proudconservativeAbout ten days ago I asked for the help of a lot of good friends and we started a project. We found that there was an incredible need for people to connect to like-minded conservatives, tea partiers, patriots, constitutionalists, libertarians and republicans in their area but it seemed that there were very few alternatives. There were a lot of good groups spread out across the country but it seemed like there needed to be a concerted effort to get people organized in the lesser populated areas. We decided to start “The Patriot Team.” Ten days later we have well over 20,000 members in ten “regions” and will be planning to split into smaller areas as our numbers grow large enough.

Tonight I decided I wanted to compile a list of a lot of national Facebook groups that I belong to, because we are all on the same team.  We are all after the same thing. I am not saying that we agree on everything, but we would certainly agree that changes need to be made in Washington. These are scary times. We need to make contacts in our area because there may be a time we need them.

Times are uncertain in this country and it is my belief that we all need to work on our personal networks. None of us wants to think about  SHTF situations and hopefully that never happens. But it doesn’t take a national emergency for you to need a friend who understands the way you think. There are rallies at State Capitols. There are campaigns for 2014. There are dozens of reasons that you should be networking with other Patriotic Americans in your area.

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We will never change the direction of this country as long as we remain divided. Tonight I want to share with you a list of groups that I belong to. They are spread all over the country. This is far from a comprehensive list. It is just a list of groups I belong to. If you can’t find anything in your area you can of course join our Patriot Teams. But beyond that, with a little research, you can find groups on Facebook that are very large and full of people in your area. A good example is Oregon. I don’t have any Oregon groups on my list but Oregon has some of the largest Republican groups on Facebook. It just so happens that none of them wanted to accept me. I live in Missouri and some groups will take me while others will not.

To find a group or groups in your area, just use the first number of your zip code and search below. Also if you belong to any groups in your area, I would appreciate it if you would leave a link in the comments. Like I said, this is far from a comprehensive list and you may be able to help a few people out with your recommendations.  The lists below are sorted 0 through 9. In other words groups in Maine will be listed toward the top of the article because the zip codes in Maine start with “0.” If you live in Hawaii and your zip code starts with “9” you can start scrolling toward the bottom.

I wish my list was more comprehensive, but I would rather give you the information I have and get you started than to take a month trying to compile a list of 3000 groups. Here is my list of conservative groups on Facebook, the membership numbers were current as of earlier today:

If your zip code starts with “0” and you live in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island or Vermont

  1. Patriot Team 0 CT-ME-MA-NH-NJ-RI-VT 919 members
  2. CT Conservatives 323 members
  3. Vermonters for the second amendment 1490 members
  4. Mainers for the 2nd Amendment 412 members
  5. Libertarian Party of New Hampshire 333 members
  6. North New Jersey Tea Party Group 3800 members
  7. Greater Springfield Tea Party 306 members
  8. RI Tea Party 802 members
  9. Worcester Tea Party 819 members
  10. North New Jersey Tea Party Group II 904 members
  11. New Jersey Young Republican Federation 1049 members

If your zip code starts with “1” and you live in Delaware, New York or Pennsylvania

  1. Patriot Team 1 DE-NY-PA 1778 members
  2. Brooklyn Young Republican Club 676 members
  3. Southwest PA T.E.A. Party 516 members
  4. Delaware Tea Party 439 members

If your zip code starts with “2” and you live in D.C., Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia or West Virginia

  1. Patriot Team 2 DC-MD-NC-SC-VA-WV 2166 members
  2. South Carolina Conservatives 930 members
  3. People of West Virginia That Support The Constitution 1024 members
  4. 2nd Amendment North Carolina 672 members
  5. Charleston County Republican Party 949 members
  6. Wake County Republican Party 1051 members
  7. Forsyth County Republican Party 604 members
  8. Eastern North Carolina Tea Party 535 members
  9. North Carolina Tea Party Revolution 473 members
  10. Charlotte Tea Party 851 members

If your zip code starts with “3” and you live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi or Tennessee

  1. Patriot Team 3 AL-FL-GA-MS-TN 3744 members
  2. 2nd Amendment Tennessee 2786 members
  3. Florida Federation of Young Republican 1282 members
  4. Tennessee Volunteers Militia 807 members
  5. Libertarian Party of Florida 638 members
  6. Georgians for Constitutional Government 1313 members
  7. Chattanooga Tea Party 1120 members
  8. Georgia Conservatives in Action War Room 398 members
  9. Americans for Prosperity Georgia 803 members
  10. Official Florida TEA Party 1792 members
  11. Tupelo Tea Party 780 members
  12. Alabama for Rand Paul 227 members
  13. Orlando Tea Party 319 members
  14. Tampa Bay Republicans 916 members
  15. The Horry County Republican Party 565 members
  16. Tampa Bay for Rand Paul 354 members
  17. Southwest Mississippi Tea Party 346 members
  18. Jacksonville Young Republicans 1181 members
  19. Republican Party of Duval County 1275 members
  20. North Lake Tea Party 389 members
  21. Tallahassee Tea Party 801 members
  22. Florida Federation of Young Republicans 1282 members
  23. Georgia 2’nd Amendment Rally 1957 members

