terroristI was home sick today with a hell of a cold.  As it was sunny and windy out, I decided to split some wood by hand, in order to try to get the crap out of my lungs.  Splitting a lot of wood is repetitious.  And soothing.  There is nothing like a repetitious, mindless task to give you time to think.

Today I was thinking about this: “What exactly is a terrorist?”

I used to think that I knew.  I guess everyone thought at one time that they knew what a terrorist was.  A terrorist is someone who hijacks planes, and crashes them into buildings.  A terrorist bombs buildings.  A terrorist blows himself up in a marketplace, and kills innocent people around him.

The goal of a terrorist is to disrupt the normal order of things.  It is to keep people from going out in public.  To cause enough disruption that it affects the normal functions of an entire society.  Hopefully, for the terrorist, it will cause a pervasive, economic hardship in a society.  Which will then lead to the citizenry losing faith in their government.  Such a government is much easier to topple.

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The goal of a terrorist is to strike fear and instill terror in the hearts of ordinary people.  People who feel that they, by themselves, are defenseless against these terrorists.  People who will then demand change from their government.

And that is when the terrorist group itself steps in, and gives them this change.

Sound like anyone you know??

Anyway, I was trying to decide how you could recognize who was a terrorist.  We have all heard of “sleeper cells”.  Individuals or groups who will strike anytime, anywhere, without warning.  Terrorists right here on our own soil.  Who have been here forever.

I have been looking a lot at the national news lately, and at the opinions of the self-described august sages our government hires to write their myopic opinion reports in exchange for buku bucks.

So, through this swinging the axe and thinking about what exactly a terrorist is, all I came up with was this:

1.)        If you fly more than one flag on the Fourth of July, you need amflagsto be watched.  One token flag is traditionally respectful of our past and never again to be revived history.  Two flags say that you support the ideals of the Founding Fathers at the expense of modern political correctness and democracy.  You are pushing the envelope there.  Having more than two flags displayed is definitely suspect.  If you fly several flags, you are a dangerous retrograde who is living improbably in the bygone past.  You are probably a terrorist, and should be watched like a hawk.

You are delusional.  Your Republic is dead, don’t you get it?  It is okay on certain holidays to decorate with the red, white and blue, but flying the flag itself en masse?  That is an act of rebellion against our entire modern democracy.  You need to learn to fit in, and just enjoy a hotdog, a beer, and your government-mandated day off.  Never mind all of that independence stuff.  That is ancient history, something that happened long ago.  It has nothing to do with you here today.  Quit being so anti-American, and take down all but one of those flags!

And the nationalism?  Don’t get me started on that!  Didn’t you ever hear of the One World Government??  People are scared to see all of those flags waving.  You terrorist.

2.)        If you believe that unborn children are people and have rights, you are a danger to all of society.  You are against everything that the federal government stands for.  And to be against the federal government is to be a terrorist.  Don’t you know that the Supreme Court of the United States of America has decided that unborn children can be destroyed at will?  Haven’t you figured out that the government is never wrong?

Just because you believe that children yet to be born are people, does not make it so.  No one else believes that.  Ask your leaders.  They vplwill tell you how wrong you are on this one.  Babies still in the womb are not people.  No problem destroying them.  Get it through your head.  They are nothing.  Have no legal standing.  And legal standing is moral standing in our country now.

Laws change with our evolving morals.  Nothing is absolutely right or wrong.  Unless we say it is.  You are scaring people here.  You are trying to make them think.  Terrorist.

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3.)        If you attend a Church, you are probably a fundamentalist.  And that is dangerous.  You are probably a terrorist.  Look at all the problems fundamentalism has caused in the Middle East.  It is more the Christians’ fault than anything, isn’t it?  Understand?  Don’t you know that there is a separation of Church and State?  Can’t you see that this means that God is officially dead?  Don’t you understand that God’s death can be inferred from the Supreme Court’s decision banning prayer in school?

This country was founded on principles that actually reflect secular humanism, and negate and defy the Christian God.  Isn’t that the implication of what they are teaching your kids in school now?  Isn’t atheism always rational, and a belief in an unseen God totally irrational?  Do you really believe that Colonial America was a Christian Nation?  Where did you get that one from?  Are you totally delusional?

You cannot be trusted to make your own decisions.  You are an unthinking slave to an outdated philosophy that should have died its natural death long ago.  God is dead, and cannot help you.  You are scaring people here, especially the atheists.  Get over it, you terrorist.

4.)        If you home school your children, it means that you do not think that the government is doing a very good job of it.  If you have no faith in the public school system, well, that means that you have no faith in our society.  And our society as we have modeled it today is perfect.  But you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that.

You are teaching your children the same dangerous thoughts you have been raised with.  That chain has to be broken.

Why can’t you just go with the flow, and think like everybody else?  Why can’t you be just like them?  Why aren’t you homogenized to the point of being boring?  But no!  You have to insist that you know of a better way.  Your thinking is extremely dangerous.

