onebigamaSorry it’s been a while but some personal disasters have stopped my rants. You can see the name has been changed. My ramblings are now angry. It is looking more and more like this is ON. With that said…Again I will make another plea… First to ALL current, former US Military, whether you are Active, Reserve, National Guard, or a Veteran, the time has come. You recall your Oath, and notice it is NOT to the President, the Government, or the GD’d UN! It is time to honor that Oath and remember you are a US Citizen, and defender of our Nation, our way of Life, and the Constitution of this great Land!

moathAs a group, Do NOT follow unlawful orders to confiscate Legally owned firearms! Do NOT kill, arrest or harm, US citizens. Your job has ALWAYS been to defend this nation, NOT destroy it. I hope you all have the decent, common sense to realize if this goes down like they are pushing it … may be called to fire upon people who may be your own Family, friends, or the family and friends of those you serve with! PLEASE, Consider this! Do NOT go into it blindly and follow orders! YOU will have to live with the consequences of your actions for a LONG time! PLEASE! Consider any UN troops on OUR land as invaders and deal with them appropriately!  This is OUR land and we need no intervention from foreign troops who may not deal with OUR people in the manner that is just and right! It is YOUR SWORN duty to oppose this assault on OUR way of life, our rights and our Constitution. If you dissent to follow the orders and do as you are told, expect ramifications for your actions when the dust settles.

As I said before, the “I was just following orders” didn’t work for the SS and Gestapo guards in the death camps, and Massacres of WW2, and it WON’T work for YOU! Most those guys ended up dancing on the end of a rope, or persecuted for the rest of their days. Think about it CAREFULLY. I Know what I say can cause you great grief and trouble…..but you are BOUND not to follow unlawful orders, Especially ones that break you sworn Oath. But I am sure alot of your fellow squadmates and your officers will feel the same way.

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badgeLaw enforcement personnel: You will have it the worst. I believe that YOU folks will be right on the front lines of this, and will bear the brunt. How many of you are willing to follow the orders to do the deeds of this Establishment?  I am hoping, since quite a few of you have remained silent in this crisis,  you have made up your minds that this is all UNLAWFUL. The more vocal County Sheriffs have spoken their peace, we await what the rest of you will do. You have taken your own oaths, do what is right! If you have ANY idea you should realize this is against the very foundation of what this Nation is. AND if you choose to NOT follow the Unlawful orders given you, remember, There are MANY folks now, that will have your backs. I Implore you to PLEASE enforce the LEGAL LAWS of this land, not the UNLAWFUL laws that are Pouring out of our current Administration. Let the US Constitution be your guide. Do NOT arrest, confiscate or deny the rights of Law-Abiding civilians. And Continue to do your jobs with courage and honor!

Government: First of all, I am ashamed of our Federal Government. You sat on your hands and let it all come to this. Whether it be for your own gains, or you want to be part of this agenda, your shame is boundless. The BLOOD will be on YOUR hands. Every US citizen killed if you push this will be YOUR fault. WE ARE AMERICA, and you have forgotten that. WE ARE NOT THE UN! And you and your kind have sold us down the river for your own gains. You heartless jerks sit and decide any way you can to deny the rights of the American people, while you continue to act as if you are above it all….well, your time will come. Karma…..Some of you are now acting to stop the current mess, but it’s not enough. We need Government from local, to State, to Federal levels to begin to put the brakes on before this all blows up! Time for State senates and houses to make rules for THEIR STATES to preserve the Constitution. It is well over due, and this upcoming elections in many states is going to reflect this. DO YOUR JOBS for your PEOPLE, not for YOURSELVES or someone’s crackpot Agenda!!!!!! We the People WILL remember!

