al qaeda flagA year and five days ago our movement was dealt our most devastating set back yet, our leader was killed. Since that day it has become my task to bring Jihad against the Infidel dogs who have defied Allah. We have stepped up our training camp activities, planted a few bombs, struck at a sporting event, But these are not enough. We must devise a plan to strike at the heart of the evil Satan, the United States of America.

This plan will have to be big, bold and brash. Designed to not only strike terror into their hearts but disrupt their entire way of life. How I wish the Leader were here to guide me in these matters, he knew exactly what would do the most harm while gaining us the footing we needed, damn those Navy Seals.

I sit here browsing the internet, looking for something to exploit to our advantage, something that will fit the profile. I stumble across the website for a group call Prepare to take America Back, what’s this ? An armed march on Washington DC??  They claim it to be peaceful, but I see their intent. 80,000 possible participants, how well could they know each person there? This radio Talk show host recruiting more people, this merits further research.

If we can plant bombs, fly planes into buildings and release gas in subways how hard would it be to get 10 of our operatives into a crowd that large?? All we would need to do is wait until the tensions are high enough and then start firing shots. It would be the greatest way to bring that Country to its knees, at the least it deepens the mistrust that is already there, at the best it throws them into a civil war, their focus will be on each other and we will have greater opportunity to carry out our mission and most likely the blame will be placed with either of the sides in their internal conflict. Allah be praised, our prayers may just have been answered.  Our cause owes the Infidels many thanks.

The Leader would be proud.