Barack ObamaIn taking a close look a current events happening in our government, economy, and overall culture, it is obvious that there is much change happening quickly.  I always compliment FB for being a better source of information that the mainstream news because it is QUICK and MORE DETAILED; often times from a source that may never be seen on television.

In my opinion, the U.S. is closely watched just because of the freedoms we enjoy and aide brought to other nations.  Those nations spend more time on survival, fighting civil wars, or other hardships.  Whatever emerges from the United States is easily learned from. Military operations, US television programs, and meeting diplomats and citizens up close and personal influence perceptions. The effects can be lasting.

I do believe that other cultures much desire TO DOMINATE the United States; nothing new, we have many of enemies. In order to do that, methods of control must be implemented.  (Which we currently see in America, under the guise of necessary for Security).

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I do believe that this man was strategically EDUCATED, FUNDED, NETWORKED by the Saudis/Islamic network to advance in the American Culture. I believe this man was young, bright, intelligent and driven for success; an excellent investment for Ivy League education and eventually the White House.  As long as he was generally accepted, affluent, and had popularity he could make it into the highest seat in the world, regardless of his belief system.

I do believe that the overall strategy of the newly implemented methods of control we are experiencing is to DOMINATE THE WORLD for Islam and the Islamic belief system.  Good news for those who are close quarters with POTUS in high positions, wealthy (entertainment, sports, entrepreneurs).  The reality of it is without prudence; it won’t last very long without many problems coming along with it.

I do believe that OUR NATION, OUR GOVERNMENT has been watched, researched, studied, to find ways to infiltrate and destroy constitutional government.

I do believe that we have an excessive amount of “Dirty Laundry” abroad.  Those outside the United States know about many more events than we man know about INSIDE the states.  Hidden events or “Military Secrets”.  Down through time they have sparked anger, hate, and even jealousy among other cultures.  Maybe greed is catching up to us?

I do believe the notion that “America does ANYTHING for the president”, we are a CAPITALIST nation, and thrive on the wealthy and commercializations are well known WORLDWIDE facts.

I do believe that while claiming to be Christian, his behavior exhibits an Islamic value system sometimes extreme; dominating and controlling areas of government.

That being said it is easy to see, in my opinion, why the United States in the position it is. If in fact the value system will be compromised for appearances, national spending for appearances, and gov’t will TOTALLY compromise for the position of PRESIDENT; then that position will surely be COVETED by enemies.

All the power needed to turn a Country, a World, in any one direction is in that seat.

All I can say is, citizen turmoil is obvious and growing by the day.  The level of distrust, and frustration with the current system and representation of government is mounting.  I can only wonder how long citizens will complain and do nothing, or complain and compromise.  In the grand scheme of things, whatever they think they’re getting, is not a drop in the bucket compared the hardship that will follow.

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