obama_offerLiberals love to claim they are against bullying.  If that is true, please explain Barack Obama.  Or take his EPA chief, Lisa Jackson (now gone).  Her 18 losses in the courts bear witness to that.  In one instance, which led to the SCOTUS case of Sackett v EPA, she tried to use large fines against a couple named Sackett.  They had a four foot mud puddle on their lot when it rained and Jackson claimed they did not have a right to judicial review before enforcement.  Even liberals on SCOTUS were shocked and the EPA lost.

SCOTUS ruled that the Obama administration had used the fine to interfere with the Sackett’s right to seek legal remedies in the courts.  Evidently, Obama didn’t learn his lesson, because he tried the same thing with Hobby Lobby.  Health and Human Resources tried to fine  Hobby Lobby millions a day starting Monday, but the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, struck the fine down, while Hobby Lobby goes to court.

Remember the Harvard incident, when Professor Gates refused to show ID when asked by police?  Obama admitted he knew nothing about the case but then said the police acted “stupidly.”  His bullying didn’t work as the officer and his department stood their ground.  That led to the face-saving beer summit.

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His un-presidential bullying during the State of the Union message against the Supreme Court was a new low in American history.  He later chided the court and threatened them with political retribution if they voted against his Obamacare debacle.  And just days ago, he remarked that voters would seek political retribution against them.  (Doesn’t the constitutional scholar know that judges serve for life because that way they CAN”T be victims of politics?)

Ben Shapiro of Breitbart News, wrote a best selling book about the Obama administration, simply named, “Bullies.”  In the book, he details how the hallmark of the Obama regime is its bullying tactics.  His DHS bullied Christians and religion.  His IRS bullied the Tea Party.  His EPA has bullied businesses, His HHS chief, Sebelius tried to bully companies she regulates to contribute to a fund pushing Obamacare.

Even when he was young, Obama was a bully.  In his autobiography written by Bill Ayers, he admits bullying a young girl.  The president has always had a bully pulpit from which to speak.  Obama breaks off chunks and hits his foes with the wooden slats.

Steven Ahle is the Editor of Red Statements and a regular contributor to The D.C. Clothesline.