If your zip code starts with “4” and you live in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan or Ohio

  1. Patriot Team 4 IN-KY-MI-OH 2181 members
  2. Michigan Conservatives Network 1720 members
  3. Cincinnati Tea Party 3390 members
  4. North Oakland Republican Club 1027 members
  5. Conservatives for Michigan 387 members
  6. Oakland County Conservatives (Michigan) 439 members
  7. Tea Party Patriots of Michigan 539 members
  8. 2nd Amendment Ohio 2190 members
  9. SOAR South Oakland Area Republicans 905 members

If your zip code starts with “5” and you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wisconsin

  1. Patriot Team 5 IA-MN-MT-ND-SD-WI 928 members
  2. Libertarian Party of Wisconsin 718 members
  3. Wisconsin Pro 2nd Amendment 590 members
  4. Iowa Conservatives Network 1455 members
  5. Wasau Tea Party 337 members
  6. Yellowstone Young Republicans 805 members
  7. Wisconsin Tea Party 1099 members

If your zip code starts with “6” and you live in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri or Nebraska

  1. Patriot Team 6 IL-KS-MO-NE 1531 members
  2. Illinois Conservatives 3046 members
  3. Missouri Conservative Forum 204 members
  4. Illinois Conservatives-Quad City 456 members
  5. Omaha Tea Party Page where patriots are standing up 246 members
  6. Chicago Tea Party Patriots 664 members
  7. Rockford Tea Party 637 members
  8. Federation of Illinois Young Republicans, Inc. 1166 members
  9. Chicago Tax Day Tea Party 948 members
  10. 2nd Amendment Missouri 2047 members

If your zip code starts with “7” and you live in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma or Texas

  1. Patriot Team 7 AR-LA-OK-TX 4123 members
  2. Conservative Arkansas 927 members
  3. Texas Conservatives for Freedom 218 members
  4. Arkansas Conservative Caucus 532 members
  5. Libertarian Longhorns 462 members
  6. 2nd Amendment Texas 2537 members
  7. Conservative Young Professionals of Austin 284 members
  8. San Antonio Tea Party 590 members
  9. Oklahoma City Tea Party 2452 members
  10. Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC 1055 members
  11. South Texas TEA Party Network 422 members
  12. Denton County Texas Republican Party – Official Group 1196 members
  13. Houston Young Republicans 995 members
  14. Friends of the TEA Party in Arkansas 636 members
  15. Arkansas Tea Party 907 members
  16. Tulsa Tea Party 564 members
  17. NW Arkansas Ron Paul 2012 Tea Party Group 330 members
  18. Tyler Texas Tea Party 328 members
  19. North Houston Tea Party Patriots – Official Site 530 members

If your zip code starts with “8” and you live in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming

  1. Patriot Team 8 AZ-CO-ID-NV-NM-UT-WY 1782 members
  2. Arizona Tea Party Network 1141 members
  3. Denver Republican Party 825 members
  4. Utah Conservatives Need Entrepreneur David Kirkham 756 members
  5. Colorado Conservatives 338 members
  6. Utah Republicans -Unofficial Group 1906 members
  7. Salt Lake County Republican Party 746 members
  8. St George Utah Tea Party 311 members
  9. Nevada Liberty & Reno Tea Party Coalition 380 members
  10. Utah Tea Party & 9/12 Utah 1961 members

If your zip code starts with “9” and you live in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon or Washington

  1. Patriot Team 9 AK-CA-HI-OR-WA 1584 members
  2. The Puget Sound Conservative Underground 1033 members
  3. Libertarian Party of California 536 members
  4. North West Conservative Future 246 members
  5. Libertarian Party of Washington 319 members
  6. Hawaii Conservatives 965 members
  7. Hollywood Congress of Republicans 851 members
  8. San Francisco Young Republicans 636 members
  9. Redlands Tea Party Patriots 415 members
  10. Riverside County Young Republicans 2044 members
  11. California Republican League 518 members
  12. Aloha Conservative Alliance 262 members

OK why on earth would I belong to 115 state groups when most of them aren’t even in my area? Good question. I’m a conservative blogger and I rely on a constant flow of information. I need to stay abreast of the top stories and also be able to get the stories out to people. I belong to somewhere around 300 total. That is insane for the average person but making a few good friends from a couple of good groups will be invaluable to you over the long haul. I apologize if there are any bad links. If there are please email me at [email protected] I don’t always have time to read the comments on my blog.

Also, please don’t forget…if you have a group of your own to suggest, please leave it in the comments. You might just help someone. Let’s not forget. We are all in this together.


Dean Garrison