deananddollyllamaMy name is Dean Garrison and I am an American. I am not Irish-American like my Father. I am not Polish-American like my Mother. I grew up never calling myself anything but what I truly am. I am an American.

I was adopted by an older couple who could not have children of their own. Fortunately I was born in 1969 before the big Roe v. Wade decision. Between being raised Catholic and being adopted, you can probably guess where I stand on that issue.

My Mother was 40 and my Father was 45 when I was born. I always thought that being adopted made me extra special. I understood from an early age that I was not biologically Irish or Polish so I just called myself “American.” That tag meant so much to me throughout life that I didn’t even bother trying to find out anything about my birth parents, even after my Mother and Father passed on. I didn’t want to wake up one day and find out that my ancestors came over on a boat from Europe. I did not need such information. Oh no, I didn’t want them to ruin my self-image. It wasn’t important to me, because I am an American and I am proud of that. A lot of people have tried to bait me into this conversation by saying things like, “Yes I know you are an American. We are all Americans. But where were your ancestors from?”

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I tell them that they are from America. I don’t have to be rational. All I have to be is me. I’m not perfect. I’m just me.

My nickname in High School was Dean “The American Dream” Garrison. I stole the nickname from a Hall of Fame wrestler (Dusty Rhodes) and gave it to myself. It took forever to catch on but a few people, who really loved me, started to humor me by calling me by my proper nickname. God Bless them. 🙂

I get angry at things that some could not care less about. I don’t care a thing about yachting but if the Kiwis take America’s Cup it hurts my pride. If anyone but an American wins the U.S. Open I get angry. If a big name NBA star is too egotistical, or too hobbled by a minor injury, to play on our Olympic Team, it makes me fume. I am as Red, White, and Blue as anyone but, then again, I am nothing special. I may stand out in some crowds but not with my family.

So people ask me why I do it?

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been killing myself as of late. It’s 4 AM now. I am working long hours with no real financial reward. My family time is suffering. My stress level is through the roof. I get very little sleep. No matter what I do, I can not keep up with what has been happening. I get hundreds of messages a day and I can’t possibly answer most of them and that hurts me because I feel like I am letting people down.

People call me a leader and it embarrasses me. I am very grateful for the compliment but I can’t accept it. I don’t believe in traditional leadership. I believe in something that our country has long forgotten and that is something called “servant leadership.”

Why can’t the people in D.C. understand the concept of “servant” leadership? My belief is that most of them have never been servants on any level. We have a few good ones and I am proud to see them starting to stand up and shout. I am proud to see a few of them starting to act like Americans.

A servant leader does not say, “Follow me and here is what I am going to do.” A servant leader says, “Hey, this is what I am going to do and I would love it if you would help me.” That is how I am. I would rather be part of a winning team than to be a star. I won’t ask anyone to do anything that I will not do myself. My goal is to work harder than everyone else I work with. If I am to be seen as some sort of leader then it will be by example and not because I’m barking orders at people. I come by that honestly because I am and always have been a servant. That is my fortunate lot in life. Yes, I did say fortunate. There is honor in being a common man and it’s an honor that many have long forgotten. We are a nation built of blood spilled by common men. That blood was spilt for freedom, not so we could adopt socialism. I will be honest. If Obama were right in front of me I would slap him. I would not shoot him but I would backhand him in a New York minute, to knock that smirk off his face. I am an American and men died to keep socialism from coming here. Now they want me to accept this as normal? Oh no, I may be common but I am not stupid.

I don’t come from money. My Father worked at the General Motors Fairfax Plant for 28 years before retiring. He busted his rear every single day to give us what we needed. He was not an educated man. Neither my Mother nor my Father finished high school. They quit school to work on their family farms. My Father taught me work ethic, but he also taught me the value of an education. I was the first person in my family to go to college.

I regret, to this day, that I did not finish what I started so that Mom and Dad could have seen me graduate. For my own purposes I don’t care, because college bored me. I didn’t feel challenged so I went off on my own in search of The American Dream.

I was a self-employed millionaire by the age of 34 and dead broke by  the age of 37. I have lived on both sides. I have been rich and I have been poor. I like rich better.

