Eric HolderIs it possible that Attorney General Eric Holder was giving the IRS information on who to target back in 2010? There is a letter on record to suggest that this might just be the case. The letter was sent from Representative Shelia Jackson Lee (D-TX) to Attorney General Eric Holder and requested that his office investigate a conservative group that was soon after targeted by the IRS. As reported late Monday by Brandon Darby of there is now a possible tie between Eric Holder and the IRS scandal:

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate election integrity org True the Vote and its associated Tea Party group, King Street Patriots, immediately before the IRS and DOJ began targeting the group in June 2010.

Rep. Jackson Lee sent a letter to Holder which alleged that True the Vote was intimidating voters and their election monitors were crossing the line in unspecified “instances” of voter intimidation. The letter went on to directly assert that the “alleged events” were factual and that the True the Vote effort was behind the crimes. The letter offered no documented instances or data of any kind.

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This is huge. This is a possible tie between the Obama Administration and the IRS targeting of conservative groups. I am sure the Obama Administration will call this complete coincidence but, since when can we believe them?

If Attorney General Eric Holder would listen to anything that Sheila Jackson Lee said it would be a scandal in and of itself. Let us revisit some of Congresswoman Lee’s most shining moments.

She is believed to have used taxpayer funds to make a trip to speak at Michael Jackson’s memorial service.

She brought the issue of Rush Limbaugh’s attempt to become an NFL owner to the House Floor.

In 1996 she set up a phony interview with “fake” callers who were following a script and acting like “concerned citizens.”

The woman used North and South Vietnam as an example of how neighboring countries can live in harmony. Evidently she does not realize that North Vietnam took over South Vietnam after we withdrew and is now one country.

At an NAACP event she accused Tea Party members of being modern day members of the Ku Klux Klan.

She noted that Republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling because Obama is black.

Sheila Jackson Lee is certainly not someone who should be speaking of integrity in any form and not someone that Eric Holder should be listening to.

Here is a copy of her letter to Holder. This is certainly enough to raise suspicion. Was Eric Holder involved in deciding who was targeted? Or is it just a coincidence? That might depend who you ask.