“The Path America Is On”

Submitted by Unite by Zip: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338810536225361/

uwsThis message is directed to ALL Citizens of the United States of America, but especially Those that are capable of great influence politically. This includes All levels of Judges, Law enforcement, Military, Politicians and Journalists.

Many of you swore to an Oath, to PRESERVE, to PROTECT and DEFEND The Constitution of the United States of America. Consider this an opportunity to open your eyes and mind, and do some deep soul searching within yourself. Ask yourself what are you and your family really prepared to face, or lose.

Many of you that are in a positions of authority are a disgrace to “WE THE PEOPLE.” It appears that you, or some of your fellow politicians or coworkers, have forgotten that you are suppose to work for the people as representatives, and not as our dictators or rulers.

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You have surely forgotten what are founding forefathers endured to build this foundation for the United States of America, The Constitution of the United States of America and The Bill of Rights.

Your attack on our Rights as free people is impure and condemning, I have to ask you, are you so much better than your fellow citizen that you can pass laws and  judgments, and decide what is best for  myself or my family, my neighbors or my friends? Would you do the same to your parents, grandparents or great-grand parents, tell them they have no need or right to own a gun, Would you tell them that you or the government knows what is best for them ?

We the people will not give up our rights! Therefore I have to ask you, are you really prepared to turn the United States into a War torn country like Iraq, Libya or Syria? Life as you know it will come to a stop, the U.S. commerce will come to a stop, you will not be getting in your new Mercedes or pickup truck and stopping at the gas station to fill up with fuel, because there will be no distribution of fuel, you won’t be going to the grocery stores or wal-marts either, there shelves will also be bare! You will not have to worry about getting your children off to school, for they will be closed too! Think about the chain reaction that will follow any attack on the American people or the out break of a war. It will not stop here in the U.S.A. either,  it will have a Global effect within several days. Are you prepared for that?

A Global COLLAPSE.  Do you think the UN  can cover that?

I know that many that have proposed or back the plans to disarm the American people via the attack on the 2nd amendment or other PROTECTED RIGHTS,  feel that they are in a comfort zone and well protected, people like Cuomo, McCain, Holder, Obama or whatever his real name is that occupies the White House, and many more too numerous to mention, they all feel protected with their armed security details that follow them about or when they set their ADT alarms at home, or they think that Homeland security with their new armored vehicles will protect them on the streets.

YOU ARE SO WRONG, your security details will soon worry about protecting themselves and their families, your DHS armored assault vehicles will be greatly outnumbered by the people’s heavy  equipment, can you envision a 19,000 lb. DHS assault vehicle going up against an 80,000 lb. loaded tractor trailer or a 40,000 lb. track dozer, can you envision any of this?  Because when you back a person in to a corner and threaten their Rights and Freedoms, they will do anything and everything to survive, including fighting back, by any and all means necessary.

Look at any video news clips from Iraq, Libya or Syria wars, (refresh your memory of what destruction is) that is what you will see here in the U.S.A. if this government and it’s leaders continue down the path we are on. Links at bottom of page.

It seems that part of the plan is to Divide & Conquer and create so much disbelief & confusion, people just get lost shaking their head and saying, “You have to be kidding me, right?” Yes it seems lately that Evil is Good, and Wrong is Right, Look at what is making news and hitting at breaking down America’s core value, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Great SEQUESTER The U.S.A. is 17 Trillion in debt but the government is still spending dollars like we’re the richest nation in the world, just a small example is what DHS has spent on equipment and supplies lately, or giving Egypt $ 250 million with another $ 200 million promised.

Sure millions of American Patriots see all of this, but until we UNITE and stand together as ONE, we are just one individual, that’s like yelling as loud as you can in thought of mind, and not opening your mouth and using your vocal cords. I think that everyone should be uniting with other like-minded American Patriots to save our great country, The Republic for the United States of America .

This is not a threat by any means, to anyone, it is just a realistic outlook for the outcome that I can see, based upon the knowledge that GOD has granted me to observe! I just want you to open your eyes and mind, think for a second, What could unfold?

I ask you ALL once again, to Consider this an opportunity to open your eyes and your mind, and do some deep soul searching within yourself. Ask yourself what are you and your family really prepared to face, or lose.

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You can call me crazy, but I seriously think that if we are to attempt to avoid a war and the destruction that will come with it, this should be sent to EVERY newspaper Journalist large or small, EVERY Judge, EVERY Politician and EVERY CITIZEN as a LAST EFFORT to open their eyes.

A special note for the Nay sayers, non believers, trolls and hackers… I wish you luck in your fight for survival, because no one will be exempt from the war, destruction or collapse, and the government will kick you to the curb just like the four Americans in Bengahzi.  Good luck with your RFID chip Implants.


Written by a Very Concerned and Sincere Citizen of the
Republic for the united states of america.





I’d like to thank my good friends at Unite By Zip for submitting this to us. Please visit them on Facebook. And, while you are at it, you might want to follow The D.C. Clothesline on Facebook as well. -Dean