I live in Stratford, Iowa with a population of around 700.
While my friends and family are busy with their jobs and
family I have found a lot if time on my hands lately because
this is a slow time of year for me and my wife and I have no
kids.  I have noticed that people are very worried but don’t
seem to want to talk about what is wrong with this
government.  I was playing poker in a card room in Des
Moines the other day and when it was announced over the TV
that Chavez died. There was almost a crescendo of people
speaking around the tables and someone yelled out something,
comparing Obama to Chavez.   When I listen to others talk
about it, most have the idea that there is nothing they can
do about the situation and I can tell they would never
jeopardize their life and family to try and change anything.

A good friend of mine that has a family and is financially
well-off knows what is going down and said if he didn’t have
a family he would probably join or start a revolution but
also stated at a later time that he sure isn’t going to buck
the system.   When it comes down to it,  I think people are
just too comfortable  and at the same time too busy trying
to maintain their comfort to even think of doing anything.

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Anyway, since I have time and no kids I sure would like to
get involved in some O.S.I. type of thinking.  There has to
be a way to connect with people that will get them involved.
It’s too late to infiltrate the political System and change it back to
what it was and I think the public is being brain washed by
television and the education system along with government
organizations.  I have another friend that said last year.
“Oh, we can’t have socialism.  What do you think social
security and Medicare Is?”  This man was a conservative but
got mixed up with a woman that was an admitted socialist.
She received her so-called education from Iowa University.
Even in the Midwest it gets so bad that I think it’s
inevitable.  I can’t imagine what it’s like on the coast.
Let me know if there is a way I can help or if there is
anything I can do.  Thanks for your time.

-Tom Oester

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