I was born that way.  And raised that way, too.

I am beholden to no political party, Parish, President, Parliament, or philosophy.

I am beholden to no country, County, Constitution, Congress, or Church created by man.

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If I submit to any law or government, it is with hands crossed in front of me, and head bowed in humility and respect.  This is a free will choice.  We all need to agree to get along.

If the laws of a particular political system are agreeable to me, I will live within that system.  But I am not ruled by it.  Far from it.  I agree to obey such a system as long as its laws remain just.  And the system itself remains just.  I will not violate those laws, if they are based in truth and justice.  It is impossible for me to do so anyway.  Because I act out of faith and respect for my peers.

But I am in no way obligated to any society or system of government.  I was not born as a part of it.  I was born alone, into a family of free thinkers.  I chose to join the current system of things.  I do not exist just to serve it.  It exists only as a convenience for me.

I do not submit to any authority on bowed knees.  I do not acknowledge any system that tramples in any way on my rights as a free person.  If the system is unjust, I will by default be a law-breaker.  Because I act out of faith and respect for my peers.

I am a Nation unto myself.  And my Country, my Kingdom, encompasses a space of eight feet all around me.  That is my territory.  If you are another free prince or princess, you can cross the borders into my territory with impunity, without fear of any harm.  You are welcome here.  All free thinkers are.

All my life, I have been fighting those who do not acknowledge what I was born to be.  You know the type.  They want you to be just like them.  To “fit in.”  They do not understand why I have no desire to be just like them.

Look at them.  They are all exactly the same.  Who wants to be a part of the Borg?  Who cares who is starring in Kim Kardashian’s last amateur porn video, or what she puts in her mouth?  Who cares what Honey Boo Boo likes to eat?

That is all diversions, pacifiers for those still in their intellectual infancy.  Put there to keep them busy.  Promoted secretly, for that very purpose.  Keep them busy.  Do not let them start to think.  They cannot even handle the milk.  Do not present them with anything of substance.  Do not stimulate their intellects.  Keep them occupied, while you work behind the scenes to finalize their final intellectual enslavement.  You win all of their minds, and you will own their willing bodies.

They try to talk you into believing and acting the way they do.  You can see it in their eyes, how they darken and glaze over when they are being totally possessed by their beliefs.  It is in the eyes.  And the tight, thin smiles.  It looks like something right out of friggin’ Supernatural.  I guess that is where the writers got it from.

Intellectual zombies.  The living dead.  Jesus mentioned them.  They do not have a single thought of their very own.  Collectively, they are worth less than the sum of their parts.  Collectively, their disappointing and unattractive sameness diminishes what they could have been, what they were born to be.  The collective simply sucks.  There is no other way to describe it.  They are Communists, or Socialists, it does not matter, it is all the same.  And they are owned lock, stock and barrel by their government.  They are slave mentalities, mere wooden-headed puppet bodies, which are easily manipulated by the master mentalities who control all the strings. 

The funniest part of it all  is that they do not even know they are being played constantly.  They cannot see it.  They no longer have any thoughts of their own.  They are products of their society, of fifty years and two generations of teachers trained in the arts of liberalism.  There are no critical thinking skills even possible in their heads.  Own their minds, and you possess their bodies.

No thank you, I will stay a free prince, secure in my own temple, the master of my own intellectual domain.

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I choose to fraternize with other free princes and princesses.  There, you will find synergy.  Collectively, we are far, far stronger than our individual members are alone.

The Borg does not stand a chance.  And their master mentalities know this.  That is why they hate ones such as me so, and do everything in their power to destroy us.

The Liberal Borg considers us to be a danger.  They always have.  They have for centuries.

Because we do not buy in.

They poke fun at the preppers on TV.  They say that the preppers are all selfish.  The preppers should be trying to help find a solution for all the people.  They should not be withdrawing.  They are not being good citizens.  This prepper selfishness is a mental aberration. 

What all that means is, just give it all up, and be just like them. Be another mindless, soulless intellectually-bereft zombie, totally under the control of those in the government who insist on doing all of your thinking for you.

Why should any prepper feel any responsibility for the lives and well-being of those who are too stupid to live?  How is it that the preppers’ being smart enough to prepare for all possibilities is misconstrued to be selfish?  Is not the prepper providing the inspiration, the symbolism, the example for others of wisdom to follow? How is it the preppers’ faults that those around them have no eyes to see, nor ears to hear, are deaf, blind, and dumb?

I personally am not a prepper, but I respect it.  I can live without running water and electricity for years on end.  The hardest part comes down to preserving your food.  Everything else, you can adjust to pretty quickly.  If you don’t mind working a little.  You are just back in 1890, that is all.  They lived back then, didn’t they?


By the place and circumstances of my birth, I was already one.  I have always known this.  Even before I even knew what an anarchist was.

“Does this mean you will rise up against the government?” 

No.  The governments of the world have no hold on me.  They are inconsequential and irrelevant.

“Does this mean you will do violence to others in order to promote some anarchistic ends?”

No.  I am a free prince.  I desire others to be so also.  Violence is an attempt at coercion, against the will of the one’s being coerced.  It is oppression.  Free peoples oppress no one.

“So what do you mean, you are an anarchist?”

I truly am a citizen of no government.  There is no temporal authority over me.  I will do what I do no matter when I was born, or where I was born, or where I live, or what the government around me is like, or who runs it.  I act on faith and respect alone. 

The law has no authority over me.  It is a guideline for those who lack faith and respect.  Those who violate just laws are convicted by those same laws.  I am beyond all of that.

