Resistance Is Not Futile

[2013: Year of the Revolution]

20 February 2013

“Unit” [The 5th Column], Author

i2Every day for years now I have sat by and wondered what the hell has happened to this country.  Growing up in the 70’s seems to me to be the last time there were any family values, any morals, God in our lives, and any personal responsibility.  I remember growing up in a small neighborhood in Scullville, NJ.  Everybody knew everybody, your parents disciplined you with spankings and punishments, and your neighbors could do the same if they witnessed you doing something wrong.  All kids were expected to stay out of the house on days it wasn’t raining.  After school, I would do my homework and then go outside until I hear my momma yelling out the door that it was supper-time.  And I had better be there within a few minutes or I would be punished.  My parents never beat me, and neither did other parents to their children, but all kids feared the spanking or the loss of toys and privileges.  We were all educated with our address and phone number, and armed with the knowledge that if someone approached you that you didn’t know, no matter who they said they were or who they knew, you didn’t go with them and made as much noise as possible calling for help while running to one of the neighbors’ houses.  As kids grew older they knew that if they were stupid enough to say something mean or racist to someone, there would probably be a fight and you knew that win or lose, you were responsible enough to face the consequences of the fight and take your licks.  Afterwards, everything would usually be ok between you and your combatant, and the fight would usually be followed by the shaking of hands and a better understanding of each other.  Sometimes this led to a lifetime friendship and a better understanding that regardless of race or religious beliefs, we were all children of God and fellow Americans.

Then came the 80’s, the time when “Political Correctness” reared its ugly head.  People began settling disputes with frivolous lawsuits because their feelings were hurt.  “Hate Crime” legislation became the law of the land and it wasn’t long before it was broadened to include verbal insults.  I still remember that moment of amazement that filled me when I heard that the lawsuit against McDonald’s by a woman who had spilled hot coffee in her lap had been ruled in favor of the “victim” because McDonald’s did not label the coffee cup as “Contents may be hot.”  I knew the country I loved had taken a turn for the worse.

I remember the Cold War against the most Communist nation in the world.  Kids these days aren’t even taught in most places the extent of Russia’s evil.  I have had to educate quite a few student victims of the liberal teachings in school who swore up and down that socialism isn’t really communism.  One student I ran into actually had the audacity to say that socialism was far from communism.  Of course, I urged him to read “The Communist Manifesto” and told him if he i3was right then why was Russia called the USSR [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics],” until sometime during the Reagan years?  This kid had no idea that Russia, the most communist nation in the world, was called the USSR at one time.  I could only shake my head in disbelief at how the education system in this country was failing kids everywhere.

During the Cold War, I remember having nuclear drills in school where we would hide under our desks with our hands over our heads.  We had Global Cooling back then and we were under fear, because of the media, that we were heading into a “mini ice-age.”  Now we are facing Global Warming, but this time it is our fault… America’s fault.  The sheep that have been bred by the progressive institution from our schools all the way up to the government refuse to accept the proven facts of science that the earth naturally goes through these phases alternately as a natural process.  Truth be damned, because it doesn’t fit into the communist agenda of brainwashing Americans.

In the 90’s and into the 21st century I whole-heartedly supported our military role in Kuwait, then in Iraq, and finally in Afghanistan.  Today, I realize I was wrong.  Why?  Because the past few years I have truly educated myself on the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers,  I understand why these documents were written and why they are supposed to be held sacred to Americans regardless of race or creed.  I have realized that these foreign wars were not constitutional in any way, regardless of the support of Congress.  Our military was never intended to be the “World Police Department.”  It still amazes me that we aid these countries that do nothing for us, and when we give them freedom they either fall in on themselves or they become corrupt and become as bad, if not worse, then they were before we showed up.  We continued to be the most charitable nation on earth, being the first to respond and the most generous with money and resources wherever disaster struck, and yet when disaster strikes our country, nobody else helps.