We need to outlaw home schooling, for how else are we going to socialize and integrate this retrograde, antithetical subculture?  Brainwasher!  Home schooling is a terrorist act perpetrated by terrorists on their unsuspecting children.  Your children are scaring the other kids with their differences of opinion.  The cellphone-bonded other children are too scared or ill-prepared to argue with your kids.  I think you are a terrorist, and you are raising little, snot-nosed, antisocial terrorists!

5.)        If you were ever in the military, you are a terrorist.  We in the government taught you to kill.  We put you in situations where it was kill or be killed.  You met the enemy.  All our enemies are terrorists.  You saw how it was to live in a foreign country that is under duress. vetandkid You probably brought dangerous thoughts home.

You probably think that we do not support you anymore now that we are done with you, and you are of no further use to us, except to pay taxes.  You probably do not believe all of our promises anymore.  You cannot be trusted, now that you are home.  You think too much.

You even know how to use a gun.  You are definitely a terrorist, and need to be watched or institutionalized.  We would be the crazy ones, if we allowed you to own a gun.  As pissed off as you are at us.  Hey, it’s not our fault that you do not get how all of this is supposed to work.  Get over it.  We use you up and spit you out.  Like Cronus.  So quit scaring us.  We are supposed to intimidate you, not the other way around.  No need to go all terrorist and everything over it.

6.)        If you belong to any political party other than the Democrats or the Republicans, you are definitely a terrorist.  So what if there really isn’t much of a real difference between us?  It’s no big deal, really.  Trust us.  We’ve run things for pretty long, and we are still here, aren’t we?  And how bad is it really?  Don’t believe everything you read about us.  We are in control, and that makes us right.  Might is right, you know.  Didn’t we tell you that?

Just who the hell do you think you are, to tell us that we do not care about you?  We give some of you some of your tax money back in most years, don’t we?  Why won’t that keep you happy?

Just let us run everything, and keep your nose out of it.  You don’t know what you are talking about anyway.  If you don’t do as we say, you are a terrorist.  We define what that is, get over it.  Do as we say, not as we do.  Go back to your Knicks and Kardashians, and your Price is Right and Dr. Phil, and your Dancing with the Stars.  We’ve got it all under control.  You don’t need to worry about it.  And in case you didn’t know it, we are watching and infiltrating your terrorist independent political parties, because we are scared of their growth at our expense.  They are terrorist cells.  Because we say that they are.

7.)        If you search, share or even by accident receive anything concerning politics via the internet, you need to be watched.  The fact that you are even apparently interested in politics at all tells us that you question what we do and what we tell you.  Why can’t you just figure out that we have a big plan that will take care of everyone, and that you don’t need to know the details of it?  Of course, you will need ccpolleaders in this plan, but we have that end of it sewn up already.  That’s why we’re here, right?  Do not worry about politics.  You do not understand it, it is way over your head, and is far too complicated for you to grasp.  Let us professionals handle it.  Vote for one or the other party, whatever.  Just do not vote for anyone else.  You are wasting your vote that way, trust us on that one.

You do trust us, right?  If you do not, you are a terrorist, because terrorists by definition do not trust the government.  If you don’t trust us, how can we trust you?  You are scaring us now with all of that internet shit.  You terrorist.

8.)        If you bicycle or walk to work, or have a windmill for electricity, or grow your own food, you do not have any faith in our large corporations.  You do not believe in stimulating the market with your purchases.  You are probably unduly paranoid about big business.  You are probably one of those anti-genetic engineering wackos, aren’t you?  And probably think that companies make far too much in profit, unduly reward their CEOs, and own the government through the PACs’ campaign contributions.  I mean, really, how likely is that?

Dropping out of the grid is a terroristic act, as you are economically retardataire.  You are trying to bring down the current economic and financial system, aren’t you?  And how the fuck are we going to tax you, if there is no money changing hands?  Christ!  You are such a terrorist!

And if you cut your own firewood, that is even worse.  You are tryingfirewood to undermine the petro-chemical industrial complex and their boards, who are very special friends of ours.  Look at all of the campaign contributions they make!  You must buy fuel!

Just the suggestion that people do not need to be spending all of their money on things they do not really need scares the crap out of us.  It could affect our campaign contributions.  So quit trying to tear everything down, or we will have to outlaw Victory Gardens and burning firewood.  You terrorists all think the same, think you have us outsmarted.

9.)        If you support the Constitution, then you de facto claim to believe in an outdated and ridiculous Constitutional Republic.  You are not purely democratic and homogenized.  Whatever is wrong with you?  Do you fear that certain groups like the ones you fall in wtp3demographically will be penalized in order to unduly reward other specific groups?  Do you fear mob rule at the expense of your trivial personal freedoms?

Don’t you know that the federal government has long been working to abolish the absurd Constitution of the United States of America?  It is totally outdated, as is the entire archaic concept of the individual States.  Both of those conceptualizations are unworkable if you want a federal government in control of everything.  They need to be scrapped, so that the main body of the federal government can run everything without any interference from the States and the various Courts.

