bootThe victim of this Liberal oppression wants you all to be aware of this.  You will not see stuff like this on the news.  In California, some police officers treat gun owners like the scum of the earth.  In this case, it is Department-wide. 

I hope he sues the living crap out of the arresting officers personally, and the County, and of course the State of California, which at least in part funds these Nazis.  It certainly looks like he has a MAJOR civil rights lawsuit, and should be able to retire in style in the Dakotas or somewhere like that when he gets done with their stupid butts.  I know I would sue the crap out of them.  Go get ‘em!

This was a note on a Facebook friend request site.  If you have never seen this before, please take the time to read it. 

Making an “example” of a 2nd Amendment supporter, Cali Style

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by Axx L. Lxxxxxxxxx (Notes) on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 12:13pm

(I have “x-ed” the Facebook writer’s name, for now.)  I have added only one colon to the following text, excluding the last sentence of this post.  This is David’s story, in his own words.

This is a status update posted by my friend David Brayton, who lives in California. There is no question in my mind he was singled out for abuse and persecution because of his political beliefs:

“Here is the latest iteration of my fight with the anti gunners here called California. This week is when we file suit federally and statewide. A Press conference will be held this week when the suit goes live and I hope to have all of my friends that run conservative FB sites launching this piece at the same time. Please help me get this to go viral! Thank you for all of your support so far! This can happen to any of us so timing is imperative!

I have been a 2nd Amendment unloaded open carry guy for quite awhile. It always has been legal in CALI since 1967. Until This year Jan. 1 when AB144 was passed to make it illegal to open carry.. even unloaded.

I had been stopped approx. 10 times over the previous year and one half with NO incidents. Each time officers (from Ventura to SD County) asked to see my gun I said yes, they inspected it to make sure it was unloaded and bingo. All was fine. “Thank you Sir have a nice day.” And they would send me on my way. We have detailed incident reports of those stops. Including the day of my car accident when I was knocked out cold and my gun was in the car. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and the LA County Sheriff who was at the scene gave the gun back to my wife, no questions asked!

On Aug. 3, 2011, I was with my 10 year old son Jaeden at Walgreens in Valencia getting him a new item. We pulled out and were waiting at a stop light when an LA County lacountySheriff pulled aside our car. Out of my peripheral vision I saw him jump startled and then turned on his lights and pulled behind us to stop us. I told my son I was going to put my gun on the transmission hump as I did NOT want to put it on the dashboard as it might freak the deputy out. So I removed my gun from my holster and laid it on the transmission hump. Two deputies approached the vehicle. The other was a female on Jaedens side and the male approached my window.

I had rolled both front windows down as I was pulling over. The male officer asked me “What was that ‘thing’ on my back license plate?” I asked “The back-up camera?” He then said “You know your windows are tinted right?” At that point I stopped him and told him “Before you go any further I need to tell you that I am a 2nd Amendment unloaded open carry guy.” and pointed to my gun lying on the transmission hump. He said “YOU HAVE A GUN?” I repeated myself and told him “and I keep my loaded magazine in my left side pocket.” He then told me to get out of the car.

I knew this time was different. He asked if I’d ever been arrested and I said NO I don’t even have a parking ticket. Then he asked me again if I had ever been arrested. At that point he told me to put my hands behind my back which I did. He then proceeded to search me and I said “what are you doing, you can’t do this.” At that point I said “I need to get my phone out of the car so I can record this”. He said, “NO.” The deputy then took me to his car and put me in the back seat.

By this point, the female deputy had my son exit the vehicle so he sat on the grass next to the car playing with his new item, but watching everything the deputies were doing. The male deputy got into my car and searched it even after I told him he didn’t have permission to search. He took my gun, the unloaded mag and the loaded mag and put them on the top of my car. Talked to someone on his radio and then took the gun and loaded mag for evidence and then took the unloaded mag and through it in the back seat of my car. My wife Courtney found the unloaded mag the next day in the back seat and sealed it in a plastic bag.

The female deputy asked our son if there was someone who could pick him up. So he called my wife and couldn’t reach her. He then called my former wife Dawn. The deputy told Dawn on the phone “You know David is an open carry guy”. Dawn said “Yes.” The deputy continued, “Thats not a problem.. If you could come and pick up Jaeden we are going to take David to the sheriff’s station and sort through this.” When Dawn arrived to pick up Jaeden the female deputy told Dawn again that he was an open carry guy, but that he had a magazine within reach of the gun and she said that having it within reach was the same as carrying a loaded weapon(which was not true). Keep this in mind as you hear what they finally charged me with. Before Jaeden left, the male deputy came to the car and asked me to take off anything valuable and he will give it to my son, including my belt and holster as “You won’t be needing those where you are going.” I asked, “What are you doing? Are you arresting me? “ He did not answer me and he walked away.

After Dawn drove away with Jaeden and my car, the male deputy came to the car and asked me to get out of the car and he put handcuffs on me. I said, “You’re arresting me?” He said “Yes.” I said, “What for?” The deputy would not answer. He did not read me my Miranda rights nor tell me what he was arresting me for.

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I was taken to SCV jail and since they HAD NO HOT WATER, they couldn’t book me there. As I was sitting in the holding cell in cuffs, I started to have pain and burning in my chest. Knowing that I had had minor heart surgery a couple years earlier and a brain cyst that caused mini seizures and such, I told the deputy’s that I was having pain In my chest and possibly a seizure coming on and they said “Yea, what the f&%^, sure you are, liar.” I said “Think what you want, but I need to go to the hospital.” They finally drove me to Henry Mayo Hospital and called me names and told me that they have no problem taking me there cause it’s overtime pay for them and this will be far worse on me for ‘pulling medical s$#t.” I told them I was serious and that my wife has 1200 pages of medical records to prove it. The female deputy said, “Yea, right!” They checked me over at the ER. I was handcuffed to the bed and had to listen to the deputies harass me about the overtime and some other stuff about tieing one on (all which was heard by our neighbor who just happened to be in the ER at the same time). The male deputy even asked me “Have we treated you respectfully?” I laughed and said “Are you kidding me? I can’t believe you are asking me that!” As there was nothing but harassment and disrespect they whole time I was in their custody. After 4 hours of tests the Dr released me.

