gay-militaryLet me preface this article by saying I’m definitely NOT writing about homosexuality as being right or wrong  or whether homosexuality should be accepted.

I am discussing openly gay troops serving in all ranks of the United States military.  At one point, it was decided that “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL” was the most practical, and respectful way to handle someone’s sexual preference with regard to military duty.  No serving “OPENLY” as a homosexual was implemented during the Clinton Administration.  In September 2011, President Obama signed the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” American citizens can now serve their country whether they are openly “Gay” or “Straight.”

Currently, homosexuality is celebrated and accommodated by the United States military.  The Pentagon recently toasted gays in the military and declares the country is “SAFER” now that they may serve openly in the ranks.

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I am unsure if I agree with that.  One Marine Corps captain states “When he deploys in August, he’ll be taking his husband with him.”

I’m curious about what the perception of our country will be when other countries look at out military ranks. Will they still see a tenured military force who is to be respected and feared? Or will the U.S. appear to be more defeatable?  Will our enemies see a force that is slowly being broken down by a decaying moral code and capitalistic society? I guess I’m wondering if the U.S. Military will at some point down the road be considered “weak.”  I haven’t read reports of any other countries embracing this concept and making it public yet.

Homosexuality is a way of life..and like all ways of life there are some who are more flamboyant that others. Those who would enjoy drawing attention to their private life; rather than focus on orders.  Will foreigners be able to photograph and video two men or two women kissing in the heat of battle? or a seemingly private moment? or other public displays of affection? (Spying is real America.) How private is private now when men are grouped with other men and women with women knowing that some of them are attracted to same sex?

Will there be limits on flamboyancy?  Will they be able to openly make homosexual gestures (like 2 snaps or homosexual perceived walk) while serving?

It is an honor to service our country.  Every person, regardless of their sexual orientation should be commended for service.  They are all putting their lives on the line.  I’m just saying long-term, will the level of respect for the U.S. military forces change?  Will the perception of the United States be changed around the world?  What will be the impact of “SPYING?” From the 20 year Veteran to the newly recruited civilian, they all deserve the respect our military has always had.

I don’t know fellow citizens..I can envision daunting extremities in this situation not just from inside but outside the country.   Are we “SAFER” now with homosexuality in the open?  Do you feel safer?

You tell me.

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