flag-sunDC Clothesline is an excellent read for people who still hold on to CONSTITUTIONAL values and MORAL code.  If this is your belief, when thinking things over your mental posture might be OFFENSIVE; recognizing that both constitutional and moral values are eroding.

I view the American climate as changing..rapidly..progressively..towards one of control, domination, and greed.  Gov’t decisions are no longer based on what is nationally prudent, but what is temporarily popular. The budget deficit has hit a historical high, there is evidence of money laundering, criminal charges are being brought against public officials, and for the first time in US History the US Attorney General is being brought up on Contempt. Two of the largest Gov’t agencies are under investigation for forgery and fraud IRS and HHS. Islamic/Turkish business ventures are blossoming (AlJezreel TV, Mega Mosque PG County Maryland). Also, more terroristic threats and participation in terroristic acts by US citizens.

Can we envision what America will look like in 2020 if we continue on this path? Based on my own Circumstances (Civil Suit against FED & WH), there is an enlarging gap between the government and the citizens…in short more control and NO ACCOUNTABILITY.  The government is becoming increasing powerful with no limits on criminal activities, spending, terroristic plots, or lewd public acts. Judging from the past 8 years of lawmaking & decision making, we have much to reap in coming years.That may mean poverty, food shortage, immorality…and a host of other things because of the selfishness of the generation before.

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The minds of US citizens have seen much negativity on Capitol Hill.

Our job is to stay informed, share information, and make suggestions to our government for improvement.  We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. 2016 will be here before we know it.  I hear Allen West is thinking of running for President along side hopeful Hillary Clinton. If we start educating YOUNG and ELDERLY people now about voting, history of candidates, and the future of America, they can make informed decisions at the voting polls.  I’m quite sure the consensus was this was not the case in the Presidential elections of 2008 or 2012. (Quite contrary, evidence of more criminal activities during electoral voting).

My name is Katrina Robinson. The newest writer on the Clothesline.  If you haven’t heard I am the subject of a government undercover operation.  You may get a phone call about me w/ instructions to ignore or mistreat me.  (It’s been going on for 2 years so don’t worry about it.)

I’m the newest writer and have loads to share about what it feels like to be on the OPPOSITE end of an EXECUTIVE ORDER. To read more www.twitter.com/warforyourdream

Also drop me a text 832-538-8647.  Anonymous texts are enlightening.

You’ll be hearing alot more from me..and thanks Dean.