They then took me downtown and booked me into LA Twin Towers. Upon booking they took away my hearing aids which made it so I couldn’t hear anything as I have a latwintowers49% hearing loss. As I was in booking another sheriff sat me down and put strips of medical tape on my back and wrote something on it and said a ton of bad crap to me in the process. I asked another inmate what was on my back and he said…B-I-A-S. What was it? I have no idea of the context. I had to wear it the whole time I was there.I had the usual chest x-ray, medical intake asking of my medical history and was finally able to call my wife. I still had no idea what theY arrested me for. Without going into great detail, after they took my chest x-ray and saw it was abnormal they gave me a tb and candida test. They misdiagnosed me as having TB so they sent me to the medical wing in solitaire and made me wear a mask. They started treating me for TB. I told them I was diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease by the VA and they should call them to verify. They didn’t. They would not give me my heart medicine or anxiety medicine or my hearing aids. I was starting to get a headache and the tinnitus back in my ears from not having my hearing aids. 2 ½ months earlier I was involved in a car accident and was prescribed vicoden 4x’s/day by my VA Dr and all the jail would give me was ibuprofen 2 x/s a day. Come to find out, that the very strong medications they gave me to ‘treat’ the TB, over 4 times/day, negated the meds I was supposed to be on which affected me greatly when released.

I was arraigned on Aug 5th at 1pm, after I was supposed to be arraigned in the morning, and was finally read my charges of 12025(a)(1) concealed weapon and charged as a felony. This charge is usually charged as a misdemeanor but is a wobbler so they went for the gusto! The judge let me out on my own recognizance so I got back on the bus and was dropped back off at Twin Towers. I was told that it would be a few more hours then I could leave. At this point I was in a cell that was filling up rapidly. As I was being smashed up against the jail doors I was starting to have pains in my chest and was getting light headed, starting to pass out. I’m in make the hide me ask what was wrong he pushed me to a standing position and yelled to the guard. The deputy opened the cell door and I fell out onto the concrete. I told him that I need to see a doctor and he said whatever follow the green line. I couldn’t walk at that point and still dizzy and I said I can’t possibly do that since it looked like a very far distance. he said what? You want me to carry you and I said well maybe. That was when it got bad. I couldn’t walk so I crawled to the wall where the line was and continued up the ramp following the green line. It took me write agile to get to the end of that line where a couple other deputies asked me what I was doing there.I said I needed a doctor and they said…follow the yellow line…each time I crawled to the end of one line they told me to follow another child line. This lasted for hours until, exhausted I came up to 4 deputies and said the same thing I had said before. They opened a door around a corner, as I walked in the guy slammed the door on my leg , saying “there’s your fuckin doctor” and I fell into an empty freezing cold cell that was flooded with urine,water and feces from an overflowed toilet. I was kept there for afew more hours. Finally, I was put back into the medical wing and waited. At some point close to midnight they told me I couldn’t leave because they think I have TB and that the LA County has place a medical hold on me and they couldn’t release me until my TB test came back clear. At this point I was livid! When I talked to my wife she said she could fax the jail the VA CT report that showed the Interstitial Lung Disease. So she did and the jail Dr’s said they couldn’t release me that it was LA County that had the hold on me and there was nothing that could be done until Monday. My wife immediately called and emailed everyone including Buck McKeon, LA County Health, Center of Infectious Disease, the Mayor of LA, Mark Ridley Thomas, TB Control office, the director of Communicable Disease Control and others asking for help to get me released. With her help I was finally released Monday night at 7:37pm. I was arrested Wednesday so I was in jail 5.5 days.

I have been in and out of court since then. My preliminary hearing was Dec 7, 2011 and was bound over for trial. We have had umpteen pre-trials and now our next pre-trial is June 19 where they should set the trial date. The DA had talked at one point about me pleading to a misdemeanor for an unregistered weapon, but having possession of an unregistered gun is not illegal.

What I would like is to get HUGE public attention on this gross assault of my 2nd and 4th amendment rights. Of course or goal is that the charges be totally dropped, my recorded expunged and policies, training and awareness put in place so that this will not ever happen to another person! But if it is not, then we will fight this to the end. I did not break the law in any way and I was wrongly arrested because these deputies did not know the law!

I believe I was targeted and am to be made an example of due to the fact that back in July and August of 2011 there was much debate, meetings, and upset people concerning AB144, making open carry illegal.I have much documentation on how it is possible I was targeted including a 2nd amendment lobbyist that is willing to testify to the fact that she was told by a lobbyist from Baca’s camp that if they don’t get AB 144 passed that they would find someone who had a gun in their trunk and ammo elsewhere and call it a loaded weapon. This is what they originally wrote as the charge on my police report. Of course the police report is a bit suspicious as the original charge was whited out and the new charge of concealed weapon was written in. There are so many discrepancies on the police report it’s laughable.

The government keeps chipping away at our legal rights and I will not stand for it. I believe this fight is for all of those who stand behind and exercise their 2nd amendment rights. My wife and I would greatly appreciate your support in making this as pubic as possible and help us as we file a federal and California civil suit against LA County, the Sheriff’s Dept, the jail medical facilities and the arresting officers and put pressure on “the people”. Thank you.”

The requesting friend told others who messaged, “He wants this to go viral, so feel free to share it.”