For me, there is no actual government beyond myself, and no law, as I simply do not disobey the laws of my chosen country, or its government.  It is not in response to or because of the law and the government that I do this, it is in spite of the law and the government.  To me, the laws of the land and the government are both simply non-issues.  Show me the law, and if it is just, I will submit to it.  That yoke is light, and easily carried.

Change the laws, change the government, make them unjust and oppressive, it is of no consequence to me.  I will do no differently.   And then, by definition, I have been legislated into being a law-breaker.  Come against me, and I promise, I will fight back.  Not for myself.  I am beyond all of that.  But for my fellow free princes and princes.  I owe them the symbolism of that.

I have not shot a gun since about 2004, but back then, with one of my last shots, I killed a woodcock running in the brush at over sixty-five yards with my Ruger Blackhawk .22 Magnum.  The last squirrel I shot with my .22 long rifle target gun, maybe thirty years ago, I shot in the eye at 105 yards.  Not bad.  So I guess I can still do some damage, no matter how rusty I am.

All I have ever asked of the world is just to be left alone.  But the world cannot do that.

The world has to constantly fuck with you.  It cannot help itself.  Those who want only to be left alone by others are cultural aberrants.  Loners.  “There is something wrong with him,” they say to one another.  The world cannot understand free people, or freedom itself, or the individual.  Such concepts are, today, beyond the mindset of the liberal Borg.  They call it “the cult of the individual”, as if that was bad or something.

The world has been the slave of the master mentality types for so long, that it thinks this slavery is the normal state of being.  Humanity’s normal state, its best and highest calling.  They have never seen anything else.  The takeover of the minds and bodies of the populace is nearing completion.  They willingly buy in.

They cannot understand why I do not.  Will not.  Cannot.

I hold no rancor against the world.  It is beneath my station as a free prince to do so.  I do not even consider it.  I am magnanimous in my goodwill toward others.  No matter how thick the scales over their eyes are.  No matter how deluded or misanthropic they are.  They know not what they do.

There is a precedent for that.

There may be millions, perhaps even more than hundreds of millions, of people like me in the world. We know each other when we meet.  It is in the eyes.  And the smiles.

We also all recognize the mindless minions of the Liberal Borg.  A thrall always acts like a thrall.  A thrall always dies a thrall.  Becomes dust and bones.

They are legion.  And they are all united against us.  We free people stand tall, like trees, and bear witness against their crawling, pervasive evil.  The gathering storms will someday pass, all dust will be washed away, and we will still be standing right here.  Rooted in our land.

The freedom inherent in being born a free prince can never be taken away by any means, can never die.  But, it can be given away willingly as a gift, as a sacrifice.  If it is the right thing to do.  Otherwise, it was wasted on the undeserving, the uncomprehending.

By the fact of my very existence, I am the greatest single danger to any and all governments in this world.  I and my kind have presented this danger ever since man first started animal husbandry and agriculture.  I need to be stopped at any cost.  This has been true for millennia.  I alone, just by my single, non-conforming example, could start the tables turning against the all-pervasive liberal Borg.  They have long known this.  They have long fought against ones like me.  All of the free thinkers who preceded me.

If, someday, there is only one person like me who still exists anywhere in the world, everything the Communists have been working for is still threatened, is not secured.  We are that dangerous to them.

Imagine their fear of hundreds of millions like me.

And fear it is.  There is no other answer for it.  The vehemence of their attacks attests to it.  Their desperate measures taken in controlling the media, their rabid organizing on a societal level, their constant futile attempts at justifying their actions, their deep-rooted need to use the rule of law against me and my kind, shows just how much they fear us, fear me.  They understand that, of an instant, we could destroy all of them.  They exist only through our largesse, only via our belief that everyone has until the last instant to see the error of their ways, and to then repent from their wrong-doing.

They try to mask their fear behind contempt and rancor.  They point the finger and say, “Aha!  Aha!” but to no avail.  I am unmoved.  They do not pierce me.  They cannot touch me.  They are as dust, soon to be blown away in the coming storm.  This, even they know and fear.  But they do not turn their hearts and minds to right action.

They know just how dangerous, how radical my very presence in their well-planned out and completely controlled society can be.


There is no government outside of me.

There is no law outside of me.

My very spirit cannot be touched, cannot be stilled, cannot be silenced, cannot be snuffed out. 

I stand alone, a castle unbreached.  They can kill me, they can throw me into prison forever, they can waterboard me, bankrupt me, discredit me, throw me in a mental institution, drug me, break my bones, kill everyone I know, or hang me on a tree.

I will still stand untouched.  My soul is secure.  I am still the master, secure in my kingdom of one.  I still grasp my inheritance.  Walls and bars, a prison do not make.  My spirit shall fly.

All they can take from me is my property, my dignity, my life, my liberty, and my pursuit of happiness.

They cannot touch my kingdom.

They cannot kill my soul.

They cannot snuff out my example.

Another will rise in my place.  This, I promise, will go on forever.

I am a respecter of neither person nor position.  Not of those who turn away.  Not of those who cannot bring themselves to even look at you.  Not of those who snub you.  I respect only other free princes and princesses.  The ones who will look me in the eye.  The ones who will smile back, and say “Hi!”  The ones who, when you meet them, you feel like you have known forever.  My peers.  My equals.  My fellow anarchists.

The mindless puppets and their masters cannot touch me.  They never could.  Not the real me.  And I will resist them until the day I die.  Even if I am the last anarchist left standing.  Call me a retrograde, call me a resister, a Patriot, a cave man, a primitive, a tin hat.  It makes no difference to me.  If it comes to pass that, someday, I am the last free man still standing, that is enough for me. 

I stand at the feet of and in the shadow God, and in fellowship with other free people.  You cannot comprehend my personal relationship with God.  Unless you, too, are living it.  Then, it is the same relationship.




Gary W. Harper

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