adam kokeshRadio Host to Lead Armed March on DC July 4th ‘To Put Gov’t on Notice that We Won’t be Intimidated’ –CNS News

By now we have all heard about the proposed march on DC on Independence Day. Many say it is the way to go. Others say it is totally crazy. Others say it is completely dangerous. Others say it is playing into the Left’s hands.

The answer is, “All of the above.”

The last I have heard, is that this will be an unlawful assembly. They have no permits to march. They are allegedly coordinating with the DC Police about the logistics of the march, where they will be allowed to go, where not. They plan on open carry, and they plan on having their guns loaded.

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I would be there if I could. I would be there in my sunglasses, in my cutoff jeans, my sandals, and with a blue and green tie-dye tee shirt on. One that says “PEACE” on the front, and “WAR” on the back, in big white lettering.

The Federal Government will have choices to make.

My only weapons would be my Moses snake walking stick, and my belief in the power of God, which is very personal, and which I feel within me every day. I would march right out in front, without any fear.  Fully loaded.

But so far, I logistically cannot get there, and it does not look good for my getting there.

My Facebook friend Dan Hecker and I have an idea. We both believe that if even only one righteous guy or gal is found within a Nation, that Nation will be spared. The righteous are like lightning rods. The Power of God is within them, and spreads out to all around them who are of like mind and soul.

Dan and I believe that we are rewarded according to our collective beliefs. That is the Way of God. To reward a Nation, or to punish a Nation.

The choice is ours.

If we believe only bad will come out of this, it shall. If we believe only good will come out of it, that also will be the result.

And God is Good.  After all, “God” is the root of the very Word.

Dan and I choose to believe that this unlawful but just assembly will be nonviolent. We are asking you all to choose to believe the same. Do not think that it will go bad. Think, no, believe, with all of your heart and soul and with no doubt, that only good will come out of it.  Believe this as true.

We are all rewarded according to our beliefs. Individually and collectively. That is why we are in the current state we find ourselves in. If you believe in nothing, then that is your reward.

Since we cannot get there, Dan and I are instead spending the day in Prayer. Prayer is Power. United, the Power grows. We are asking all of you who cannot get there to get on bended knee as much as you can on the Fourth of July, and Pray for the Salvation of Our Country.

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If one righteous person prays, the Power of God is with that Nation, and it will be spared. Imagine if a hundred, a thousand, a million, nay, a hundred million righteous are on their knees during this march, how much the Power of God will grow in this Nation!

For, after all, the Left tells us incessantly that we are a Nation apart. So stand up tall, and claim your Inheritance as that Nation. They are all like a dripping roof, nagging all day long. But they have no true Power. That resides with God, the very God they say is dead.

A sword in every tent is the most important worldly Commandment.

Power is Life, and God is Life itself.

If we all pray on Independence Day, whatever happens in DC on that Day will be accomplished through the very Hand of God, working His Miracles in His Mysterious Way.

Remember, miracles are often only seen as miracles well after the fact. The Old Testament is full of such surprises. It is only Mystery until you are initiated into Mystery itself.

I will be praying all day on July Fourth, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Thirteen.

Will you join my friend Dan and I, on bended knee before your God, with a humble and thankful heart, on that National Day of Prayer and Independence?

And if you can, will you march, without fear, before the very maws of the lions?

Pray as often and long as you like. If you mean it, pray. If you do not mean it, stop. Do not do it for show. Do it because you care.

It is okay if you spill a little beer during your prayer, and lose a hotdog or two to your hungry redticks. They also deserve some crumbs from their Master’s table. Just do not call them offerings and libations.


Gary W. Harper, Pennsylvania

Dan Hecker, Texas