Al Sharpton RacecardIn a world where Al Sharpton can be called a serious journalist, I think that I may be in line for a Pulitzer prize. This man is so eaten up that I honestly can’t believe that MSNBC would give him a job.  Not that I have much respect for MSNBC but Al Sharpton thinks the free market is where they hand out the government cheese. The man is utterly clueless on most fronts.

So what is Al Sharpton upset about this time? Evidently he thinks that a new “zombie target” looks like President Barack Obama. I have seen the video and I honestly don’t see it. It’s a zombie. What’s the matter Al, do they all look alike? The zombies that is.  How dare you compare the President of the United States to a zombie. 

Here is the video. I watched the first four minutes and that was all I could stomach. If some miracle happened where the Reverend Al Sharpton started to make sense, you might let me know in the comments below.

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Let’s say that the zombie does look somewhat like Obama and play a little devil’s advocate. Reverend Sharpton with all offense intended…you can kiss my cracker assets. If Zombie Industries built this zombie to look like Obama then good for them, because what we witnessed a few short months ago was far worse.

The Department of Homeland Security recently bought targets of pregnant women, elderly people and children packing heat. Screw you Sharpton because the cracker white woman in this video looks like my pregnant sweetheart. I find this much more offensive than a zombie target who might resemble Obama. The DHS is conditioning their agents to fire on American citizens, so why don’t you bite into that piece of journalism Al?


The problem is that the American people are so brainwashed that very few people know about the real stories that are going on behind the scenes. Even major conservative news sources failed to report this story and I for one have had enough of the left-leaning media who claim to support a conservative agenda. They are worse than MSNBC because they are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Now that we are both equally offended, let me remind everyone of why you can’t ever take Al Sharpton seriously. He is a racist pig and a homophobe who represents a political ideology that is supposed to be against both. He will be the first to play the race card if things don’t go his way and he will be the first to throw the insults. Check out this video from Breitbart:


In all of my years of following Sharpton I can’t remember a time when he didn’t come off as a bit radical. I really don’t care what he thinks because the man can barely speak intelligently. I get it Al. You are African-American. But in American we speak a language called English. If I ever hit it big in blogging I will be sending you a set of Rosetta Stone CD’s for English.

My treat Al…just to prove to you that there are no hard feelings. Serious journalists like you and I must stick together, even when we disagree on the fine points.