i-phone-patrioticSo what happens when you LOSE that beloved APPLE I-PHONE?  No more sleek design, ultra fast cpu chip, larger face, and awesome apps like Flyover, Panorama, SIRI and HDTV…not to mention your $400-$600 bucks.  Maybe the word DESPERATE come to mind…

Desperate to start looking for it. Its quite valuable, after all, its storing all your personal photos, videos, music files and/or contacts.  And it probably does a lot of other cool tricks you’re used to.

America finds herself in a similar situation. DESPERATE to pull herself back together after recent years of turmoil. Desperate to regain citizen civil liberties, integrity and trust in the government, a budget in surplus, and being a catalyst for peace abroad. Yet, this desperate America is comprised of its millions of citizens like you and I.  This my comparative view of desperate America:

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BACK TO THE LOST IPHONE. Once we see our precious IPHONE is gone.. a brief panic may set in..then desperate patting of the pants pockets, purses, and jacket pockets DESPERATELY looking for it and coming up with everything else.

That patting is much like America WATCHING and being in DISBELIEF, story by story, while unprecedented breaking news unfolded on our TV screens the past 5 years. All kinds of events from elementary school shootings, to conspiracy murders among the military, criminal indictments in the government, to terrorist activities inside our borders.

Feverishly searching any bags we have is the next step..the almighty Iphone may have dropped inside and fell behind something…we hope. May even empty the bag and refill it later.   Much like Americans recognizing that change has happened to our culture almost unaware and taking inventory.

OBAMACARE has kicked in and it’s hard to believe what has happened to insurance rates and coverage. Legislation has changed.  First, Second, Fourth Amendment rights are being stripped away slowly; disguised as necessary measures.

If we don’t see the phone in the bag, we start trying to REMEMBER the LAST PLACE WE HAD IT.  How many of us have recently reflected on what the American dream is, the meaning of the constitution, the sweetness of liberty, and the years of plentiful resources in this country? This DESPERATE TIME HAS CAUSED ME TO REMEMBER the prior years of war; when conspiracies weren’t a part of losing soldiers or ambassadors and when Americans felt they could trust the nation’s Leaders.

So once we remember where we were it is time to go..get there before someone else does. Islam for America? Don’t know? I do know what the foundation has been.

America was founded on Christian principles…and I don’t mean prayer clothes, a big bible, loud  prayers, and Jesus politics.  All those things are superficial and can be very insignificant.  I mean biblical founded character traits…Honesty, integrity, courage, respect for fellow men, aide to the poor, and service to all mankind.

As soon as we abandon those foundations, this nation goes haywire.  I am still shocked at our tolerance for the lack of integrity on Capitol Hill.  I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would say about criminal charges being brought against agency leaders and possibly senior leadership of this nation?  Biblical character helps any country; any person remain prosperous, strong and healthy.  A visit to the place where America once was  wouldn’t hurt this country in terms of value system and moral code.

Once arriving at the store, we might RUSH to the 1st employee we see for help.  Lots of people have been having discussions with friends and neighbors about the government, economics, politics, changes, financial climate, and its impact on their lives.  No more see it on tv and not feel the impact.  Today, it is at your doorstep, affecting paychecks, job security, and overall American culture.

Hopefully, by now you’ve found your IPHONE…but just in case you haven’t the next step is…u know what it is..call 1-800-APL-CARE to report a stolen phone.  To me, this represents where we are now.

It’s a time to place a desperate call for assistance.  It’s an emergency.  Americans have to start banding together, recognize that a major system failure has happened and start taking action.

America… we have LOST OUR IPHONE. And it is time to call for care.  Catastrophes are on the horizon if we don’t.  Some people have decided a call can wait. It doesn’t need any attention right now.  Some have decided not to call at all.  But like all phones..if the phone isn’t replaced, it will become obsolete and a NEW one will cost more. We cannot wait any longer to take action.  There are so many movements for change in legislation, introducing new laws, investigations, impeachment, etc…pick one and join up. Do your part to restore America.

Katrina Robinson

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Thanks in advance.
Katrina Robinson