I began to review the things I supported once upon a time and realized that I had been like so many others: accepting a slight reduction in my rights for the betterment of the nation.  I was becoming one of the sheep in the Federal flock like millions of others.  My first realization to this fact came when I really started looking into the Patriot Act.  The more I read and the more I witnessed over the years since its inception, the more I understood that it was allowing more than just a little freedom being taken from us.  And of course, it gave birth to a government agency, the Department of Homeland Security, that would not be devoting it’s time, money, and resources to defeating the terrorism we all were told it would but would be used against the American people by the Communist elite working behind the scenes of the government.  The DHS is in all reality the “brown shirt thugs” that Adolf Hitler used to rise to power, paving the way for Nationalism and the Nazi Party that sought to bring Communism to every corner of the world.  Of course, the TSA was another organization that suddenly had broader powers against American citizens at airports, not the enemies we knew wanted to kill us.  Even Senator Edward Kennedy fell onto their “no-fly” list for a time.  This shows us all something that history has taught us time and again.  Evil does not discriminate.  Just as Hitler had all of the “brown shirts” executed once he was in power because he could not trust them, so then will those Communist elites in power here turn on each other.

I always believed America could never be a country that could fall to Communism, could be tricked into believing that giving up a little bit of our rights for the sake of safety could grow out of proportion to its original intent.  How wrong I was and I am glad that I had finally awoken to the reality of it all.  Too many people use the argument “It can never happen in America” and I was one of them.  And yet, here we are in a quagmire of corruption and agendas that lead to one goal:  the enslavement of America, the stripping of our Freedoms, and the institution of complete and undeniable Communism.

The naked truth is we are now at a crossroads.  We can decide to stand up and fight, or have our Republic fade away just as Rome did.  If you ask most Americans what kind of government we have, they will say a Democracy.  And that is what is taught in schools, however a Democracy is a form of government where the majority rules the minority, and that is not what the Founding Fathers intended.  They specifically made it a point, in no uncertain terms, that for this nation to truly be the “Land of the Free”, prosperous, and sustainable it was to be a Republic founded on certain inalienable Rights granted by our Creator.  Rights that could not be taken away, for to allow such to be done would be the demise of us all.

I’ve thought long and hard about the term “Creator.”  Why did our Founding Fathers use such a term?  Why not Christ?  The reason should be as plain as the nose on your face.  They knew that the people of the colonies were from many countries with many different beliefs.  Many came to America to flee religious persecution.  The term “Creator” was used because they knew that not everyone was Christian.  There would be many different groups i4immigrating here and they wanted everyone to be permitted to worship as they pleased regardless of the specific name of their Creator.  So they were accepting of this fact.  But they also knew that when government is run by a specific religion, the Republic would turn to a tyranny and other religions would be persecuted.  Thus, the reason for separation of Church and State, which only means that the government cannot establish or endorse one religion over another.  Look at a country like Iran.  They have a President but his decisions are made by the religious elite over him, the religious elite who truly run the country.  If you have any doubt as to whether a country like Iran, who hates all religions that are not theirs and perform suicide bombings even with their children, once achieving weapons-grade nuclear capability would actually launch a nuclear strike against America, a country they despise quite openly and publicly, then you are fooling yourself.  The entire country of Iran would do so knowing that America would retaliate in kind, happy to die for their religion knowing they took out millions of Americans who do not believe as they do.  It would be their badge of honor.

So many things have happened over five or six decades to destroy, step by step, this great Republic.  And every one of us is guilty of letting it happen.  A big reason for this is not educating ourselves thoroughly because no matter what bad things happened we as Americans felt everything would turn out “OK” because “We are Americans.”  Another reason is because we have gotten locked into a two-party system of government and we became comfortable with it thinking there wasn’t any other way to go.  And both the Republicans and the Democrats want it to stay this way.  Don’t full yourself; for the most part they are both the enemy.  When I realized this, I became a Constitutionalist.  If any party in government expects to be taken seriously, to be believed, it needs to stick to its principles, not compromise.  There is no compromise in the Constitution; it is what it is and must be upheld and respected.  That is why when any government official is sworn into office, he or she must swear to defend, protect, and uphold the Constitution.  Neither party ever does this 100%, and that is treason.

