USSR Bread Lines

USSR Bread Lines
USSR Bread Lines

“They will continue to follow him like the fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia. Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.” Xavier Lerma, Pravda.

Folks have been saying for a while that America is headed in a bad direction. Our society is blinded to the truth of changes in our Government which has steadily chipped away at our freedoms and destabilized our nation. When folks in Russia speak up and call our nation the United Socialist States of America, you know things have gone too far afield. Even worse when they quote that famous song, stating, “Bye, bye Miss American Pie.” These sentiments and the header quote came from the same article by Lerma in Russia’s Pravda.

Growing up I remember the deep division between America and the USSR. We were taught that the USSR was the enemy and feared they could start a nuclear war at any minute. Certainly our governments were at odds and perhaps my childhood memory dramatized somewhat.

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However, I always felt that regardless of a nation’s politics the common people were just like you and me. I imagined their desire to live their lives unencumbered by international or national affairs. Pay the bills, raise the kids, and perhaps have time to make some enjoyable memories. I had always hoped there was some kid in Russia that thought just like I did. Maybe if we were running things, the world would be different. No politicians, just people who want a peaceful existence in order to do as well as they can for their family and community.

But there is a dark side to society, one which seemingly cannot be quelled. As much as we would like the society I described above, we must continue to prepare ourselves for calamity, to defend ourselves from threats, both foreign and domestic.

Looking at history, Nazi Germany, USSR, Castro/Guevara’s Cuba, or Saddam’s Iraq could not have happened if a mass of people had not banded together to effect violent, drastic changes in order to establish the authoritarian power desired. The problem is always the group at the top, perhaps drunk with power, employ an iron fist to maintain their authority. The sheeple (sheep+people) provide the mass needed to effect change, carelessly following without thought to consequence or historical precedence. It is only after the dust settles, when clutched in the steely grip of that iron fist, that the sheeple realize they were the authors of their own demise.

So too it may be in America if the people of this country do not become wise to the darkening skies. Ray Bradbury wrote Something Wicked This Way Comes in the 1960′s, a cautionary tale of a malevolent circus coming to a small town. The townspeople are given their wants and desires only to be enslaved by the circus. This is a very fitting tale to the events occurring in America today with the sheeple lapping up the “redistributed wealth” through government handouts.

For the Russian people, bread lines and broken government led to the demise of the USSR. This fortunate generation was freed from abject poverty and the intolerable abuses of a tyrannical government. Socialism breeds complacency in the masses and greed in those holding power, it can be no other way. This is the lesson Russians now use to mock us. They marvel at the arrogance to believe this brand of socialism is better than any other that has come before, knowing this is sheer folly.

Just remember, nothing is free, there is always a price to be had when dealing with things such as this. The Cloward-Piven strategy, dreamt up in the 1960′s, advocated overloading the welfare system through the “weight of the poor.” The idea was to overload the welfare system to the breaking point so it could be demolished and replaced with a different system. Sound somewhat familiar?

In January 2012 CNN Money reported that the government has been steadily pushing to get more people on food stamps. Looking at a 10-year window of the program, from 2002 to 2012, the program went from 19 million to 46.6 million participants, more than doubling in size. And this is just one welfare program.

Imagine what will happen when more than 11 million illegal aliens are given amnesty. I often hear how they will not be a burden on society; a requirement our nation has always demanded of new immigrants.

But what will happen when these poor souls are having as difficult a time as our current residents? After all, the argument is always that these immigrants work the jobs “Americans don’t want,” which are implied to be low-skill jobs. Presumably by that argument there is little chance for upward mobility for low-skill labor.

What will happen when the jobs these 11 million newly minted residents are lost to the new wave of illegal aliens? (I know, a side issue of the “cart before the horse” problem created by the new immigration reform bill which gives a “pathway” before securing the border or improving the application approval process) The government will come out with a “we have no choice but to care for them” policy, which will sink the nation further in debt. And of course create a new voting block for the Democrats and RINO’s (Republican In Name Only), who will devise more fun and exciting ways to spend the taxpayers’ dollars.

For me, I remember what my parents taught me about taking candy from strangers…change that to strangers and Government.

Anthony – Temet Nosce

Published 4/9/13 by Anthony J. Wells. Radical Middle © 2013.

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