obama-hillary-knew-Benghazi-attack-was-terrorismDespite the best efforts by Thomas Pickering and Cheryl Mills, Benghazigate is hot on Hillary’s heels.  Pickering, close confidante to radical Muslim extremists, was hand picked by Obama to investigate Benghazi.  At the time, myself and many others, felt that they would cover up what really happened and we were right.

Pickering came to conclusions on Benghazi that Inspector Clouseau would have been proud of.  It helped that he avoided questioning either Hillary or Patrick Kennedy, whom Pickering later put the blame on.  Kennedy was not responsible for security, but he is unable to tell his side of the story while he is suspended from his job at the State Department.

Gregory Hicks testified that Pickering acted in order to let people off the hook, and indeed, Pickering’s report did not look to assign blame where it belonged, preferring to blame low level officials who did not have the power to act.  Pickering and his assistant stooge, Admiral Mullen, decided early on to place the blame at the lower echelon in order to protect those in charge.  Hicks is a democrat who voted for Obama twice.

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Eric Nordstrom, who was regional security officer, was quoted as saying,  ”And the message to my colleagues is that if you’re above a certain level, no  matter what your decision is, no one’s going to question it.”  And that’s exactly what happened.

Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi on Sept 11th, because he was ordered there by Hillary Clinton.  He wanted to make Benghazi a permanent constituent post, in order to get the required security mandated for such an outpost.  He wanted Hillary to announce it later in the year when Hillary was planning a trip to Libya.  No designation was forthcoming.

In December of 2011, Jeffrey Feltman, issued a memo calling Benghazi only a consulate, meaning it wasn’t eligible for the added security requirements.  Undersecretary Kennedy signed off on the memo.

Former UN Ambassador, John Bolton explained it thusly, “I find it very hard to believe that he (Kennedy) would sign this memo without  having talked to Secretary Clinton or at least Deputy Secretary (William)  Burns.”   That sounds like a good reason for Pickering not to question him.  Any lawyer worth his salt, can tell you, you never ask a question you don’t want the answer to or if you don’t know how it will be answered.  It’s called Plausible deniability.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.