So many things have happened to whittle away this country to a shadow of its former self.  What administration can you honestly say balanced the budget?  None that I can think of at the moment.  I know that many administrations claimed to have balanced the budget, but if you look closely, they only made us believe it was balanced through smoke and mirror tricks, legal loop-holes and such.  Because we have allowed so many lawyers into various positions of office, we have finally come to the point of financial collapse.  These lawyers pride themselves in finding loop-holes in the law, not in finding real solutions.  And we let them do it.  Nobody seems to think of the long-term financial health of this country, rather being content with short-term “feel-good solutions” that guarantee they get re-elected.  We have a tax code that is so enormous that I doubt there is a lawyer on the planet that can be considered an actual expert on it.  The financial crisis that has been decades in the making, in my opinion, can be attributed to two things: the IRS and the Federal Reserve.  The IRS was an agency that was put together to fund the war effort overseas during WWII.  It was supposed to be abolished once the war was over.  But guess what?  It wasn’t because the greedy politicians saw how much money was coming in that they could use to fund their various agendas.  The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional agency because it is actually a central bank.  It has no ties to the Federal government and answers to no one.  It is above the law and it determines the fate of our nation’s economy through inflation and deflation.  Even Alan Greenspan admitted that the Federal Reserve is a private bank and doesn’t even answer to the President.  When $9 trillion disappeared from the Federal Reserve after the bailouts, they could not account for it.  Years later all they can say is it’s under investigation.  My opinion is they know exactly where it went but to reveal it would incriminate too many people in power and show the American public just how corrupt our government has become.  The Constitution specifically disallows a central bank for our nation for this very reason, and we would be much better off if we were back on the gold standard.  EVERY American would be better off financially if we went back to the gold standard, for the dollar would be worth more, and if the IRS was dismantled and a  flat tax rate was established, then everyone would pay their fair share and you would see this nation go from a welfare state to a prosperous nation.  Industry would come back to America and we would no longer be reliant on foreign goods and resources.

Welfare…  I believe that Americans will sometimes fall on hard times.  It happens.  But to allow people to stay on welfare indefinitely is absolutely outrageous.  People who work hard to provide for their families have to shoulder the burden for those who don’t… or won’t.  How many times have we read or heard about people on welfare having more children so they can get more welfare?  How many times have we seen people using food stamps to buy cigarettes or other goods they weren’t intended for in the first place?  It happens all the time and you know why nobody in the government addresses it?  Three reasons:  Political Correctness, guaranteed votes, and keeping a large portion of the population feeling entitled to it, feeling that the government is there to take care of them.  This is not the government’s purpose.  Its function is to defend the country, keep the budget balanced, and stay out of Americans’ lives so we can use our “can do” attitude and prosper as much as we want.  Instead, you have the Republicans defending the large corporations that fund them, and the Democrats keeping the less fortunate believing the corporations make too much money and they are entitled to some of it for doing nothing.  The Republicans and the Democrats both use class warfare to keep Americans under their heels, to keep us all divided and fighting amongst each other to keep us distracted from the real problem… THEM.I cannot possible list all of the laws that have been passed and Executive Orders that have been issued that have whittled away our rights.  The list is almost endless.  Understand, this is not all President Obama’s doing for it has been happening for decades.  It just happens that President Obama was the scapegoat the Communists behind the scenes needed in office, the perfect puppet to further the final steps of their evil agenda, and a socialist to boot.  I tried to educate people within my union about him before he won the nomination for his first Presidential run.  He said on the “Charlie Rose Show” that “the Constitution is a hindrance to what I can do.”  That is all I needed to here to know he was a socialist.

