Dead bodies are not a joke. If someone next to you opens fire this could be you, whether your intentions are peaceful or not. Is this what you want? Are you on a suicide mission?

Dead bodies are not a joke. If someone next to you opens fire this could be you, whether your intentions are peaceful or not. Is this what you want? Are you on a suicide mission?
Dead bodies are not a joke. If someone next to you opens fire this could be you, whether your intentions are peaceful or not. Is this what you want? Are you on a suicide mission?

It’s time for me to speak my mind. A lot of people are reporting the news but I haven’t seen many people trying to interpret the ramifications of the events they are reporting.  By now most of you have heard that there is a second armed march planned for Washington D.C. on July 4th, 2013. For those of you who are unaware this is not the first armed march planned for this date. It is in fact the second.

Though I must salute the Patriotism and courage it takes to participate and plan such marches, I can in no way endorse them. What in the hell are people thinking? Let’s go back to a quote that is widely attributed to General Patton and I will explain what I am talking about.

“I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.”

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That quote is from the movie “Patton” and it is unclear whether General Patton ever actually uttered those words. It does not matter to me, because the quote rings truth.

There is something that people are missing in the mix of these planned armed marches. Though they are being described as peaceful it will not take much for them to turn otherwise. I see it as a suicide mission. There is no open carry in Washington D.C. With that in mind only two things can happen…arrests or bloodshed.

An arrest for carrying a loaded gun in Washington D.C. is not likely a slap on the wrist. It’s not a few hours or a night in jail. Chances are very good that violating the law in this manner can and will land you in prison. What good are you going to do to your fellow Patriots in prison? Seriously. We need you out here. You are going to have your rifles and shotguns confiscated for participating in such a march. That is certain. Prison time is an unknown but do you really think the government is going to provide you with this wonderful police escort and be your tour guide around D.C. while you openly carry around the capitol? That’s insane thinking.


The second thing you need to think about is this… Not all people who attend such a march will understand the meaning of “peaceful.”  This is exactly why I opposed the first march and why I will oppose the second. The creators of the first march made mention of it being peaceful and said that people could come unarmed if they wanted. Some people probably will. Here is the deal. You are going to have some silver-haired grandma out there holding “Molon Labe” signs in the middle of the crowd with no sidearm and no intentions of causing violence. This is fairly certain.

The problem is this. Shortly after hearing about the first armed march I talked to two Facebook friends who both told me the same thing. They will be looking for an excuse to open fire. They do not understand the “peaceful” intention of such a protest and they are going to Washington D.C. on July 4th on a suicide mission. They intend to start the next American revolution.

How would you like to be the silver-haired grandma standing next to one of these people when they open fire?

These protests are no doubt a profile in courage but also a profile in foolishness. If things go bad then I will be one of those who has your back. But I will not participate in any suicide mission. For a talk show host to act like he can control every member of an angry mob is simply naive. You can not determine the intent of these people and you can not control all of them.

But the federal government can and will control these people whether it means putting them into jail cells or caskets. The dumbest thing of all is that in Washington D.C. they don’t even need to confront your angry mob with their own armed personnel if they don’t want to. That city is so well protected that they have a hundred ways to kill you without even having to look you in the eye. How is your rifle going to protect you against a drone (for instance)?

I can not tell anyone not to go. What I will tell you is that if you do go you should not kid yourself. It only takes one or two loose cannons to turn this into a bloodbath and you won’t likely make it out alive if that’s what it becomes.

So I ask you? If this turns into a suicide mission is it truly worth it to you? Are you going to die for your country or make the other dumb bastard die?

This is an act of war and armies do not announce to the world that “we will meet on the Maryland side of the border and take this route into the city…yada…yada…yada.”

You are giving them exactly what they want…an opportunity to jail or slaughter a bunch of second amendment activists.

I won’t be participating, but as I said, if things go bad I will have your back. I am not against what you stand for, just the way you are choosing to go about it. I have twin girls due around July 4th and I won’t be taking part in any suicide missions.

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I salute your courage and I understand that something has to be done. But please think about your methods. That is all I ask. Hopefully those two friends who informed me of their intentions have had a chance to think about the ramifications of such. But even if they have, there will likely be others. Either way my prayers go with you on July 4th. Make sure you make peace with your God and your family before you leave that morning. This is not a protest. It is an act of war against the federal government.

As long as you understand that, then I am OK with whatever courageous decision you  make. I am not looking to be a martyr and leave 5 kids behind. If the Revolution comes I intend to live if possible. Will I fight? You are damn right I will fight, but I won’t be attempting to put myself into situations where I have no chance of success.

“If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matthew 15:14

God Bless the American Patriot.