paula-deenBy now you’ve heard, the FOOD NETWORK has cut Paula Dean’s 3 cooking specialty shows.  She has been with the Network 11 years and made a mark in the history of American cooking.  Her personal use of the “N” word and other racial profiling occurences at one of her restaurants is the cause for termination by the Food Network.  These claims were acknowledged in a lawsuit deposition filed by a restaurant employee.

Use of  the “N” word is harsh, demeaning and unforgiving to many. It is a reminder to African-Americans that they were once considered “beneath” or “less than” other members of society.  The insult was strictly based on skin color and not character content.

After reading media reports and articles about the incident; I decided to forgive Paula Deen for several reasons:

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The first reason is I believe she was raised in a racial-conscious culture. If the reports are correct; reenacting black men, dressing in “white” to resemble butlers is part of slavery culture.  Everyone is born into some type of culture whether it is “silver spoon”, “racist”, “poverty stricken” or what’s considered “normal”.  I think Paula Deen’s begging everyone for their forgiveness publicly was very humbling and frankly… voluntary.

Secondly, Paula lost “3” SHOWS and a strong source of income, ratings, and endorsements.  When you want to hurt a person, “pocketbook pain” is long lasting.  If I could rate her pain on a scale of 1-10…I’d say about an 8. (Hospital Talk)

Thirdly, she is open to learning from it.  That goes a long way.  That statement alone invited  new conversations and much change into her personal life and lifeblood of her business.

I am sorry for the pain it caused the African-Americans in her business circle.  Hopefully, at the close of court proceedings everyone can find common ground and embrace new relationships.  Do you forgive Paula? Tell us.  If  you feel it doesn’t make a difference, Tell us that too.

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Katrina Robinson


Katrina Robinson