perazzi shotgunsOnly in America. Imagine you are a cab driver and you see your fare load 7 gun cases into your cab. He asks to be dropped off at a mall. What would you do? I can not really blame the cab driver for calling the police. I do, however, have to question the way the police handled the matter.

The cab driver dropped a man off at a gun show. He may not have realized that he was dropping him off at a gun show, but how could Denver Police not make this connection? All indications are that the Denver PD came to the gun show and pulled an executive or distributor of Perazzi away for questioning. Are you kidding me?


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Denver’s FOX31 reports:

An executive with a prominent gun manufacturer is on his way back to his native Italy after a taxi driver mistook him for a terrorist on Saturday.

Daniele Perazzi took a cab to the Colorado Gun Collectors Association trade show at the Denver Merchandise Mart around noon.

He had seven shotguns at the time and apparently the guns scared Perazzi’s cab driver who called police and told them he’d just dropped off a terrorist.

Perazzi was taken in for questioning by the Adams County Sheriffs Department, but was released a short time later.

Perazzi’s U.S. attorney told FOX31 Denver that her client was scared during the incident because he’s not familiar with U.S. gun laws and thought he’d done something wrong.

She said legal action is a possibility in the future.

One note here. The man in question is Daniele Perazzi’s grandson according to reports. Daniele Perrazzi died in November of 2012. The video acknowledges this but the article does not.

Legal action is a possibility. Do you think? Come on. If I am understanding this correctly the Police came to the site of the gun show and took a man carrying seven shotguns in for questioning. Fine use of our tax dollars. When is it that common sense comes into play?

Let’s see…So the cab driver dropped off a man with multiple weapons at a gun show. He must be a terrorist. Book ’em Danno. I’d sue their asses off personally.

Even if a terrorist was dumb enough to carry seven shotguns to a gun show, how far do you really think that terrorist would make it?

Again, I can’t really blame the cab driver who may have been oblivious to the gun show. But police officers need to have more common sense than this.

Update: As if this story is not bizarre enough already…

I have just taken this press release from the website. The translation program I use is not perfect so I will just print it as it is translated. We need to get to the truth if at all possible because the Denver Fox affiliate has obviously screwed this story up:


About press reports of Denver (Colorado), relating to an alleged arrest for terrorism Daniele Perazzi (founder of Perazzi Armi SpA) urged by a taxi driver of the place, we point out that the news is completely devoid of any foundation.

In fact, Daniele Perazzi is, unfortunately, failed to live for about a year. Even his son, Mauro, was last Saturday in the USA.

This means that as reported in the press is absolutely false and wrong and that, consequently, the news has not been verified for nothing.

The company Perazzi, however, contrary to what is written, is familiar with the American legislation on weapons because of his extensive and well-known activities of marketing its products in the USA.

Since it is difficult to think of simple error, it is believed that someone who has interests contrary to those of the Perazzi SpA, may have created this false defamatory purposes only.

The company has already instructed his lawyers to take the most appropriate actions, civil and criminal, in order to protect the brand represented and related activities, and also turning a profit on the American market.

Roberta Perazzi – CEO

I have to add a note to this and this is even more crazy. The reason I went to and tried to get an English translation is because the Perazzi Facebook fan page had a similar press release (in both English and Italian) that said the son was “not” in the United States. It also listed nothing about a grandson. I think the above is a failure in my translation program. I believe it is meant to say that Mauro was not in the USA. The problem is that as I was attempting to copy and paste the release, it was removed. Crazy stuff. Just in case they put up another release tomorrow, the Perazzi Facebook fan page can be found here.

It seems like Perazzi is considering a lawsuit but that might be the only part of the story that is factual. Time will tell. For all we know at this point they may have had a real terrorist in custody and released him. Sometimes after I check facts I wish I never would have. This is one of those times. 🙂 But we must seek the truth.

It’s quite possible that the headline should have read “Denver Police Interrogate a Terrorist and Mistake Him for a Gun Executive.” Let’s hope that is not the case. It’s pretty obvious that the Fox affiliate in Denver has this story a little screwed up. My best guess at this point is that there was a Perazzi distributor or representative involved but it was not the grandson nor anyone bearing the Perazzi surname.