Egypt-protestsAnti-Muslim Brotherhood protests that are technically scheduled to begin on Sunday have caused riots to erupt all over Egypt. And casualties are already happening. Today an American Journalist was one of the first innocent victims in a weekend that promises to claim many more. Ynetnews reports:

The death toll in anti-government protests in Egypt rose Friday to five after one man was killed in a brawl that erupted between supporters of Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi in Mansura, in the Delta Nile.

In Alexandria, clashes between Egyptian security forces and anti-Morsi protesters left another person dead and at least 36 wounded as protesters pelted stones at the forces who in turn fired tear gas.

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The Egyptian daily Al Arahm reported that protesters in Alexandria successfully managed to take over the headquarters the Muslim Brotherhood, the ruling party.

And additional reports claimed that a US citizen was the one killed in the city.

The man apparently died from a stab wound to the chest, General Amin Ezzeddin, a senior Alexandria security official said. The account was confirmed by Ibrahim al-Roubi, head of the emergency unit in the Alexandria health department, and two other security officials.

I will update you as I can with any new information. Hopefully we can get an identity and confirmation in regards to the American Citizen that was killed today. You will not likely be seeing much of this story in the mainstream media so I will do my best to give periodic updates.

Let us not forget that Obama has sent troops to Egypt to help put down these riots. There could be more Americans in harms way. And for what? We are really going to fight to defend a man that is likely “The Butcher of Benghazi?”

This is a big story and America needs to watch it. The people of Egypt are trying to speak democratically to remove Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. This is what Obama claims to want in Egypt — a functioning democracy where the people have a voice. By watching how this story gets misreported and possibly neglected this weekend, you will learn a lot about the motivations of our commander-in-chief. I may not be on top of the stories as they happen but I will do my very best to relay my findings to you.

Please pray for our troops. This will get very ugly and Obama has sent them to Egypt with a target on their chest.