medieval-peasantsBeen a while since I wrote something, but I have been in a holding pattern. Watching and being  JAFO. Stepping back from the details to see the whole big picture. Folks I am seeing many sheeple I know, throwing off the wool and growing Wolf fangs! We are winning in that respect. We need to keep the fire hot and the irons hotter. Ram the logic down their throats til they wake up and realize… this is NOT going away…this WILL intrude into their little blinded lives…and there ARE war clouds on the horizon if we do not unite as one people!

Patriots, I will not lie…I am among the furthest from ready for this. My finances are a shamble, my food and ammo stocks are at zero, or less than zero. Mentally, I am like most of you, I am in disbelief over what is happening yet I am seeing it as it is unfolding. And much of it is not adding up in my head. But I do know one thing, we cannot sit around and let this current trend continue! WE cannot sell our faith, our way of life to these powers that be. God is with us now and I feel He will guide our hands. They want US to be Godless now, They are systematically destroying the Morals of this land. Atheism is applauded, and the 10 commandments are being tossed on the trash heap right beside the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the American way of life. I can see this with some things I have been observing quietly. Others are seeing it too, and they are worried. This is America! We have the right to worship as we want and even who we want. You can be a druid, a satanist, or a Jedi here, and YOUR rights are protected. But I am seeing a trend, a scary trend, where God’s rules are no longer Valid. And what is replacing God, or whom ever you believe in, seems godless! Soulless, Dark and scary as well. Just can’t seem to put a finger on it, but it scares me. This truly is a Holy War as well now, and hate to say it but I feel this fight is for the very SOUL of America as well.

Another observation I made is the Organization we are now undertaking. Folks are teaming up everywhere and this is good. But people we better understand, here and now, when SHTF…. All phones will be gone, internet…gone, TV…gone, Electricity…gone, and unless you have a backup generator, Ham radio…gone. We better be as prepared to live with that as well as an Amish community! Gas for cars will be gone, as well as all major roads and highways, controlled. Our organization plan WILL take a hit for sure. We will be blacked out essentially, with none of the modern conveniences we are so accustomed to in this modern world. Unless you are already established off the grid, running solar or wind power, you will effectively be ‘blacked out.’ No denying folks, they have us there…. But wait…. patriots…no despair, Our forefathers held a revolution once with none of these modern new-fangled gadgets! And they actually won! So can we…and we shall. We still have Bikes and horses. Intergroup messages and contacts can still be ran by Modern day Paul Reveres, on horseback or bike. Cross country away from roads and blocks. Bear this in mind, folks, they WILL try to isolate us for destruction, group by group. They WILL shut all of it down. So get ready for it. My advice is have a woodpile available and a place to cook. Locate a water source, that you can boil, or purify with tablets. Have candles or hurricane lamps and oil. Our Ancestors lived this way and so can we. Wean yourselves now! It may be a LONG time til the phones come back on, or the Net. Prepare yourself to live without it cuz it WILL be gone if SHTF. I know right now, we get OUR news on the net and phones…. but when it all stops, we will be on our own, til the evil of this land is purged. So make sure that old bike in your garage is oiled up and ready. If you own horses well make sure you can ride! And teach others as well. Food will be a real problem. It will be a lean time for all. I actually see food riots and people killing each other to raid stores. No  Patriots we cannot fall to that. Groups need to locate places like Sam’s Clubs, Costcos, and all supermarkets nearby and have plans to secure them from the sheep mobs. This food will not last forever so there will be a need for long term plans, until all is restored. Food can stop any activities real quick as time and resources will be spent to secure and transport food. And that will pull manpower from the fight. Patriot groups will NOT have a supply system in place for a while and I am pretty sure MRE’s won’t be dropped to units. Again we will be on our own. I suggest, you know where any local lakes are that have fish. Watch wildlife and know where deer trails are, hunting will be essential as well, preferably with a bow! (gunshots are LOUD, and carry and attract unwanted attention). It would not harm to read up on local edible plants as well. It amazes me how many folks die of starvation in the woods, and are surrounded by all kinds of wild foods. And Above all, sharing, trading and bartering with fellow groups will be a must! Folks we don’t need to go FULL MAD MAX. Sure there we be other groups out there as well. Groups working towards their OWN ends. We must KNOW who we are dealing with as well. Learn the potential groups in YOUR areas.

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This is a subject that must be discussed here and in your groups. Our focus is to put things right…reset the country. There WILL be other groups who will have their OWN agendas. Some friendly, some will try to kill your group for what you have. Some will just be folks caught up in this mess, others we be flat out enemies. Human nature. Some people will take advantage of the new lawlessness just to run about doing harm, and taking what they want. Be forewarned! Not everyone out there will be Patriots. Your group needs to come up with ways to deal with this. You know I watch the “Walking Dead” just for ideas on how things may go in a society that has collapsed.  Sure, the adversary here are zombies…..but they are interchangeable with DHS, UN, Nato, etc..

