we-the-peopleAre you waiting for a nightly news broadcast by a popular newscaster declaring “We’re doing away with the Constitution”? Are you waiting for Headlines in the New York Times or Washington Post newspapers reading “THE CONSTITUTION IS ABOLISHED AS OF XXX”?

That’s not how the foundation of a nation is changed.  Definitely not how freedom is taken from citizens. They are both done decision by decision, event by event by the government.  Unchallenged, whatever is written WON’T MATTER..it only comes to life in the hearts of the citizens.

The United States still has the constitution, but is it any good if it is totally disregarded by those who are supposed to HONOR IT MOST? Is it considered in force if it is neglected at all levels of government including judicial, executive and legislative?  If it is NEGLECTED and DISREGARDED it is already void…or basically no longer exists.

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Unfortunately, more and more reported cases of OVERRIDING of the Constitution are being discovered within the United States.  If the majority of the citizenship agrees with these decisions, then they can’t come part of the way.  They must agree to TOTALLY give up their freedoms; not just when its convenient or lucrative.  This is what we see in our nation’s political leaders.  The Constitution is only being regarded when “convenient”.  A perfect example is in one of my prior articles “What do you believe about POTUS?”…The case questioning our President’s identity wasn’t even presented to ALL of the Justices…and recorded by one Justice (Clarence Thomas) that he wanted to overlook anything regarding the President.  We are grateful for our President, Vice President and Secretary of State.  But we also recognize that there are limits to everyone’s power granted by the government.  That is documented by what’s known as “Balance of Powers”.

In any case, as a nation, we must decide if the CONSTITUTION is gone or not?  If we decide it’s not gone, then it needs to be regarded in whole and not in part. Politicians won’t need secret documents, meetings, bribes, and plans. The forefathers designed every part of the document to be equally important.

If we decide it has been abolished by CONTROL, AVOIDANCE, or IGNORANCE..then we must accept it without condition. No complaints when the short end of the stick lies at your DOORSTEP. When executive orders, briberies, illegal bills effect your family.  Your choice allowed it in.

I don’t know America.  You tell me.  Is it still here?  Or are we all just fooling ourselves?

Katrina RobinsonKatrina Robinson