keepthechangeThere are a lot of people in this country who want change.  For some of them, that means totally destroying this country and building something new.  For others, it means going back to some basic principles to guide us, principles that have somehow been lost along the way.

As recently as 2012, I was apolitical.  We have no kids.  I figured that I would be long dead and gone before all the shit hit the fan, and people would be on their knees before their coming tyrant.

I stood in the line to vote, and listened to the ridiculous, so-totally-misinformed crap coming out of my fellow citizens’ mouths.

‘We are doomed,’ I thought.  ‘These people are actually allowed to vote?’

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apoliticalSo, I went totally apolitical.  Screw you all.  Many of you are too stupid to see what is coming, so you will get exactly the sort of government you deserve.  The one you yourselves voted for.  The Lord rewards each of us according to our works.  And punishes us accordingly, too.

Man, standing in line waiting to vote was so totally depressing.

So, I dropped out.  And I planned to keep it that way until I died.  No one wanted to hear what I had to say anyway.  They always said, “No, I don’t think that they would do that.”

What are you fucking thinking?  If you can even imagine it, some politician will try to do it.  They are only human.  They are not the Gods come down from Olympus. Or Asgard.

The problem is that people in our society have never had to think. They do not know how to.  It is not something that anyone teaches anymore.  They do not teach critical thinking skills in school.  They teach “Socialization.”  They teach the kids that they are all supposed to get along, no matter what.  Kids’ minds are numbed by videos and television.  They do not play with each other anymore, or make things out of blocks, or interact, discuss, or problem-solve in their imaginary games.

It is instilled in the kids’ minds that each succeeding generation is different, is smarter that their parents were, and is better educated and able to engage with the world.

omaha_beach_low_tideI’ve got news for you.  Your elders engaged the world.  On Omaha Beach, in Paris, in North Africa, in North Korea.  Ask them what they think about engaging with the world.  Ask them about using critical thinking skills with hot lead tearing up the sand around you.

While you still can.

After Newtown, I had a liberal friend who was trying to get the people he knows to support banning all sorts of weaponry as “unnecessary”.  I found the vehemence of his position to be surprising.  So I started looking into what was going on.

Ho-ly shit.  There was a full frontal assault going on not only against weapons, but against Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly and Association, and being born a white male who had some facial hair and owned hoodies.

Crap.  At the rate this is going, it looks like the totalitarian takeover of the U.S. will happen in my lifetime.  Crap.  That shitty Patriot Act come to life, like Frankenstein’s Monster.

“Well, if I am going to die before my time,” I decided, “I am going to at least be heard.”  My liberal friends were not afraid to shoot their mouths off about their opinions.  Even if a lot of what they were saying was misinformed.

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So DHS thinks that white males are all terrorists.  How did this even happen?  Why do they assume that white people are so pissed off at the federal government that they are out to destroy it?  Where do they get this from?  White males have always been the most staunch supporters of the American Way of Life.

Everyone I know just wants to go to work, have a few of the good things from life, and then die peacefully in their old age.  So where is all of this alleged white angst coming from?

And where do they get the idea that all white people hate Obama because he is black?

There are a few haters in every race.  Personally, I am not much of a fan of Al Sharpton, I will admit to that.  But I do not hate him.  I do not like him because no matter what he says, his anti-white bias always shows through.

bencarson2You put up a guy like Colin Powell or Dr. Benjamin Carson, and see how many of us scruffy, hooded white dudes vote for them.  I think you will be very surprised.

The races may not get along totally.  We may disagree.  But most of us accept this as cultural differences, not fundamental differences.  We do not have to love each other.  But we do not really hate one another either.  If two people have children, and their children are biologically able to have children themselves, that those two people are human beings.  End of story.  Get over it.

Racism is bullshit.  It is a diversion foisted on us by the federal government, to keep us busy.  Like reality T.V.  How unreal.  Most Americans are way past racism.  Intellectually, anyway.  And that is where it matters the most.

What we do not like is Obama’s politics.  We do not like the fact that he will not confront his past head-on and be honest and forthright about it.  We also abhor his Communist-, Socialist- and Marxist-leaning policies, his radical Communist-leaning friends from his college days, and his Marxist-leaning appointees to key positions within the federal government.  We do not like his thinking of himself as a ruler, rather than as a leader.  With an official taster.

We also do not like the influence that radical fundamentalist Muslims have in our government.

So this is how the problem we white dudes have with all of this goes.

We are not Muslims.  The official Muslim position is that it is not only good, but is right, and is required of the faithful, that all Muslims lie to non-Muslims.  As a matter of faith.  To promote the faith.  To work in this way to promote world-wide conversion to the faith.

I can think of no other religion that says it is alright to lie before God, and that to do so, God will reward you.  Do not argue Allah or God here with me.  Stay with this.

allahThe Muslim goal is to have every person on the earth under their control.  And to put all who resist or leave the faith to the sword.  To get there, the end justifies the means.  Which is, to kill every other man in the world who is not Muslim, if they will not convert.

And take their wives and children as personal property.

Like that’s ever gonna happen, Bucko.

Any religion that says that all are to convert under force and via the threat of death is not a religion.  It is a totalitarian government disguised as a religion.

Muslims make no bones about the fact that they want to rule the entire world.  They feel it is their destiny.  They will launch nuclear weapons against other governments.  They promise you that.  Allah will protect them.  And if he doesn’t?  No matter, they all go straight to Paradise.  If they died for the cause of the religion, they each get 72 virgins.