And we all cannot just act interdependently, or we are sunk. But be careful in dealings with other unknown groups. “If it has feathers, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck….chances are it is a duck!” Trust your instincts! Maybe will will have devised intergroup code words by then….but until…watch your six!

If SHTF, people are going to die. That is a fact. I personally don’t like that idea, but THEY are not backing down. And when shooting occurs…some will fall. People, there is no way to prepare yourselves for that. There is no way to prepare yourselves for what will happen when it comes to the bloody business of conflict. What frightens me the most, and a fact I consider the biggest sin, is, it will be Americans killing Americans. I HATE that with all my soul, but I blame those who caused this.What’s worse is they know it as well and will use it to their advantage. What’s even scarier is the way I foresee this whole powder keg going off. They are not above killing innocents in a “staged domestic terrorist attack” And people, this is the way they will start it so they can move fast to disarm and arrest ALL of us! Of course the sheep will watch and bleat their approval! This is a scary situation and many innocents will die, but it will be a way they can gain leverage, to defuse our endeavors.

Yet again and as Dean posted, we are willing to die to defend our nation, our rights, our land, and our God. Is DHS or any other secret squirrel organization, ready to do the same? Well… are YOU!!!!???? Are you willing to die defending your paycheck? Are you willing to die for those who will hide from all this?? Are you willing to widow your wives, orphan your children, for the tainted dollars they pay you?? We are willing to do just all that and with a resolve you cannot comprehend! But yet you are willing to do just that for a paycheck… hmmm you need to analyze your current position, and do some deep soul searching.

Hopefully you will realize you are paid tools in the Govt tool box. It is not worth it, ok? Our military fight our wars Not for the paltry pay they get. Our military fight because THEY LOVE OUR NATION! Now, you think about that, good and long. We are NOT fighting because we want to, or we are just terrorists as they are telling you. Our motivation in this is we LOVE our nation and don’t wanna see it fall to the path it is on.You have no clue how hard we will fight. You better believe we are NOT gonna stand there like the targets they are giving you. You better study Vietnam. You better watch the current insurgent wars in the middle east. You better understand we are Americans, and we will use any and all lessons taught us by all the guerrilla warfare enemies we ever fought. We WILL kill you by any and all devious and underhanded means available to us. Do you understand that? IS the risk worth it? Have YOU made peace with God? Most of Here have…and God is always on the side of right. Listen we do not wanna kill anyone. We would like to walk away with everyone on our side in this endeavor. We beseeched you before, and asked you to examine you position.  You are being duped, misled, and used. You are not ‘doing you patriotic duty’ You are not defending U.S. citizens against ‘domestic terrorists.’ You will be letting foreign troops help destroy what you swore to defend. You will be helping tyranny dispose of the true American Patriots. You are helping to silence those who speak the clearest truths. You are helping take down the greatest Nation on earth. You are a traitor to your own people, those you swore to defend. You will die if it comes down to it. Take the yolk off and join the free peoples of this Nation. Resist your orders, We the People, will back you 100%.  I am pretty sure you as well swore an Oath to the US Constitution. And I am sure some of you by now, are realizing what you are doing IS against that sacred Oath. Time to payback on that Oath. Time to turn YOUR weapons the other way. Prove to us, the People, you are STILL AMERICANS! If You and others, like-minded, don’t fight the People, then the bloodshed will be less. ASK God to guide your hands, Do what you KNOW in your heart is right. We, the people can only ask that much. Once you swore to defend us from the REAL terrorists, now the REAL terrorists are in the US gov’t. Do what you swore to do. Remove them! The People will welcome you with open arms. As I said before , you are NOT the enemy….. We the people can only ask so much from you, the rest is up to you. Search your hearts for what’s right.. or face the most terrible enemy any one in the world has ever faced since 1775, the angry American People!

I am concerned a tad over this North Korea thing.  Got a terrible feeling this is an “ole bait and switch” for the sheeple, and a martial law excuse for us…It makes you wonder as this hatred to us and threat came rather fast! And what bugs me as well…wasn’t Dennis Rodman just there making all nice?? Was a secret deal struck in that meeting? I don’t know but it does make you wonder.

Patriots, we face some hard times now, and tough decisions….realize it has been since 1860 since the last bunch decided for war against the Federal Gov’t. It cost us as a Nation, millions in dollars,and thousands of lives. We, as s free Republic, should not HAVE to be making this call. If we were still the free Republic of which I speak. Generations since 1865 have never been called upon to act as we may have to.. I have mulled this fact over and over in my head a million times. And I am astounded… I am saddened that so many of My fellow Americans are so blind to what is happening. I am angry too, angry that these folks are not seeing.

I have been contemplating everything…from what if we are wrong…..  to what happens if we don’t act. I hope by God’s grace, we are the right. I pray if SHTF we can put it all right with minimal loss. I do know we cannot fail, we cannot blink and we cannot back down. We stand to lose to much…

These are just my thought, my musings. I am hoping a lot of you can relate, and understand how serious this all is. But I am comforted, God is on the side of right, and with him we can never lose.

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