four of eightListening to the debates about Immigration reform on television, you would think that Comprehensive immigration Reform bill has something to do with security of our border.

Whenever a Senator can grab a mic, the first thing he is talking about is whether or not there is enough security in the bill, or if there are enough “teeth” or “triggers” for security. One would think that the highest bar of approval would be about the height and length of the fence and how much patrol would be posted along the borders. For all the bluster and thoughtful expressions of our lawmakers as they make their way through the talk shows, one could be fooled into thinking that security and safety is a sincere concern of theirs. I suggest that security is not what it seems to be.

What would be the first thing our government would do if they were really serious about border security?  

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In the Reagan era Immigration Reform gave 8 million immigrants amnesty.  Congress did nothing to make the new laws “have teeth” If government had been serious about border security, it would have enforced the laws that were passed. Checkpoints would have been seriously scrutinized.  Department of State would have held diplomatic talks with Mexico to help stave off the flow of immigrants coming through.  Resolutions would have been discussed as to what was causing the massive immigration activity.  A possible a worker program could have emerged benefiting both the immigrant and the U.S.  All of this could have at that time been resolved without draining our social services for the people who could not find employment.  If government did not want our borders compromised and illegal aliens to stay, they would have enforced the existing laws.

It should be hard if not impossible for people who are not citizens to get welfare, disability and food stamps.

When media actually reported government abuse and wrong doings, they used to do stories about the masses of foreign nationals who were scamming our system. If government were interested in stopping the illegal immigration and corruption of our social benefit system that has occurred over the years, the illegals would have been rounded up and deported for their behavior.

Following the Reagan amnesty little if any efforts have been made to renew, upgrade or enforce existing immigration laws.

Government agencies such as DHS have refused to implement new technologies and digitalized methods to restrict the numbers of illegal entries.  Deportation of illegal immigrants should not be a problem.  Jails should be a temporary holding cell until ICE collects offenders and send them back to the border.  There should be no consideration of future citizenship for immigrants who have violated our border laws.

Law Enforcement officers such as Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio position would be relatively easy if government allowed enforcement of laws that are already in place.  

The thousands of illegals that have committed crimes while in the U.S. would not be in our jails. There should be no second, third and fourth chances to break laws; one strike and you’re out for unlawful behavior. There would be a different attitude about illegals, if border security was what our government wanted. Security of our borders is not and has never been the goal of our lawmakers on immigration “reform”.

“Border Security“ is a LIE that lawmakers use to sell to the public they are sincere about the issue.

Lawmakers attempt to sell a service of amnesty once again, using their key term as a promise for a service taxpayers do not want to buy. Disgruntled taxpayers are tired of spending billions of dollars in welfare for people who came here unable or unwilling to make their own way in their adopted country. In the midst of a terrible economy millions of unemployed Americans are trying to find jobs. Americans do not want to hear that our taxes go to illegals who are not working. Citizens are tired of providing education, welfare, food stamps, health services, tax referrals, and many other programs for illegals that are not prepared to provide for their own sustenance. The fact is that no one who is working on immigration reform has any intention to close the border. It is about our elected officials; it is not about the taxpayers or what is best for the country. This immigration plan is a bail out for politicians for not doing their jobs.

Why does the government not want to close the border?

First, the ever expanding population gives government more people for which to create legislation to assist, it creates more government jobs because of the many myriad of governmental duties our lawmakers have created from teaching professions, postal workers to social services. The estimated $10 billion per border state that is taxable revenue is used to offset the amount of funds that the immigrants bring into the economy.

With the new possible citizens come new voters, new issues, and new campaign donors for the specific issues of the immigrant population. Agricultural companies require migrant workers to harvest and plant the various crops in season. Construction in a good economy requires workers who have to contend with the temporary nature of that industry. All the commerce not only benefits the workers, the farmers and the companies, but it also benefits the politicians.

Politicians get to take credit for the influx, when looking the other way when laws were broken, but this wasn’t exactly the behavior for which the public was hoping from an official. The taxpayers were hoping for fewer people to have taking services and more people paying into to help shoulder the burden. In this economy where so many people have been laid off, the public was hoping for the least possible amounts needed in taxes instead of increasing the burden of unemployment benefits for people who are not here legally. The politicians decided that it was in their own best interests not to address the problems of the citizenry; those votes, for the most part, were already locked up.