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Being a union pipefitter, I was the “black sheep” at my local union hall for daring to speak out against the Democratic candidate the unions were putting their weight behind.  But it wasn’t long after he was elected for his first term that even my fellow union brothers and sisters were complaining about him and admitting that I was probably right.  Today, more and more often in political conversation on the jobs, my brothers and sisters in the unions are agreeing that we need to go back to a constitutional government and regain our Republic.  But still, too many Americans follow the polls during election cycles, and those that would like to see an Independent in office will vote for the lesser of two evils in the two-party system, voting on who the polls are saying has the best chance of beating the candidate they don’t like.  This was never the intention of our Founding Fathers.  When they designed the voting system they expected Americans to vote for the candidate that they truly believed in, the candidate that truly represented the Constitution in words and actions.  Too many Americans have forgotten that it hasn’t always been the Republicans and the Democrats.  In the early years of our Republic, there were six parties.  Our first President, George Washington, was an Independent.  Before he was President, Americans wanted him to be King however, in his wisdom, he dismissed the idea because it would have defeated the purpose of freeing Americans from the King of England.  An Independent.  Imagine that.  Our second President, John Adams, was a Federalist.  Our third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy  Adams were Democratic-Republicans.  Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and John Tyler were Whigs, as were Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore a bit later.  The first Democratic President was James K. Polk and the first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln.  We had a variety of political parties to choose from that all seemingly had an equal chance at election.

It wasn’t until 1853 with President Franklin Pierce, that the Democratic Party took hold, and in 1861 the Republican Party took hold with Abraham Lincoln.  Since then, never was any party but the Republicans and Democrats to hold the office of President of these United States.  It is time, if any American has the gumption to make a change, to stick to our morals and values and get the Republicans and Democrats out of office.  We have nothing to lose by giving a different party, one which will lead and not rule like the Republicans and Democrats believe their positions entail, lead us back to a constitutional Republic.  If you don’t want more of the same, every American has to vote for a third party, regardless of what the polls say.  This can be a short road to success if we all unite together and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” or it can be a long road worth traveling if it means that every election, a few thousand more Patriots vote third party than in the previous election.  If it is a long road, then eventually we will triumph as other Americans see in their beloved polls with each new election cycle that the third party keeps getting closer and closer to actually winning.  If polls are what drives Americans to vote one way or another at the last minute, then we need to give those indecisive Americans something to notice in the polls at every election, whether it is local or national.

Right now, President Obama has made it illegal to protest within ear-shot of anyone he has afforded Secret Service protection to and this is in direct violation of our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

This is a direct attack on the American Patriots who dare speak against the unconstitutional acts President Obama and his administration are enacting in order to silence the opposition… the Constitutional opposition.  Because of our beliefs in the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the land, we are labeled “Domestic Terrorists” and are put on “watch lists” by various agencies and are made to suffer indignities and labels by the government-controlled media and the brain-washed masses.  Furthermore, because those behind the scenes do not want their agenda, which is so close to completion, to be thwarted in any way by my fellow Patriots and I, they attack the Second Amendment, the only Amendment that states quite clearly “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”  They operate under the Raum Emanuel socialist playbook, “Never waste a good crisis.”

They know that at this juncture, millions of Constitutional Patriots have had enough and are calling them out.  They know we are “ALL IN” and are ready to rise up in arms against them if they continue down this treacherous and treasonous path.  And they are afraid and should be.  That is why they are giving such broad authority to the Department of Homeland Security to gear up for a war against the American People.  That is why they are giving Obama the ability to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner against Americans who have not been proven guilty in an American court of law.  That is why DHS has been working with the Army and Law Enforcement in various American cities doing training exercises for “quelling civil unrest” which is really just rapidly deploying stormtroopers to round up Americans that dare defend the Constitution.  That is why they are taking advantage of a mass shooting in order to establish such Orwellian gun laws that will lead to the confiscation of every American’s firearms.  And that is why they are working with the United Nations to disarm America and establish a “One World Government.”

