cliboThe White House is claiming that Barack Obama was in contact with his national security advisers during the Benghazi  terrorist attack and called Hillary Clinton at about 10:00 PM to “get an update on the situation.” That was six hours after the attack began.

We already know from the testimony of Leon Panetta that after his initial pre-scheduled meeting with the Dear Leader that he was not in contact with him again during the attack. We also know that Hillary Clinton never bothered to call to get an update on the attack. In fact nobody seems to know where Barack Obama was during the attack.

So the White House is claiming that Barack Obama was in contact with his advisers even though he was AWOL during the attack, but that leaves me with one question: If Barack Obama was in contact and receiving updates from his advisers why did he have to call Hillary Clinton for an update when she was also AWOL during the attack?

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It turns out that 10:00 PM was right around the time that Hillary Clinton first floated the lie about the attack being over a You Tube video. Is this just an astounding coincidence, or were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton finalizing their cover story?

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