policestateBefore I begin, I just want to make this clear, I will not dress up anything here & I’ll lay it out on the line for us all, because it needs to be pointed out-everything. While I can’t get to everything I’d like to, because then it’d be too long for anyone to want to read, this is a good gist of a posing issue.

If we can’t even pose this type of letter to probe the minds of many, to probe WHY we “can’t” or shouldn’t defend ourselves against police officers, deputies, or agents of the government, then we might as well just throw in our towels and give up. I have posted many times in the past on this topic and have declared my thoughts on this topic. I am not anti-police just as I am not anti-government if the government is acting accordingly to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, being a cop means violating the Constitution because of the nature of the job. Conflict of interest type of thing! Police break more laws per day than we as citizens do because of the many policies and laws they enforce upon us (they do enforce laws that are right/just for the record) made by corrupt men who ignore our Constitution to punish us, hold us down & milk our wallets and purses for more money as it’s not enough that we have our paychecks stolen of illegal taxation. Plus, the citizens pay for the police services through taxation as well, but do the modern day police act as public servants or as armed small para-military units??? Even more rural departments are getting in on this and have been for some time now. I do however see the rural departments as more friendly though, and more patriotic in how they treat their constituents if it’s a sheriff department.

policestate2They’re armed to the teeth with more than just weapons. A few things are a distrust of the public, hate of non-whites usually, explosive tempers, anger especially at veterans (I’ve seen the many tapes and articles, cops abusing my fellow brothers in green, enough of that); Ammo, body armor, SWAT teams, military gear/weapons, drones, MORE. They’re essentially small standing armies spread out over every city and town. One cop shows up, 2 more show up and more depending on the call. For those who have been the victim of police abuse, it’s very unnerving. For patriot’s who are on the fence on the police, who want to also mask their true feelings about them possibly, you must ask yourself, are modern day police departments the “Standing Army” of today that our ancestors faced up against, aka, the British military back in the 1700’s? Only thing is, this Standing Army against us is armed and fortified stronger than the British were. They also live amongst us, being able to blend in easily.

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Are all police bad? No. Many are just good natured citizens who just want to do a good job, protect and serve. That sort of deal. I understand that. I appreciate that. Although it doesn’t mitigate the fact that they do impose their will and the UN-Constitutional laws on us, at least some of them aren’t against what the patriotic American stands for.

I point this all out because not very many people are willing to tackle the topic from this perspective. I myself have never been arrested, charged or been in jail, so I have no reason to dislike the police on any of those grounds. I am a good citizen, that is why. In this society sometimes even I am afraid to go out. I don’t need to explain why most of us are afraid to go out sometimes, why patriot’s are afraid to speak out, because it’s painfully obvious. One of those big reasons is because this system has created this force between them and us, to keep us from having the courage and hope to stand up against the government as our Founding Father’s prescribed in our Declaration of Independence and other many wise quotes and sayings they left behind for us. Imagine if our government decided to block out all of those wise sayings now? More power to them, less for us. Imagine being arrested and charged for saying a quote from George Washington or Thomas Jefferson?

policestate3So, here is my $1,000,000 Q, why are the police so “special” and “above” the rest of us, even military veteran’s and service-members out here? WHY? Because they’re the bureaucracy’s main force protection and they stand in between us and the government ultimately when we get tired of being nice. That’s why. LEO is an extension of the system, an extension of the long arm of our government that, by the way, for the most part hates our military. Hence the horrible treatment members of the Armed Forces get while in and out by both politicians who are honest of their contempt of us, those who pay lip service & the police actions against us. The Constitution doesn’t even allow for our so called modern day police departments, aka, LEO. It does allow for militia’s and citizens to police but not bureaucratic armies armed to the teeth like small militaries. Our own Army, Navy, Marine Corp and Air Force are more patriotic than our police departments all over even if our government wants them to come and police us. Why? The police are interacting on the ground with us everyday, where as our military isn’t. Plus it’s not the job of the military to conduct police duties against it’s own citizens as other nations may allow for. That doesn’t work. Our military is the most patriotic and conservative force ever to exist where as our police force isn’t, even if some are veterans. Once you put on that blue dress, it changes everything & you can’t/won’t go back. You can’t be a Soldier & a police officer, it IMO is a dangerous mix and doesn’t work well for the safety of our public and in upholding our Constitution.

To those who want to argue about this, there is no arguing this really. It’s a perspective that nobody wants to get out in the open and I for one will not be silent anymore. In writing this, I tried to cover both sides to be as fair as possible. To end this off, as I mentioned once before, it’s not that I hate the police because they’re flesh and bone like you and I. It’s just that……. they’re trained, taught and shown that we the citizens are a danger to them (see videos on police abusing CCW owners). They have been lied to just as we are lied to, to cause divisions amongst us. It’s really not that great of a scheme looking at it from up top. It’s just one that works. Their main concern is to their brothers in blue and to the pact they have as police officers when they should be serving and protecting the public and we as citizens can just go on Google and find MANY examples of this hypocrisy. That is if you’re willing to be objective and not simply just “hate the cops.” I’m just pointing out that we DO have a standing army against us and it’s backed by the DHS, TSA, FBI, CIA, etc. Our military could crush them all for us if it came down to bare bones but that is another topic for another day. Carry on patriots & citizens, be vigilant, be steady, do not waive your rights and do not give them up for police or anyone else who wants to take them from you and believe me, those types are everywhere today.

Matheus Grunt

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