cngIf that question sounds odd, just consider what is presently going on in this country. A large Chinese company has teamed up with a small Utah firm to build liquid natural gas (LNG) stations. Some are already in place, with plans for a total 500. This Chinese firm is also working with Duke Energy, a really big player in the energy business.

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So, what is LNG? LNG or liquid natural gas is what you get when you drop the temperature of natural gas to -259 degrees (F). At that temperature, the gas not only turns to liquid but requires less space for storage. In fact, one cubic foot of LNG is equivalent (BTU wise) to 600 cubic feet of natural gas.

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The hot item in transportation today is the conversion of diesel vehicles to run on LNG. It’s clean, is readily available, and greatly reduces the need for imported oil.

Earlier this month, BNSF announced plans for testing locomotives to run on LNG. If that goes well, it will be only a matter of time before all trains and semis will be fueled by LNG. As you travel along the interstates and see major construction work at truck stops, it likely will be for LNG filling stations.

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Just how important is this? It’s very important because semi-trucks and trains use a lot of diesel fuel. And by reducing the need for diesel, refineries can produce more gasoline. And that should bring down costs. It will also provide the Muslims with less money to buy arms to kill Americans.

There is also another point to consider. As you know, rumors are that Obama will attempt to pay off our national debt by transferring our energy resources to the Chinese. Could this be the start of that plan?

If you say this venture involves a private company, not the Chinese government, you would be right. But, it must be understood that all major Chinese companies have heavy financial alliances with the Chinese government. That is to say that the Chinese government has control over all major Chinese business. For comparison, just think of General Motors being bailed out by taxpayers, giving the government veto power over all corporate decisions. In other words, the U.S. government can tell GM what to do and what not to do. The Chinese government has the same authority over Chinese firms.

So, is it possible the U.S. government will soon begin to pay off the Chinese with our natural gas resources and/or property for LNG facilities? Remember the old saying, “Never say never.”


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