Why the Republic needs Capitalism, Greed, Immoral Assholes, Innovative Nerds and Geeks, and other people you hate or are jealous of.

What is this devilish thing you say Sir? Capitalists are greedy pigs! All they want is your money! Corporations are not people! They care nothing about the people all they want is profit!

Yes, Yes, Yes and NO!  People = Profit = Do not piss people off = Make people want to buy your product. A breach of public trust and confidence kills your business. Keeping your head low means that you can keep your profits high. Go Ask Sony about the PSN hacks or Darden Restaurants about an Olive Garden in Florida serving liquor to toddlers twice.

Capitalism – An Economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the creation of goods or services for profit; where prices and the distribution of goods are determined mainly by competition in the free market.

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Competitive markets fuel innovation, innovation means you have an X-Box, Shampoo, comb, shoes, socks, the monitor you are reading this with and everything you own. Congratulations! Did you sell out or buy in?

If you’re still reading then by all means lets continue. There once was this man, A great man. A man I sometimes disagreed with but there were times when he would throw me this “gotcha” moment where I was stunned and marveled at how he came to these conclusions with such brilliance. His name was George Dennis Patrick Carlin and he will be deeply missed.

George was a very intelligent man. He made you laugh but more importantly he made you think. So I am going to build on top of some of the things this great man once said. Before I do so, I want you to ask yourself this question. Why? After more than two-hundred and thirty (230) years capitalism has started to fail us?  What changed?  When did companies become these greedy self-serving ass-hats?

Honestly? Businesses always have been self-serving ass-hats. I would stake my life on the fact that in 1612 when my ancestors were hammering out copper wares, they were selling them for as high as they could.  We were not setup to fail (mostly but that’s another and totally unrelated story) as a country. The founding fathers got it right with the Freedom of Choice, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness bit. What changed then? Our choices changed.

“They say Freedom of choice – You’re given an illusion of choice. Americans are meant to feel free by the exercise of meaningless choices. You know what the choices are in this country? Paper or Plastic, Isle or Window, Smoking or non-smoking, those are your real choices. “

“Two political parties (essentially two), Big media companies? Five? Six? Oil Companies? Down to three now. Big Banks and Brokerage houses? All the things that are important reduced in choice. Newspapers in a city; it used to be three or four? Now it’s down to one or two. They are owned by the same people and they also seem to own the radio and TV station.”

“But! Jelly beans? Thousands of Flavors! let’s not forget Ice cream! or Coke or Pepsi. All things that do not matter.”

Everyone mixes up Capitalism for the real culprit. Businesses are now and have always done exactly what they are doing. The “evil” CEO is not a new story. It’s as old as mans history. Somewhere back in time someone had fire and someone didn’t. There was either a trade for fire or there was a war for it or someone bigger came along and said share, form a merger, give him something for it, or kill each other, I do not care just be quiet!.

So, Democracy, Capitalism, Socialism, Anarchy and Warfare are possibly the oldest of human principles right next to the need to procreate. Even the hardcore Baptist bible thump-er extraordinaire can get behind the idea of the serpent was the evil CEO trying to get Eve to buy into his product. Maybe that’s one infomercial she shouldn’t have bought into? LOL. For the low low price of eternity, this limited time offer can be yours but due to the demand of this product we can offer it only to the next caller! Operators are standing by!

Jokes aside the greedy asshole corporations are not to blame. The politicians who sell out their convictions to the highest bidder and then right alongside them, our liberties and the choices that actually matter. Its politicians who believe that Socialism and a socially subsidized society are the way to an American future. It’s this belief and view that what Washington does is okay. But what Wall Street does is not. Wall Street will take care of us. Why? Because when Wall Street makes money we do. More money in their pockets means more in mine and more in yours. Wall Street needs joe middle class to make money. Because when Joe has money. Joe buys things. Joe buys things, means Jeff has an increase in his stock. Jeff’s stock increase makes Jeff very happy. A happy Jeff expands his business and hires more people. and wait… shit. Where is the politics in that at work?  Then Donny Duck face politician comes in and tells Jeff he can’t expand because its hurting Susan’s business.

Jeff sells broken shells and rock, Susan sells whole shells. Susan cant find any whole shells because Jeff and his company is breaking all the whole ones into pieces for drive ways and roads. Susan just wants to decorate some lamps and furniture but doesn’t have the same large scale work force. Jeff is eventually put out of business because more than half his plausible inventory was taken from him by Federal Regulations. On the plus side? Decorative shell lamps are super cheap because demand is very very low.

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When Wall Street wins: Our gas is cheap, I can watch a movie for $6.00 instead of $16.00, and I can buy a loaf of bread for $1.35 instead of $2.87. Washington isn’t handling our affairs properly anymore. They have botched the job and are so lost they could sooner walk to the moon and back than come to a decision that is anything but kicking the can down the road.

This isn’t the 1960’s and the Commi’s are not after us. It shouldn’t take a sputnik to get your asses in gear. This is America. This is not China. Where the hell are my real choices?

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