can_you_hear_me_now_lgAt first glance, the phone records scandal is appalling because everyone uses a phone and no one wants everyone to know how many times they call Aunt Gladys.  And the fact that the government has all your phone records can be unsettling, but unless you are selling meth online, chances are most people will not suffer anything beyond their privacy.  But, the ramifications of this scandal could be exceedingly more serious than you have thought about.


The Blackberrys given to all members of congress and many congressional aides run through Verizon.  That may not be coincidental.  Remember those stolen medical records?  Every state judge in California had their records pulled.  Why?  Someday, you might need a favorable court ruling……….  And what if you had a bill in the Senate and you are one or two votes shy?  You might learn enough from the phone records to get those extra votes.  Get something big enough and you could convince someone to resign for “personal reasons.

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Furthermore, what would stop you from using those records to garner information on the opposition.  What if a whistleblower was willing to give up materials of evidence but weren’t willing to come forward.  Those phone records could be used to find out who the informant was.  Is this representative having an affair?  Did that Senator use inside information to make millions?  You have traded buying someone’s vote to blackmailing them for it.  So, Rep —–, who do you think would be madder?  Your constituents or your wife?  You choose.  And does anyone doubt this regime would hesitate to do that?  Does that explain Roberts’ vote on Obamacare?

You could gather information to use against that republican in the 2014 elections.  The possibilities are endless.  And what happens after they find curiosities in your phone records?  Tapped phones and bugged offices?


Private Corporations and Political Opponents

Having trouble raising enough for the DNC?  Check the phone records of all the top execs.  Need some favorable newspaper stories on your candidate?  Check the phone records of all the editors.  Need more volunteers to do your legwork?  Check the phone records of the union bosses.  Need some dirt on an opponent who leads in the polls?  Check all the phone records of his or her close aides.  There’s nothing you can’t do.  And when you find a problem with their phone records, you simply pull up their email with PRISM.

Foreign and Industrial Spies

Think about it.  Snowden was a 29 year old employee of a contractor who works for the NSA.  What would prevent some foreign country to plant a spy in a system so apparently loose.  Or what would prevent someone from snooping on industrial secrets that could be sold to the highest bidder?  So many applications for the unscrupulous.  But enough of the Obama regime, imagine what havoc amateur criminals could inflict on our businesses.

Seizing all these phone records are bad but the uses of that information borders on the unimaginable.

Steven Ahle is the Editor for Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.