Make no mistake, Patriots, we are at the verge of the next Revolutionary War.  We won the first and established a Republic that was the envy of the world.  The South fought the second Revolutionary War, trying to retain States’ Rights against a government trying to force an unconstitutional agenda upon them, and now we are preparing for the third.  This is a time when we must, for the sake of our God-given Rights, our families, our Constitution, our Freedoms, and our Country that we must fight to re-establish our Republic and a Constitutional government.  A Republic that will prosper again, a Republic where “MADE IN THE USA” will again be a badge of honor and pride, a Republic that will hold family values, God by whatever name you choose, or not, racial and gender equality, and the Constitution as sacred again.  We will have a Republic that the Founding Fathers would smile upon should they look down upon us, a Republic where hard-working Americans with great ideas can prosper again and become as wealthy as they work hard to become without the government standing in the way.  And when Americans prosper, so will our great Republic.

I have thought long and hard on this for some time now.  Many call for filling out petition after petition, writing countless letters, and making many phone calls to politicians.  Also, it has been encouraged that we set forth demands and prosecute those who have been unconstitutional while in office.  It has been said that we should set forth demands and impeach those in office guilty of treason.  As nice as this all sounds, and I support it for one reason.  It shows that we are serious about getting our country back and it shows that we tried the peaceful approach.  However, you must remember that it is both parties at fault and both parties have put people into place to further their agendas, including the Supreme Court.  If we were successful in actually getting any of these charges heard in the Supreme Court, do you truly believe any of the Justices would prosecute the offenders?  They may vote to impeach, but as you know people who are impeached never see jail time and usually serve out their time in office.  Pursuing prosecution is a peaceful gesture and a sign that Americans are truly fed up, however, the reality of our situation is this:  We, the American Patriots, will be forced to rise up and bear arms against those seeking to enslave us.  It is inevitable.  And do not believe for a moment that we will be able to rely on the military and law enforcement to keep their oaths to protect the Constitution and side with us.  Although we can rely on the Sheriff’s Association, we cannot rely on everyone in the Fraternal Order of Police because the FOP has constantly supported the Democrats agenda of gun control, even recently after the Newtown, CT shooting.  We can rely on the Oathkeepers, for they formed the organization for all veterans, active-duty military, active-duty and retired law enforcement, and American Patriots to fight alongside us if it came down to it.  But there are those in the military who will blindly follow orders, unconstitutional or not, because they look as the oath as “ceremony” when entering the service.  We must be careful of who we trust.

In closing, I say I am an American Patriot.  Being a Patriot is more than just hitting “LIKE” and “SHARE” on Facebook.  It is more than going to rallies and filling out petitions and going to town hall meetings.  It is more than flag-waving and saying “This isn’t right.  Things need to change.”  To truly be a Patriot, you MUST embrace the Constitution, you must believe in it with all your heart, and you must be willing to defend it in any way we are destined.  You must NOT give up your firearms for it is your Right to own them and bear them.  I will fight for God, Family, the Constitution, Freedom, and my Country.  I will die fighting a tyrannical government if need be.  I will not waver in the face of the enemy, I will not bow before a tyrant, and I will remain ever vigilant in defending the Constitution and restoring our Republic.  My question to my fellow American Patriots is this:  Are you willing to fight and die for the very Republic, with all the Freedoms that go with our Constitution, that our Founding Fathers and a small group of oppressed colonists fought to build?  Or would you rather kneel down and say “Well, I tried.  Things are just the way they are and I have to live with it.”?  Personally, and I mean this with all my heart, I am driven to this cause because I have a 5 year old daughter who is everything to me, and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking of her growing up in a Communist nation that does not allow her the freedom to do and be what she wants in life.  For her sake, I would rather die on my feet fighting for what we all know is right i5and just, then to live on my knees wondering what could have been if I had just fought.  Would I have made a difference?  If it comes down to it, I know I may die as will many American Patriots, but the enemy will know I was there.  And most importantly, my daughter, my brightest shining star, will know I died for her and her future, for the Republic I love, the Republic that will afford her every opportunity granted to us by our Creator, so that she and everyone else may prosper and pursue happiness.  Molon Labe!

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