Do the math on that.  Where did Allah come up with all of these virgins?  And if there are that many virgins, why don’t they just take over Paradise, and quit being some crazy martyr’s property?  If fucking and eating and drinking are all done there in Paradise, I am sure that they can overpower and bind up this crazy martyr bastard.  Or roll him up in a rug.  And drink his wine and eat his figs and honeydew and cheese.

Last question.  Are all of these virgins women?  Or human?

Certainly they did not come from any college campus I ever visited.

Muslims profess that they want to put all peoples under their laws.  Laws that were suspect even when Mohammed was around.  Laws that treat children and women as mere property, and condone the killing of all non-Muslims.

This is not a faith.  This is a government.  And not a free one.

This is intolerance at its extreme.  And I for one cannot tolerate that.

I am very tolerant of other points of view.  But I have always been taught not to tolerate liars.  They are to be avoided at all costs, because they are only out to fuck you.  They have no personal moral code, themselves.  Beware of them, and do not keep company with them.

Certainly do not put them into positions of authority in your government.

We white dudes also have a problem with Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, whatever you want to call it.  It is all the same thing.  It is just taking from the producers, and giving what you took away from them to the non-producers.

Hey, I was on welfare in the summer of 1974.  There were no summer jobs around.  I spent some time in the local welfare office.  Got argued with.  Saw other assistance applicants who were not argued with.  I cannot speak about any other office in any other city in any other year, but I know exactly what sort of shit went down in the Easton, PA, Public Assistance Office in 1974.  Had I been denied, I would immediately have been filing a discrimination lawsuit.  They let it be known by their words, actions, and delaying me that I should not be on welfare because I was white.  No one can bullshit me, on this, because I was in the system for that summer.

The Public Assistance Office was racist back in 1974.  That is a fact.

commopolyThe problem white people have with Communism is that we want to get ahead, but all the do-nothings and the federal government wants to hold us back.  So, they have singled us out.  Because we are, for the most part, producers.

Don’t get me wrong, there are producers in every demographic.  And there are whites on assistance.  Ask Mitt Romney.  We all know about this.

Our problem is with our being singled out as a group as terrorists, when there are millions of other people of other races who feel just the way we do about all of this bullshit.

I will tell you how it works.  It is divide and conquer.

The federal government promotes racism.  Look at the questions on your census form.  They really have no right asking what race you are.  It is actually unconstitutional.  So they tell you that you do not have to answer it.  But these questions should never have been put on the fucking form in the first place.

We are all Americans, assholes.  Don’t you get that?  We are all in this together.  So stop trying to hammer your wedges between us.

As long as we are fighting with one another, we are too occupied to look at the real enemy.  And they know this.  The real enemy is those who wear the suits with the power ties.  In both business and the government.

They promote division and racism, because they want to conquer every class of people.  One class, one demographic group at a time.  They want us all to be part of the underclass.

The problem is that whites resist it more than any other demographic group.  They are a thorn in the federal government’s side.  They have to be dealt with first, because once they are out of the way, taking over the powers and authority of the individual States will be way easier.  And the federal government will do whatever it takes to knock the feet out from under that particular group.  Including vilification and pressure from other demographic groups.  And outright lies about that group’s very motivations.

Divide and conquer.  Get particular demographic groups to all gang up on other groups.  Bring them all down to the same level.  The poverty level.  Then they will not resist, will not fight.

r4rCommunists say it is okay to lie to everyone to achieve their end of worldwide domination.  The end justifies the means.  You can never trust a liar to tell the truth.

The truth is, the Communists and Muslims would have an all-out, worldwide war aimed against each other, if political conditions were right.  A total war, of total extermination.  For Communists are willing to die for the State without any hope of seeing their own special Easter basket filled to the brim with 72 virgins.  So they may be more dangerous than Muslims.

Did you hear the one about the Communist Muslim?  Lied to himself, so he had to avenge himself by killing himself.

This is how democracy works.  Gang up on the smaller groups.  Mob rule.

And that is why the white dudes support the Constitution and the Republic.  You are all ganging up on us white dudes right now, with the federal government’s blessing.  But that is okay.  Because we know that when we are gone, another group is next.  It may be Asians.  Or young black males.  Or feminists.  It does not matter.  One of you as a group are next.  You can bet on that.  Paybacks are a bitch, bitches.  Lube up, or feel the pain.  They are coming for you next.

So what do we white people, the people the federal government calls terrorists now, want?  Just for you to back off.  Quit trying to tell everyone that we want to start something.  That is the last thing in the world we want.  Quit trying to force us to give up things that are rightfully ours via your threats.  It is not working.  We will not back down.  But we will not start it, either.  A line has been drawn in the sand.  We will not cross it.  Do not be so arrogant or foolish to think that you can cross it and survive the aftermath.  We will wait here until you come to your senses.  But we will not let you take one single thing more from us.  Our black brothers and sisters, our Hispanic citizens, our Native American and Asian relatives, all will side with us in the end.

Because if the time you have been pushing for so hard for the last few years comes, they will know in their hearts that they are next. 

So we producers resist, and arm ourselves even better than before.  Because we will not become Muslims or Communists readily.  Not under any threat.  Only by a freewill choice would that be possible.

But don’t hold your breath on that one.

If you keep pushing this, someday you will have to put your money where your mouths are.  We will call your bluff.  We will tell you to step out into the streets.  And you will have to step up, because once you have pushed it too far, you cannot survive it.  You will be left with no other choice but capitulation.  Hopefully you will be wise enough to see that your surrender is your only hope of surviving the mess that you have created in this country. 

Every gang member knows when to fight, and when to run.

You better run.  For you are the ones who insisted on buying into this.

Oh, and keep the change.

Gary W. Harper

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