pacFirst of all I would like to let Dean know his blog, posts, and service to our country are greatly appreciated by this 61-year-old father of 3, grandfather of 7 , American patriot,and gun owner. Those of us who frequent the D.C. Clothesline,  get a few minutes of hope knowing there are like-minded Americans wanting to rid our Country of this blight called the “Obama Administration.” There have been uncountable posts from a variety of Patriots containing facts, ideas, complaints that make us all more determined to hang on to our Liberties. What is missing is a solution. Dean has thrown down the gauntlet so to speak in an earlier post offering a medium or conduit for putting words and ideas into action. LET’S TAKE HIM UP ON IT!.  We can post our anger and frustration until this country collapses, but without action, it’s not going to have any positive effect.  I certainly don’t have the answers but…I do have some action items that may start the ball rolling. Below is a list off the top of my shiny, shaved bald head that I think with some organization, money, blood, sweat and tears may start drawing some attention and support. The national debt is too great to ever be balanced and our grandchildren’s tax liability has already been spent. I need to do something…help me!

1. Form a PAC , LLC, or some type of organization with officers, trustees, accountant, committees and Constitutional legal council. Get the best IT support. Pick up where Andrew Breitbart left off. There may be those like-minded willing to do Pro Bono work. It needs to be structured to protect individual assets. I know there are thousands of organizations out there, but they are not willing or able to do the tough stuff.  Recruit MEMBERS WILLING TO SERVE AND CONTRIBUTE $$$.


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1. Go after the media. Start a national effort to hit them in the wallet. Boycott their sponsors. Post anchor‘s addresses. Flood newspapers with editorials…Call them out! Make every effort to get some face time on your own local station. It is possible in rural areas.

2. Congress…what a mafia scheme. The Founding Fathers never intended them to rule us…just represent us.  There are a few Congressmen like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz that may help. They are part-time employees and their pay needs to be cut. They need to provide their own “Obamacare.”  We need a couple million person march in Washington on the Capitol steps warning them that the next march will be on their individual door steps. I’m not blowing smoke here. After some organization and publicity, a permit would need to be obtained and all legal procedures followed. Breaking any laws will destroy credibility. That time may come but only in defense..I hope. This seems to me an impossible task but we have to find a way to change the makeup…both Democrat and Republican.

3. Advertise… takes money..a lot. Buy billboard space. Find like-minded people to donate space for billboards. Have an advertising committee approve and implement the message.

4. Educate ourselves.. Hillsdale College and several constitutional courses. Educate others.

I’m not the smartest knife in the drawer, but I do have courage, desire and love of GOD, family and country.  LET’S DO SOMETHING…even if it’s wrong. I’ve complained enough. I know there are better ideas than mine so join in. Give me some direction Dean. You have my utmost respect.  God bless you all…and God bless our country.

Richie Ferrier

Thank You Richie for submitting your thoughts. If you would like to submit your own thoughts to The D.C. Clothesline, please email me at [email protected] -Dean Garrison

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