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The government argues that for the drain the illegals cause, they offset their inconvenience by paying taxes that go for current retirees because our lawmakers never really kept the trust funds for Social Security they promised, and kept creating new programs to spend all they collected. It keeps going back to the dereliction of duty that the lawmakers have caused through the years. All that can be debated independently, but the fact is that for the people who came here to work, many have stayed at lower wage incomes because of the separate living situations our government has created.

The lower wages create a subclass of people who find the barriers of the next levels difficult to overcome. Without a manageable number of people to learn English and to get some education for other work, especially as they age, illegals have a harder time sustaining themselves to stay in this country. It is our government that has invited the workers to come here, whether implied or directly, and it is our lawmakers who have not provided solutions for illegals. That is why the politicians need a bail out. They created a problem, and now they want your money in order to dig themselves out and if they get an opportunity for a profit for themselves on the way, so be it.

Why would government need a massive government bureaucratic reform? 

Politicians have been in control for the last decades of immigration, so surely our politicians have eased the preparation for the new transition from illegal to citizen so that states and city governments could absorb the new people. No, they have made no such effort for that either. They have ignored laws that they haven’t wanted to enforce and have allowed so many layers of convoluted issues to arise, both in public policy and private sector relations; there are few solutions without major inconsistencies from the original laws becoming an obstruction for their current agenda. There is no ability our government has or plans for the numbers of background checks and the institution of a clear-cut system of processing new immigrants to citizenship in any orderly method.

They need you, dear taxpayer, to pay off the people to whom they owe all these favors, so that the scheme can keep going.

The unions need you.

The politicians need you.

The Progressives of both parties need you.

Unfortunately, their generosity ran out when it came to the citizens of the country; they couldn’t think of anything to give to you except higher taxes, lower wages and possibly a stalled economy. Just think of all that border security, and all those triggers that need to kick in to complete that multi-billion dollar fence. Keep thinking of all that when they present you with the $6.3 trillion dollar bill for the total package. I’m sure you understand that the government people who represent you deserve the best treatment, after all. They took an expensive vacation on your dime, so they figure they owe you a T-shirt, after all. Of course, that is conditional because they can always keep the open border policy if the president so chooses and that fence looks more like a decorative hedge at that point with union wage greens keepers.

Congressmen and Senators make themselves exempt from many laws, like Obamacare, when it doesn’t serve them in the standard of living to which they have become accustomed. Many of the elected officials and bureaucrats have abandoned any pretense or illusion that they live in a bubble of rarified air apart from where their constituents live. When they have gotten themselves in a box; cornered like the rats they have become in D.C., they simply write a bill and pay off all their political debts and charge the cost to taxpayers. It has been years since they addressed immigration, and now they need a bail out and the Comprehensive Immigration Bill covers their debts.

People act genuinely surprised that the White house is rumored to have been working behind the scenes crafting this bill to suit their agenda.

I cannot fathom why anyone would be surprised at that possibility. If the goal for legislation becomes personal benefit, or agenda driven, does it matter anymore what sides are working together? Both sides want to declare a political victory, so what does it matter what is actually in the bill? If the goal was to be working for the American people, then this bill would have a totally different outcome, on the face of it as well as deeper needs for reform.  If this bill were crafted to be an honest approach to future generations to study the effects of legislative achievement, it would simply charge the country a flat fee of $7 trillion or so, not do the fence, save the materials and just hand out the money to the people to whom the money will go anyway. Let’s just eliminate the middleman and go to the heart of the matter. This bill is using our fears and concerns for border security for a means to sell us another Obamacare, and we are being bullied into making decisions as if the expiration date is already expired. Like the best salesmen in the business, they know that with deliberation on a sale, when that immediacy dissipates, the sale is harder to close. In this case, it would be better to do nothing than something. The politicians will just have to deliver the news that they couldn’t make the sale because the product doesn’t fulfill the promises.

There should be no bail out for politicians.

This article first appeared on Lady Patriots. Liberty Logic is a staff contributor for Lady Patriots and a guest contributor of  The D.C. Clothesline.