you doing to defend and stand for America? Nice car in your drive way, nice home, and of course a nice bank account, but the imperial king wants your money… taxation!

Remember!   Freedom is at stake and the Truth shall set us free.

I’d like to thank Diana Silva Rodriguez for simply saying what many of us are already thinking. My favorite thing to do with The D.C. Clothesline, is to turn things over to our readers. I, like most people, am quite sick of listening to politicians and journalists who try to tell me how to think. I think we learn more from listening to each other. Thank You so much Diana, and thank you to your daughter Andrea for sending this to me. If we all thought a little more like Diana and Andrea, the country would have never been allowed to get to this point. Unfortunately we are here and we have to fight to fix it. If you want to put your opinions out there, send them to me at dean.gar[email protected] Everyone deserves to be heard. -Dean Garrison

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