big-brotherI was talking today with someone about all of this NSA information gathering, and how Facebook and Google and blogs like this and your phone calls are secretly being gleaned for information. She was not aware of all of this. The last one she had heard of was the IRS thing.

This mining of information has been going on since the invention of tape recorders, but it really only got going with the advent of digital communications. Do you really think this story is anything new? They have been listening in and filtering and cataloging and analyzing all of this crap for a long time. I got this information directly from two people who were FBI at the time, and the speaker claimed to have been Secret Service, NSA, NSC, etc., etc., etc. The two others present did not deny any of it either, but neither did any of the three uncommunicative ones confirm it, either. They left it all up for to me to decide what was what. I know exactly what I thought of all of this, back in 1989.

Don’t bother trying to contact the speaker, asswipes, he is dead now. And if I want you to know anything more, I will post it when I am ready. So don’t bother me, either, you will hear about it when I am good and ready. Just keep monitoring my shit, in the end you will get the whole story. That is, if you know how to read between the lines.

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Did I mention that my Facebook friends are not morons like you thing they are, and that we all know that the ultimate audience for everything we post is DHS and Congress? And you, too, Barak, and all of your partners in crime, you are included in our audience. You all get to see the reports, and the statistical analyses.

Do any of you really think that these social media services got to be so large so fast without a little help from the inside? Who do you think is actually backing their financing behind the scenes? No, these sites are gold mines of information, and best of all, they cough it up in real time. They are the pulse of the people. Who really believes that the best hackers in the world are not really working as “part-time consultants” for the various governments all around the globe?

The best part of it all is, that these databases were set up by the merchants, who just want to sell you something. They track your purchases, etc. Then they filter it to see what you might buy. It is better to be inclusive in this information collecting, so that you do not miss anything. It might mean a missed sale to you.

What a cosmic-scaled laugh that one is.

Granted, such information is not complete. But it is saved in bits and pieces in so many sources, that the government needs only to access all of this information, and put it all together. Just like a prism will refract white light into all of its component colors. Break the white noise all down into separate categories, sort it, filter it. Look at, study it, the color of the day, the color of the hour. It is a beautiful situation for them.

Everything is stored on servers. There is no guarantee of privacy in digital media. How do you think that the cops can get a warrant and retrieve cell phone calls or email records in a criminal investigation? Or, internet searches?

Grabbing the hard drive from the house is just a formality, for the cameras, just so that it looks good to the sheep, and to the jury in the courtroom. The Feds have already downloaded it before they come for it.

This grabbing the laptop out of the house for the media cameras just reassures you all that you have some privacy rights in such media. So you are still not afraid to speak your mind on Facebook, in email, on your phone, etc. Once you all catch on, this will still be done for the courtroom, but will become irrelevant, from a PR point of view.

You can blame Congress under George Bush, and the Anti-Patriot Act, for this monitoring of all of your communications for the key words that kick the automated recording business and all of that intrusive shit on.

ask you, “How close is totalitarianism?”

It is enough to make you lose your cookies. Which is I why I run my Norton all of the time.

Anyway, my friend said that her grandchild was at the doctor. The kid was learning to walk, and bumped into something, and got a big bruise. They took the grandkid to the doctor, and the nurse said, “That’s a really big bruise.” Then there were thirty questions about how the kid got the bruise. The doctor came in. He said, “That is a really big bruise.” Then there were ninety more questions about the bruise. Something like that.

The kid’s mom was a little pissed about the nurse’s less than subtle implications. So she said, “Yeah, right, so I’m going to take my kid home right now and beat him.”   The nurse leaned closer in her best Stalinist-era, concerned confidant stance, and said, “Are you serious about that? Because if you are, I have to report you to the authorities.”

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The mom said, “Of course I’m not serious. What sort of person do you think I am?”

I got no word on what the doctor said.

So I ask you, do you think that this exchange was reported to the authorities? You can bet your sweet ass that the medical profession’s servers were dancing like tops that day.

“How close art thou, totalitarianism?”

A guy was telling me a few weeks ago that, only a few years ago, he took his kid to the doctor for something. His kid was two. He mentioned to the doctor that his kid was not talking yet. The doctor checked a little box off on his form. A short time later, they got a visit from the PA Department of Children and Youth Services. That is what he called it. They had about a hundred questions about why his kid was not talking yet. He is a teacher, and told them that some kids start later than others. There is a range in childhood development. He actually had to tell them this. Something they should have learned in Childhood Development 101. (Duh, assholes…)

They went away. He has not seen them since then.

He says now, they cannot shut his kid up. She talks all day long. Late bloomer.