Why? It was not the money. It was the sense of being in control of my own destiny which is an uniquely American trait. Those who are poor and struggling to feed their families sometimes forget how special they are. I am no different. I go through those bouts of mental turmoil every single day. I hate to tell Ali that we don’t have the money when she has a pregnancy craving. It makes me feel like such a complete failure. I am supposed to be the provider and I hate the feeling of letting my family down.

I am also aware of the world around me and I know that there are millions of people in this country that deal with that same daily struggle. We are the servants of some very tyrannical masters. We have been left for dead and they do not care.

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So why do I do it? I do it because someone has to. Washington D.C. lawmakers, that are worth millions, do not understand the struggle of a “servant” and they can not lead with servitude. They don’t know what servitude is.

So every single day I watch my blood pressure go higher and my hair grow grayer because I love my country and I love the people of this country. I believe that they need someone on their side. I have always felt compelled to do something great in my life but I never knew what that was.

I am a Christian but I believe there is a special place in hell for those who hate my country. I do not claim to be balanced in any way but that is the one thing I can not stand for. You do not disrespect America because I am an American, and you do not try to re-write the constitution that this great republic was founded upon.

We have a problem. We have a government that continues to shred the constitution and very few within that government who are trying to stop it. They are not servants. They all look at themselves as Kings. It’s not just Barack Obama. They see themselves as our masters.

So when tensions start to mount and it looks like certain groups may take up arms against this government, I will quietly take my role as a servant. I am not a great military leader and never will be. I am not a bold political strategist and never will be. What I am is an American, and that means I have a very large family that means everything to me and I refuse to let them down.

I have sisters who are single mothers and struggling to raise children. I have brothers who are disabled vets who no longer have the right to own a gun. I find this insulting to say the least. And, no matter how much I like Rand, Lee and Cruz, I will not forget that the vote was 98-0 in the Senate to take those guns without due process.

My family includes retired people who can not be expected to take up arms when they can barely move without a walker or wheelchair. They are labeled as terrorists by our government because they happen to call themselves “Patriots.”

From the sniper who wrote me from Afghanistan to make me cry real American tears…to the young mother of 6 in Oregon who is scared to death of where this country is headed…to the lady in the middle of Utah who feels like she has no one…to the great Patriot out west who has been risking his own safety to keep up with DHS movements for me.

For the bold young sailor who has removed his mask and the good Nevada gubernatorial candidate who makes Rand Paul look like a choir boy…

From my friend in Maryland who has vowed to die for his country on July 4th in an armed march…to the Pastor in New York who has taken his ministry to new heights and reminded me that yes, God does love America…to my friends and fellow bloggers who are trying so hard to start a new and viable political party for the future of this country…to my friend and confidant of 20+ years, Chad, who knows me like the back of his hand.

For my “cousin” in Kentucky who Stands with Rand…for my crazy Bolivian Immigrant sister in Georgia who knows what communism can look like and never wants to see it here.

For the man in Texas who has confided in me that he is dying and wants one last chance to make a difference for God and Country…THIS IS MY FAMILY!

And every family needs a home.

Today I want to tell all Patriotic Americans that you do not have to be alone. We have a home for you. We are calling upon our brothers and sisters nationwide. This is not organization for an offensive revolt. We are simply preparing for what may soon come. So if you want to be part of my large and growing family, please just join the group in your area. You don’t have to be scared. We need you as much as you need us.

Many of you have forgotten that you are Royalty. Your Brothers are Princes. Your Sisters are Princesses. Your Father is the King of Kings.

We all know where this country is headed and we are all scared. If you are looking for people in your area that you can lean on when times get tough, I would ask you to please join us. Over 4200 people joined us in the first 24 hours and it’s not because of our supreme marketing wit. It’s because we are a family. We will feed you and clothe you when times get tough. We will have your back when you need us.

This is how Americans act.

To join us, simply go to your regional group below. When our numbers grow larger we will be splitting into smaller, more localized groups. This is not about starting a revolution. It is about preparing for it. 

The DHS bought enough bullets to kill each of us 5 times over. The war has already begun. It’s OK to come home now. Your family is waiting.

God Bless America!