We tell you that we have your best interests at heart.  Why won’t you believe us?  Most other people do, at least to a certain degree.  So why do you have to be so stubborn about it?  Let go of it, and while you are at it, give us your musket too.  Or whatever you call it.

You do not need to worry about us, we never do anything wrong, and we wouldn’t even think about encroaching on your rights just to benefit ourselves.  Your even thinking that is just plain paranoid.  You act like we are liars.  And like we covet what is yours.

The government can be trusted.   If you do not trust us 100 percent all of the time, you are an anti-federal government terrorist.  It is scary to think that you do not trust us, so we don’t trust you.  Perhaps we should just lock you up and throw away the key right now, and get it all over with.  Terrorists belong in prison.

10.)      If you believe that the family is sacred, you are probably a terrorist.  Two parents and a child is the old concept of a family.  We do not care about that anymore.  It is a passé construct.  You need to go to your part-time jobs to pay for your healthcare.  And you need to put your baby in subsidized daycare, so we can mold that child to fit into the society we are building.  An attachment to an outdated concept of the nuclear family is extremely dangerous.

We do not want anyone having any outmoded, strong familial attachments.  The child is to be emotionally attached to the State and its leaders only.  The child is to pay lip-service to the family only.  This is to placate the parents, so they do not realize exactly what is going on.  All of this is being done for their own good, but they probably will not understand that.  The child’s true loyalty is to be to society.

Traditional models, where one parent stays home and raises the child, can result in unhealthy, terroristic Church-going, pro-life attitudes, and insular home schooling.  So, we moderns of necessity have no faith in the family as a viable societal unit.

Those who put their faith in the traditional nuclear family are not democratically minded.  They are terrorists.  Their children will grow up to be terrorists, too.  This is a very scary future for us.  Their children should be taken away from them, and placed in government-sponsored foster care.  So they can be raised in an environment that is free of terrorism.

These are just ten of the examples I thought of between the axe strokes.

A terrorist’s job is to create terror in the hearts of a society.  The problem is, most people in the U.S.A. are not afraid of the groups that the federal government thinks are domestic terrorists.  But the federal government is.  This does not say very much for the federal government.  And why is that?  Why do they fear their own People?  Do they think that they lack legitimacy in the eyes of the People?

When you look at it rationally and disinterestedly, the only word that comes to mind is, “Pathetic”.

So, how did we get here?  How did it end up that the very values of our country’s Founding Generation are now viewed to be the unshakeable and irrational beliefs of hard-core domestic terrorists?

One man’s terrorist is another man’s desperate and brave freedom-fighter.  One man’s president is another’s imperious, haughty emperor.  The words may change from culture to culture and generation to generation, but the underlying concepts are exactly the same.

There is only on explanation for this peculiar phenomenon.  And that is, that we do not live in the United States of America.

This is now the Federal Democratic District of Columbia.

The United States of America is dying.  It is in truth almost gone on a cl3federal level.  I can hear the death-rattle in its throat.  The federal government is doing everything in its power to hasten its end.  This government is choking the eagle in the heat of its blind passion.  It is calling the very types of People who made this a once-great nation its own domestic enemies.  Isn’t this all the proof you need to see that the People are no longer served by the federal government?

You now serve it.  The federal government has declared itself to be your master.  You, by proxy, are now its slave.

The federal government no longer exists strictly to smooth out the friction between the States, and to handle foreign affairs that are beyond the ken of the individual States.

In its lust for ultimate power, it desires to completely choke out the States.

I know not what others may do, but as for me, I resist, I protest.  Maybe no one is even listening.  Maybe it is all too late anyway.  But I was born and raised in the United States of America.  And I will die there.  Even if I am the last free citizen of that Constitutionally established Republic to do so.

As for the rest of you, welcome to your ideal, perfect democracy.  Everything is working out so very well for you, isn’t it?  You probably have to pinch your own bottoms, just to see if you are really awake.

Just bury you head in the sand for a little while longer.  Do not dwell on the fact that you ass is up there in the air exposed and presenting to all comers.

“Monstresor!  Another casque of Amontillado!”

A massive underclass is being created via government handouts and assistance.  This is being done for no other reason than to destroy the United States of America.  Destroy the economy.  Initiative.  Wealth.  Private property.

The power of the Federal Democratic District of Columbia grows daily in this manner.  The handouts will continue to grow in extent and breadth, and the underclass will continue to proliferate, until the entire system collapses from this overload of freeloading.  The FDDC will finally achieve their end of taking over this country in the aftermath.  The States will exist in name only.  The FDDC will control everything, and will be able to rule unchecked by the People, the States, the Constitution, and the Courts.

Then, the handouts will all stop.  And you will all be put work.  At the job they give you.  Not the job you choose for yourself.  Whether you like it or not.

Or you can starve.  Your choice.

You better not be stupid enough or have big enough balls to quit.  For all of the other jobs will long be taken.

When you get there, I of course will not be there to greet you.  So, I say to you all now, “Welcome to your Brave New World.”

At that time, remember that I (and Harriet Tubman, via my paraphrase) told you this:

“Happy is the slave who does not recognize that he is a slave.”

Gary W. Harper

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