I told him that my brief visit from The Department of Health and Human Services a few weeks ago may have actually been meant for him. Their lackey, who looked lost (all the mailboxes on this street had the same number, with a letter after them), told me that “We are just confirming addresses locally.” I told him that maybe the Feds were actually checking up on them, maybe they had accessed the State information from a few years ago.
I asked him if he found that to be annoying, and he said, “Yes.”

“Oh, totalitarianism, where art thou?”

The upshot of it all was that, the person I was talking to today said that she thought that it was time they got a gun, before they couldn’t even get one. I advised her to first become familiar with handling one. Learn to load it and unload it, using empty casings. Learn how to handle it, load and unload it with live rounds, where the safety is, and how to handle it. Do this with several types of guns until they were not unfamiliar, felt comfortable in her hands. Learn not to have any fear of the inanimate object in her hands, as it can only do what you make it do. Learn basic gun safety. Go to ranges and shoot a bit with eye and ear protection before making the purchase. I recommended a shotgun with a high capacity tube and interchangeable pistol grip and shoulder stocks. They are the best choice for home defense, and having one of those stuck under your nose usually is a memorable experience. The sight of it generally is enough for any crook to never to come back. As it gets closer, the bore diameter seems to grow in size exponentially. At least, according to a Pagan my dad met in the hospital.

Never have a loaded gun sitting around. Especially if there are children or other young people about. If you have time to grab it, you generally have time to grab the shells from another location, and load it. There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to see your own pistol pointed at you, and knowing that you had personally loaded it just for the perp. You ticket is cancelled right there.

I also said that I do not advocate gun purchases until you know what you are doing with one. There are a lot of people who will help you with that. What are always called “gun accidents” are actually examples of human carelessness.

This person told me that she had gotten her new voter registration recently. They had mailed out all new ones. She called up the election board, and told them that the card was wrong. It listed her as a Republican, and she was an Independent, and had registered as one in the beginning, and had always had been one. The lady on the other end told her, “Well, you have always voted Republican. So we listed you as that.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Well, we have all of your voting records here, and they show that you have never voted anything other than Republican.”

“That is private information, and no one has any looking at that. I want it changed back to Independent right now.”

“Well, call back in a few months, so you can vote in the primary.”

She was incensed that her allegedly private votes in the booths all these years are all stored, accessible information, and that they had the balls to change her from an Independent to a Republican without even asking her.

She also used to work in the medical profession, and knows firsthand what sort of information is stored on their servers. Which is pretty much everything they collect. This is what takes so much time to get treated in the hospital, all the information collecting.

Again I ask, “How close is totalitarianism?”

The dad fell asleep lying down with his nine month old kid on his chest. He felt the kid start to slip, so he grabbed him. This left finger marks on the kid’s wrist. I did not even need to suggest that, if there is any evidence of these marks remaining on the kid’s wrist when his doctor’s appointment comes due, to cancel that fucking appointment. That would be strike two in the Nanny State database.

If you have to be afraid to take your kid to the doctor, and you have to be afraid of your kid’s teachers and school nurse asking if there are any guns in the house, and your local election commission can change your voter registration to any party they want to with impunity, and the Feds can monitor this blog that no one but they even read anyway and copy it to my digital file down there in FBI headquarters in good ole Washington DC, and all your doctors are willing to “err on the side of caution” and report bruises to the government to protect their own asses from license revocation and / or potential criminal prosecution, I need to ask the skies themselves, “Wherefore art thou, totalitarianism?”

There is one essential, ineradicable hallmark that stamps the underside of all totalitarian regimes as the proof that they are just that. And that one defining characteristic is the people’s suspicion that is born of fear. If you have to be afraid to interact with any person who is in any sort of an authority position, if you have to be suspicious that those who you are supposed to rely on for essential services are all government apparatchiks whom you have to withhold even basic information from, I ask of you, “Where are we as a society at right now?”

If you have to pull your kids from school and home school them, if you can only take them to the doctor when it is absolutely unavoidable just to keep the government’s nose out from between your ass cheeks, just so that you and yours can live with a semblance of freedom in this overreaching society, I need to ask you, “What sort of path has this country allowed itself to be led down?”

If your teachers, nurses, and doctors need fear losing their jobs or financing, or facing criminal prosecution for not kowtowing to whims of the Imperial authorities in Washington, I must ask, “What has instilled this fear in those who are supposed to serve us?”

I ask the skies, the universe, “Oh, Totalitarianism, where art thou?”


Keep it tight, America.

Pray for the Nation on July fourth.

Gary W. Harper