Supreme court: You have failed US! You had every chance in the world to stop this, and YOU sat on your hands as well. You too will share BLOOD on your HANDS, if this happens to blow up. Hope you can live with it in your Ivory towers. Hope your realize you too have shredded the very laws your were sworn to uphold. But I guess money talks and well… folks… you KNOW what walks…..

ffoPOTUS: Well, most of my heroes have been Presidents, you ARE NOT among them. Worst….. president….. ever…..YOU have destroyed my nation,  You Have sold this Nation out, You have destroyed our Economy, And you and you wife spend OUR money like it’s water, You know, you take vacations on our dime at the drop of a hat, my last “Vacation” was in 2008. Guess it’s hard work wrecking the greatest nation on Earth. But hey, if I wasn’t a citizen of this nation and found myself with great powers…..hehehehehe guess I would go for the Gusto too……I could go on here for hours, with words like TREASON, HYPOCRISY, LIES, BENGHAZI, FAST AND FURIOUS, ETC…. but my point here is….a president, in my eyes is the first man to jump to the defense of his people, not threaten them with Drones….Am I Wrong?  A president is the first person to defend HIS nation, not sell us to the UN, Muslims or Illegal immigrants. The president is the first man to Honor US heroes, and vilify Bad world leaders, Not honor Villain leaders, and vilify American heroes. Am I Still wrong??? The president is the first man who worships his people, his nation and its laws, NOT call his people terrorists, destroy his nation, and then EO the laws from existence. Still am I wrong here in believing this? The President is a person who is supposed to support his people, do whats right for them, use his powers for good, keep a moral compass and show the world a Great Nation. Look at what we got… A bowing, heartless, spineless worm, who firmly wants a Communist regime, calls all good things bad and vice versa, opens our borders to allow trash in, threatens to kill all who oppose him, trashes the laws, lies, cheats steals, treasonistic acts, crushes religion, allows the enemy into OUR house, takes titles of royalty in other lands, ignores his people gets his embassies attacked and allows his people to die…geez I can go on, but whats the point? You ALL have gotten it by now!

staycalmFinally: To all you in DHS, TSA,CIA,FBI..and any other agency I have not listed. You are NOT our enemies. But YOU need to become AMERICANS again. Do NOT think for one minute what you support is right. Open up your US History books and READ about the US Constitution. REALIZE the folks you work for are the problem, not you. There is NO law that states you MUST do what they ask. DO NOT put the BLOOD on your hands! Let me warn you as well…..history shows, it NEVER goes well for supporters of corrupt regimes. You may think: “Today you”  but you better believe that tomorrow it will be YOU. You are tools to be used for this establishment. Could you really follow the orders to kill and harm YOUR OWN PEOPLE???? You were initially created to defend US from the Terrorist threat, NOT to call US the terrorists and destroy US, The people! Think about what you are doing. For God’s sake they will be TELLIN YOU to KILL AMERICANS!!!! You better examine those facts and think long and hard before you commit that atrocity, you have been trained to kill the terrorist enemy, NOT the citizens you swore to protect! And By the way, WE are NOT the terrorist enemy, so don’t even claim that moniker for US.

obamaPEOPLE, we can not have a fight if the other side knows that their leadership is flawed! We need the people to remove the O blinders and see the light! Bring these facts up to hard core O supporters… they have no counter. The one I use is… “No other US president in our history has EVER authorized the KILLING of U.S. Citizens, legally and by HIS say so.” Think about it folks, no matter what side of the fence you are on, that is the scariest statement from ANY POTUS, I have ever heard in my 50 years! And as the “Underground Confiscations” ramp up, I fear we are being divided and conquered. It is looking more and more like it is happening and we stand and watch, waiting for OUR turn to be abused by the very Government we VOTED for???? Strange, we did this  now we have to fix it.

Don’t get me wrong, my worst nightmare is having the thought of Americans killing Americans, that goes against everything I believe.  We are NOT Iraq, or Somalia, We are AMERICA. For God’s sake, the forces of the Government need to wake up! There can’t be trouble if they disobey as a Body. They need to understand they are puppets and not free willed Americans. YET AGAIN, AMERICA, WAKE UP!!!!!!! Know your role!

Thank You Chuck for another great piece. Wonderful as always. If you would like to submit your own ideas for publication, please do so. Send all submissions to [email protected] -Dean Garrison

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